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  1. v1.53: Fixed an issue with timers not initializing correctly
  2. There are tons of guides and help at: https://pposb.org/forums/index.php
  3. I agree that Injection isn't as ban-proof as one would like, but I can say with 100% confidence that mirror mode would help you SO much more. I haven't received a ban on mirror mode in over 4 months. I've re-bonded the same account numerous times and have had no issues! I would look into that for sure!
  4. v1.51: Fixed a bug that did not display ‘Print to logger’ Fixed a bug that started timers before the script was running Minor fixes
  5. v1.50: Added new script loading and saving methods Added a new check for default periods when saving scripts with Timers Added the ability to pause/play scripts using CTRL + p Added the ability to edit Timer values Fixed a bug loading Popup messages Minor fixes
  6. Since you have full control over scripts, you are able to include any type of anti-ban you deem necessary! Script Factory also provides countless amounts of randomness to help with bot detection as well.
  7. I’d like to add it! I’ve been busy working on other updates atm with Script Factory. Will hopefully work on this next
  8. I don’t, but you may be able to find someone in the voucher area to help with that!
  9. can you look into the hunter bot, having a problem where the account would try to teleport in 30+ wildy when attacked doing black chins

  10. You don’t have to use it with mirror mode, it can work with injection!
  11. Did you use the code during checkout? It should automatically be added to your account! It’s gotten me multiple kills!
  12. Salamanders do work, I'm literally using them right now as I am typing to you. You are doing something wrong. Show settings?
  13. Is the logger printing anything? Open the logger, run it and see if it prints
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