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  1. Can you join my Discord please so I can assist you
  2. It means it is erroring out. Somewhere in your script it is invalid. Join the discord and one of us can help you! I should be getting on soon.
  3. He is requesting it as a new method in Script Factory
  4. Script Factory content will be moving from my site to OSBot
  5. Everything should be fixed! Sorry, it is a work in progress. Trying to move everything into the correct place.
  6. It supports over 6,000 items. Any items not supported you can add and tell it where to put it for you
  7. I made it because I am extremely OCD hahahaha
  8. The merge has started! Expect to see the Script Factory section become more active and fill up with information and content!
  9. v1.64: Added #getAmountWithPartialName to Inventory Added #getAmountWithPartialName to Bank Added #getAmount to GroundItem Added #getAmountWithPartialName to GroundItem Added #containsAnyOtherThan to Inventory Added #typeRandomNumber to Keyboard Added new support for webWalker exact position checks Minor fixes
  10. I’m not the author of that script, so I’m not sure. But I know you have to make sure your account type is a specific one. Like in tutorial island, you select the correct option. It says on the Zero 2 Hero thread
  11. If you want to avoid bans, be smart about how you bot. It's as simple as that Here are a list of scripts for you (Mind you, these are only the ones on the Script Factory Script Repository. There are over 100+ more on the site you can download for free) https://pposb.org/SDN/repository.php
  12. Yea, you can always upgrade to the Expansion pack! If you already own Script Factory, then the Expansion Pack is only $24.99
  13. The Expansion Pack comes with a lot of private scripts that are not accessible to the public. Also, the ban rate on Script Factory is substantially lower than running a standard script, because you can modify and tweak any script to your own liking
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