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  1. No ETA at the moment, but hopefully
  2. Hey! So for birds, it walks under the trap first, then dismantles. It does this because it if you click on the snare, it picks it up 1 tile off, then you have to walk to where you need to set the trap. If you walk there then pick up the trap, you'll be on the position you need to be to place the trap.
  3. You’re not dumb, that’s an easy thing to overlook.
  4. Are you using OSBot breaks? If so, that’s your problem. You have to disable OSBot breaks and enable the Hunter’s breaking system.
  5. I’m not sure if you really purchased Script Factory. For one, it is $24.99, so not sure what you purchased for $44. Secondly, I think you misread my original post because it clearly states “community scripts”. Third, you still didn’t join my Discord which tells me you really aren’t looking for help or support. And last, If you can’t fix a simple Script Factory script, I’m not sure you should be botting in the first place. Join my Discord if you would like to learn how to properly bot or gather useful tips and tricks. There are thousands of successful botters who would love to help you. Also, I can guarantee your one post isn’t going to scare anyone away from Script Factory when there are thousands of successful users. thanks for the post count!
  6. What scripts have been removed? What scripts are “buggy as hell”? Also, the free scripts that come with Script Factory are COMMUNITY scripts. Which means I didn’t make them, they are posted by the community for the community. If you read the original post, it states that. They aren’t what you are paying for. You buy Script Factory for Script Factory. Having a free community repository is a free add on. Also, you have the ability to modify and edit any script from the Script Network because everything is open source. Another thing, there is a Discord with well over 2,000 people that have no issues and are posting non stop 99’s and 7 day runtimes. If you need help, you should look at joining. You’ll be able to learn a thing or two. Hope to see you soon!
  7. Read logger for me and let me know what it says. If you have progressive enabled, your probably missing equipment.
  8. What script is it, and can you send me a screenshot of the logger after you’ve clicked start? thank you!
  9. Have you selected a script to run?
  10. Script works fine! Someone just posted a lvl 98 progress report a few days ago in my channel. Only things not working at the moment are black chins and black salamanders due to a strange web walking issue. As far as recommended times, I would not bot extensively at chins, as Jagex profiles accounts a lot there. I typically do 40 minutes on and then either switch skills up or break. It has worked fine for me!
  11. Black chinchompas and Black salamanders have been removed until further notice.
  12. What do you mean? I need a proper bug report to fix an issue.
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