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Christmas Script giveaways PARTIAL WINNER ANNOUNCED


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Good day, I am going to post some script giveaways from our awesome script writers and some discounts!

Thank you every script writer who has donated trials to their scripts to giveaway, we appreciate all the work you do!

We will be doing it a little different this year, please post the 5 scripts you would be interested in, in order from 1-5, so that when I do the drawing you don't get stuck with a script you wouldn't use! Hopefully everyone that wins can actually use the script they get this year!

All you have to do is post your script preference from 1-5 in order to be entered.

Script Auths:

@Czar 2 week auths

10 Auths - Perfect Fighter

10 Auths - Perfect Runecrafting

10 Auths - Perfect Fishing

10 Auths - Perfect Thiever

10 Auths - Perfect Blast Furnace


@skillerkidos1 2 week auths

10 Auths - KO Rune Dragon

10 Auths - KO Crazy Archy


@Khaleesi2 week auths

10 Auths - Khal Wintertodt

10 Auths - Khal Tempoross

10 Auths - Khal Fisher

10 Auths - Khal AIO Agility

10 Auths - Khal Undead Druid


@ProjectPact2 week auths

10 Auths - OSRS Script Factory Pro Edition

10 Auths - Project AIO Hunter

10 Auths - Project AIO Miner

10 Auths - Project AIO Fisher

10 Auths - Project AIO Woodcutter


@minewarriors1 week auth

10 Auths - MW Iron Series - Fisher & Cooker


@progamerz2 week auths

10 Auths - Progamerz AIO Cows

10 Auths - Progamerz AIO Prayer

10 Auths - Progamerz Abyss Runecrafter


@Heiz2 week auth

10 Auths - Heiz Obor Killer



Sponsor - 54.99 initial price > 45.99 until the new year, 6 month renewal.

Vip - $9.99 Initial price > 7.99 until the new year, 1 month renewal $9.99


Thank you,  every one for continued support of OSBot and helping us to get where we are today. We are looking forward to the changes that are coming in the future!

OSBot Staff


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