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Receiver Date Comment Sender  
US Air Force US Air Force 01/16/21 sold 100m osrs Doviz Doviz
Doviz Doviz 01/16/21 Sold me 100m fast and easy, thanks again :) US Air Force US Air Force
Runescape Promot Runescape Promot 01/16/21 Sold me another 150m All smooth TrashGoldFarmer TrashGoldFarmer
Khaleesi Khaleesi 01/15/21 Bought a Voucher for a Script great guy Cougar187234 Cougar187234
ysadobles ysadobles 01/14/21 got me 40-55 runecrafting quick and fast. this guy is amazing A++ TaxSeazon TaxSeazon
TaxSeazon TaxSeazon 01/14/21 training 40-55 runecrafting, lava rune method ysadobles ysadobles
Tom Tom 01/14/21 very good bot the only thing is that as a ironman i cannot pick up others drop so when someone dont pick up there drop the bot just click on the item non stop if you could had a option for picking up only my loot would be great. ty ! didibob didibob
Darren Darren 01/14/21 Sold some GP great communication and paid instantly!++++++ Get Taxed Get Taxed
Get Taxed Get Taxed 01/14/21 Bought 07 for UKBT, smooth trade +1 Darren Darren
FrostBug FrostBug 01/14/21 i bought this script and now it only runs to the barrows mould then telly to forex onclave then logs outs and i havent been able to fix it limited aplications wont allow you to debug tryd to contact the bot creater will not respond Botfarm1972 Botfarm1972
Khaleesi Khaleesi 01/14/21 Great helpful scripter <3 kjuba100 kjuba100
luckycharm luckycharm 01/14/21 sold more gold thanks vendicci vendicci
ysadobles ysadobles 01/14/21 Did runecrafting, farming, bronze to dragon defender, and quests for me quick and smooth. Thanks tons bro ! TaxSeazon TaxSeazon
Runescape Promot Runescape Promot 01/14/21 Sold me 285m via PayPal family and friends. We did the deal in two increments gfX Dragonball gfX Dragonball
Khaleesi Khaleesi 01/14/21 Bought script via voucher, Thanks boss. deomi deomi
Faustinio Faustinio 01/14/21 Got me quest cape a while back, was priced well and done in a reasonable time! sticky jack sticky jack
TaxSeazon TaxSeazon 01/14/21 did rc and farming training, got bronze to dragon defender, and some quest for him, A++, recomended ysadobles ysadobles
ysadobles ysadobles 01/14/21 did a huge order for me fast & ez. tyvm bro TaxSeazon TaxSeazon
Simple79001 Simple79001 01/13/21 We have completed a questing service, thanks!^^ Faustinio Faustinio
Faustinio Faustinio 01/13/21 Purchased several Questing services off him through his discord. His worker Dessert is unbelievably quick and spends a lot of time on your accounts to get them finished promptly! Simple79001 Simple79001
Runescape Promot Runescape Promot 01/13/21 He ordered a Logo for his profile and paid me right away. iMarketizeYou iMarketizeYou
Malcolm Malcolm 01/13/21 Bought another 10$ to this great dude, thanks boss. deomi deomi
deomi deomi 01/13/21 Sold a voucher, super quick and easy to work with :) Malcolm Malcolm
pauliokas123 pauliokas123 01/13/21 scammed 100m CodyWody CodyWody
W199 W199 01/13/21 Sold him a private script thx FuryShark FuryShark
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