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Receiver Date Comment Sender  
Avrae Avrae 06/01/20 Sold them a proxy, thanks a lot D Bolter D Bolter
D Bolter D Bolter 06/01/20 Sold me a proxy thanks! Avrae Avrae
Ayylmao420 Ayylmao420 06/01/20 Sold two 10 HP 66 Mage accounts, no issues. Would recommend to all. Bronzion Bronzion
Tbilisi Tbilisi 06/01/20 Thanks for trading with us! RSGM Sales RSGM Sales
rich hannah rich hannah 06/01/20 Sold this man a HCIM, he went first. Very friendly fellow. Very easy to trade with. Do recommend and will continue trade with him where possible. RoundBox RoundBox
D Bolter D Bolter 06/01/20 Bought 5 US proxies and they work! Very happy and satisfied, and will recommend them to others. I also had some questions about the proxies before purchasing, and they responded fast and were very patient with me. Very happy with D Bolter, and will continue to do business with them again! MrMister MrMister
BoostedMMO BoostedMMO 05/31/20 Aloni is incredible and my go to guy! Always gets the job done quickly and is super friendly no matter what the task is. Anything from Agility to MM1 on my terrible ironman with 37 pray he's always up for it! Thank you! Illmaculate Illmaculate
RSGM Sales RSGM Sales 05/31/20 Bought 25M again. They gave me an additional 500K using their coupon. Thanks! Tbilisi Tbilisi
dimka5112 dimka5112 05/31/20 Sold him 53m, the pleasure is mine!+1 gearing gearing
gearing gearing 05/31/20 bought 53m i went first A++ dimka5112 dimka5112
Malmo Malmo 05/31/20 completed void set on his ironman nice lad Airborneaus Airborneaus
Probemas Probemas 05/31/20 Bought gold, was fast and easy transaction. Took maybe about 5 minutes to do. promptness promptness
Rare scripts Rare scripts 05/31/20 Bought a private script, great communication and quick to fix teething issues. 10/10 would recommend to anyone. Elliott Elliott
Avrae Avrae 05/31/20 Made a script for him. good guy. Jueix Jueix
Jueix Jueix 05/31/20 Made me a neat private script, works as expected thanks! Avrae Avrae
mond1 mond1 05/31/20 Sold him a voucher, thanks a lot! D Bolter D Bolter
D Bolter D Bolter 05/31/20 bought a voucher. very fast :) ty mond1 mond1
Khaleesi Khaleesi 05/31/20 Bought voucher with discount to buy Khal scripts. Trade went smooth and was very helpful! BoForTheWin BoForTheWin
Avrae Avrae 05/30/20 sold him some graphics. was easy to work with sheeper22 sheeper22
ProBotterIamNoob ProBotterIamNoob 05/30/20 fast and cheap services. great guy! mond1 mond1
mond1 mond1 05/30/20 Done Restless Ghosts for this man! even though i had to wait i still received payment <3 ProBotterIamNoob ProBotterIamNoob
Avrae Avrae 05/30/20 Sold them a proxy, thanks a lot A+ D Bolter D Bolter
D Bolter D Bolter 05/30/20 Sold me a proxy, very quick thanks! Avrae Avrae
sheeper22 sheeper22 05/30/20 Made me some clean GFX for a very reasonable price, thanks! Avrae Avrae
Khaleesi Khaleesi 05/30/20 bought voucher for khal scripts fast and easy kalle334 kalle334
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