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Receiver Date Comment Sender  
Ariba Ariba 11/13/19 Quick help @ desk. Flawless delivery, like Always! :) Zemmer Zemmer
Ariba Ariba 11/12/19 Good company! Fast and cheap! Thank you Appo for fast delivery. raxxx raxxx
lolwutnow lolwutnow 11/12/19 Sold him a voucher, thx fren. Lost Panda Lost Panda
Lost Panda Lost Panda 11/12/19 Bought a voucher for 16m from him. Went smooth, A+service. lolwutnow lolwutnow
Chicks Chicks 11/12/19 Sold him some gp, tyfren Lost Panda Lost Panda
bifas86 bifas86 11/12/19 bought 160m osrs gold, I went first ,amazing services will come back definatly. anci anci
Chicks Chicks 11/12/19 Sold 100m to chris! chicks gold is amazing best place to buy and sell rsgp! Aaronk22 Aaronk22
Ariba Ariba 11/12/19 Good company got my gold quick Imbakedlol Imbakedlol
Lost Panda Lost Panda 11/12/19 Did services on 6 accounts, thanks <3 Lone Bot Lone Bot
Lone Bot Lone Bot 11/12/19 Done me some services on multiple accs, tyfren Lost Panda Lost Panda
Ariba Ariba 11/12/19 Just bought 20m , fast service rune dreams rune dreams
Malcolm Malcolm 11/12/19 boss sold me a voucher really fast <3 Marwan44 Marwan44
Ruben Eason Ruben Eason 11/11/19 Bought 20m 07 gold we gucci bruh Treaty Treaty
Chicks Chicks 11/11/19 bought 40m 07 via chris he was great thanks! AK200052 AK200052
m4tis m4tis 11/11/19 Retook the account I purchased from him. saum saum
edgy edgy 11/11/19 Sold him a private script :) FuryShark FuryShark
FuryShark FuryShark 11/11/19 Bought private script off fury, transaction was seemless, was constantly on discord communicating with me, whole process was quick and script is amazing, highly recommend edgy edgy
Ariba Ariba 11/11/19 Great fast service, thanks appo. Intex Intex
Doviz Doviz 11/11/19 +rep bought some mils,bonds went smoothly Vytautas123 Vytautas123
Vedas Vedas 11/11/19 Purchased fire cape from me, thanks! zuzel111 zuzel111
daamurda daamurda 11/11/19 Purchased fire cape from me, thanks! zuzel111 zuzel111
Ariba Ariba 11/11/19 Fast service, ty Brad! MangoSteel MangoSteel
Aaron Aaron 11/11/19 +1 vouch, was extremely patient & helpful throughout the sale and after the sale as well. rolypoly rolypoly
rsgoldrush rsgoldrush 11/11/19 bought 2m 07 via yezka AK200052 AK200052
Ariba Ariba 11/10/19 good seller, will buy again unsettled unsettled
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