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  1. You could do something like Mouse -> hover entity, then just do Mouse -> click The issue you are referring to is just the standard OSBot interaction method, so there isn't much I can really do to improve it since it isn't "my code" if that makes sense.
  2. New version doesn't support it. I will try to allow it to do it, but v2 of the hunter script is so much more efficient than the older version, I would run all spots.
  3. Enjoy the new Script Queue manager
  4. The issue has been fixed since yesterday. Just waiting on Token to push.
  5. This is implemented in OSRS Script Factory. You may switch scripts based on: 1. Skill levels 2. XP gained 3. Total levels 4. Combat level 5. Time
  6. Think of it this way, when you make your own scripts, it is like getting a private script ran. Ban rates are reduced and only you have the script you've made (unless you choose to share it)
  7. Join my Discord. I want to watch your screen. I ran Red salamanders for 4 hours before I pushed the newest update and lost 0 traps.
  8. Join my Discord. I can help you that way! I have used the script on all my accounts over the past few days, so I know it is working.
  9. I made a free one on Script Factory!
  10. Yes, they are much lower. Think about it this way, you’re essentially making a custom private script each time you build something. Not to mention all the pre-built anti-randomness that the backend already has! That’s how someone was able to run a script for 13 days (as seen on the original post)
  11. No worries! I’ve got something planned to make it more obvious that’s the issue. Hahahaha
  12. Hey! No worries! Try shooting a message to @Maldesto! He’s the man with the plan and will know just how to fix your issues! You haven’t completed Eagles Peak
  13. Mirror mode is the issue. I’ve reported this issue to MGI, and sent him videos of not recognizing groundItems. I’ll try to ask him to look at it again.
  14. Are you on resizable? Or are you on mirror mode?
  15. Make sure you download Java 8
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