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  1. Currently no option to turn off anti-pk.
  2. Make sure you use the new OSBot Dev build.
  3. You could make this in Script Factory in less than 30 seconds
  4. I created a default, if you don't like it, you'll have to create your own. The benefit of creating your own is that you can use it whenever you want across all your accounts at the click of a button.
  5. Dev build has a lot of fixes in them, so I do recommend them!
  6. I can’t remember off the top of my head, but you need like teleport scrolls as well. If you join my discord I can help tonight!
  7. You need more than just those two items, that’s why.
  8. You can basically make whatever you want
  9. v1.26: Added #hasGearEquipped to Equipment Added #interactWithMinimap to WalkTo Added #pressHotKey to Keyboard Fixed a bug with #gearSwap in Inventory Minor fixes
  10. Well this isn't for Script Factory, this is my hunter script (not a script factory script). Client limitation on mirror mode lack the ability for me to be able to grab the function for game ticks. It works on injection, just not on mirror. If you have questions about my Script Factory script, post on that thread, or on Discord.
  11. This is due to me not being able to properly use game tick. It is a client restriction I can't bypass. I will add an option to either use tick manipulation or not.
  12. v1.25: Added #comboEat to Inventory Fixed a bug with #myPosition in myPlayer Fixed a bug with #comparePositions in Variables Fixed a bug with #compareIntegers in Integer Fixed a bug with #replacePositions in Variables Fixed a bug with incorrect text with #getCurrentPrayer Removed the sleepMoving check for #clickOnPosition Minor fixes v1.24: Added #gearSwap to Inventory Minor fixes v1.23: Added #compareStrings and #replaceStrings to String Added #compareIntegers to Integer Minor fixes v1.22:
  13. If you have any scripts you’d like it added to, just link the script developer this thread. I’ve created a sample script for them, so they can literally copy and paste everything into their script within seconds to make it work. I’ve added it to basically all of my scripts and removed Cleverbot. Hope this helps!
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