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Receiver Date Comment Sender  
Ariba Ariba 01/29/20 very good service :) deferon deferon
FrostBug FrostBug 01/29/20 Frost barrows script isnt working in either mode stealth or mirror waste of money! babarus babarus
Ariba Ariba 01/29/20 Nice and easy 100m A++++ Raepiste Raepiste
Alch Alch 01/29/20 Sold 100M 07 to "Oscar". Thanks Duhstin Duhstin
Ariba Ariba 01/28/20 nicee service zoro_3777 zoro_3777
Ariba Ariba 01/28/20 Like always super fast and friendly service ! Thx guys ! gunz4hireee gunz4hireee
Jamal046 Jamal046 01/28/20 Did a torso for him he went first, no issues, great trader would gladly do more services in the future. xxDFLxx xxDFLxx
Ariba Ariba 01/28/20 great service :) chrisxoxoxoxo chrisxoxoxoxo
Ariba Ariba 01/28/20 great service yobroll123 yobroll123
Ariba Ariba 01/28/20 Fast, simple, helpful guys, Best site to buy gold UJPEST1885 UJPEST1885
vendicci vendicci 01/28/20 Thanks for trading with us! RSGM Sales RSGM Sales
RSGM Sales RSGM Sales 01/28/20 sold 210M smooth as usual! vendicci vendicci
Lost Panda Lost Panda 01/28/20 Did around a half bill service for me in Zulrah, MTA and Agility A+++ Services! RobertOsb RobertOsb
xxDFLxx xxDFLxx 01/28/20 Did torso for me fast and cheap!:) Jamal046 Jamal046
Malcolm Malcolm 01/28/20 Super fast and helpful. Bought a script and it works beautifully Fake Plant Fake Plant
Ariba Ariba 01/28/20 Bought 10m easy without an hassle, unlike at RSgoldfast. Order completed in sub 2 mins csvernon csvernon
Lost Panda Lost Panda 01/27/20 bought btc TWC TWC
Ariba Ariba 01/27/20 nice service zoro_3777 zoro_3777
ABM ABM 01/27/20 bought 178m 07 ty Techie Techie
TWC TWC 01/27/20 Sold him some btc, thx fren Lost Panda Lost Panda
Ariba Ariba 01/27/20 amazing service 10/10 chrisxoxoxoxo chrisxoxoxoxo
Ariba Ariba 01/27/20 good service. yobroll123 yobroll123
Ariba Ariba 01/27/20 They are amazing quick. have been a customer for multiple transactions and they are always amazing. Juancena Juancena
Ariba Ariba 01/27/20 Only website I purchase gold from. the best theboys1924 theboys1924
Lost Panda Lost Panda 01/26/20 Bought 119 Main acc + 20M, responsive and nice to work with. Acc looks good can follow up after a month+ of use. Would reccomend working with him Khoum Khoum
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