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Receiver Date Comment Sender  
Mikasa Mikasa 10/28/20 Sold him 20m, thanks! Faustinio Faustinio
Faustinio Faustinio 10/28/20 Sold me 20m, ty :) Mikasa Mikasa
Lil Ugly Mane Lil Ugly Mane 10/28/20 Sold him 100m, thanks bud! Faustinio Faustinio
Faustinio Faustinio 10/28/20 super fast gp sale ty Lil Ugly Mane Lil Ugly Mane
Gooze Gooze 10/28/20 sold him acc ;) ++++ ukasz ukasz
ukasz ukasz 10/28/20 bought 1 zulrah account, quick and easy. thanks Gooze Gooze
D Bolter D Bolter 10/28/20 Bought 3 Proxies from him - fast response time & high quality proxies botmebb22 botmebb22
botmebb22 botmebb22 10/28/20 Sold them some proxies, thanks a lot D Bolter D Bolter
BoostedMMO BoostedMMO 10/27/20 Sold 50M, instant response and fast transaction. andrew981 andrew981
andrew981 andrew981 10/27/20 Sold us 50m, cheers mate! :) BoostedMMO BoostedMMO
Upgrade Acc Upgrade Acc 10/27/20 Made 5 accounts for me just as we agreed to. Very nice guy! Gushou Gushou
Gushou Gushou 10/27/20 Did x5 nmz accounts to him from scratch. Very nice guy to deal :D Upgrade Acc Upgrade Acc
VirtGold VirtGold 10/27/20 Easy and quick, thanks! silverfox896 silverfox896
MaxedTitans MaxedTitans 10/27/20 MaxedTitans sold us 315m osrs gold for crypto. Quick and hassle free transaction. Cheers mate :) BoostedMMO BoostedMMO
BoostedMMO BoostedMMO 10/27/20 Sold 315m. Went real fast and smooth. thanks! MaxedTitans MaxedTitans
silverfox896 silverfox896 10/27/20 Sold him 2 accounts. He went first and went really smooth. Confirmed the items after and deal was done in 10 minutes. Thanks mate! MaxedTitans MaxedTitans
MaxedTitans MaxedTitans 10/27/20 Bought 2 Hunter accounts from MaxedTitans. Transaction was smooth and he cut me a good deal. Would definitely purchase from again! silverfox896 silverfox896
c friend c friend 10/26/20 Sold me £30 worth of PSN wallet, cheers brother 100% worth the money :) Dbuffed Dbuffed
Dbuffed Dbuffed 10/26/20 Sold £30 psn card for osrs gp, smooth and pleasant transaction. Thank you. c friend c friend
The Supplier The Supplier 10/26/20 Hello, this fine man completed some quests and favours on fresh lvl 3 account got all the quests and skills req to do them for me! super friendly nice guy would highly recommend! gertjaars1234 gertjaars1234
mrpcp mrpcp 10/26/20 Ordered MM2 with us, pleasant customer. Hope to see you again! <3 Fratem Fratem
The Supplier The Supplier 10/25/20 bought couple accounts, thanks! Ayylmao420 Ayylmao420
Fratem Fratem 10/25/20 did me mm2, fast, kept me updated and real nice and trustworthy :) mrpcp mrpcp
Malmo Malmo 10/25/20 Sold 700m+ 07 - Thanks! 10/10 always Proton Proton
Proton Proton 10/25/20 Bought 700m from Proton, quick and friendly. 10/10 Malmo Malmo
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