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Receiver Date Comment Sender  
Malmo Malmo 08/05/20 sold him 210m :) trade easy and quick <3 i will do more business with him in the future <3 :D abelytoox abelytoox
abelytoox abelytoox 08/05/20 Bought 210m from abely, i went first. A+ Malmo Malmo
mond mond 08/05/20 He bought 2 scripts and went first, nice and smooth botelias botelias
botelias botelias 08/05/20 made me a private script! very very fast. thanks mond mond
Fruity Fruity 08/05/20 Quick and easy baby! frutieloops frutieloops
Khaleesi Khaleesi 08/05/20 The best scripts from osbot! worth your money fast answer with questions!! Flexsohard Flexsohard
guywithlsd guywithlsd 08/05/20 work for the reliable, secure payment KABERNICOLA KABERNICOLA
KABERNICOLA KABERNICOLA 08/05/20 Did a bit of questing - great guy, easy communication - more orders will happen 100% (: guywithlsd guywithlsd
Token Token 08/04/20 bought the stealth quester script and can say 10/10 done 62 QP so far all without any issues, will be back! extreme kfa extreme kfa
Khaleesi Khaleesi 08/03/20 Bought Khal fishing trawler via GP, thanks Khal! DarthP DarthP
Syracuse Lol Syracuse Lol 08/03/20 Sold a voucher for Ultimate Slayer, Quick Trade Fruity Fruity
Fruity Fruity 08/03/20 Sold me 30M voucher. Awesome guy! Syracuse Lol Syracuse Lol
bugsga bugsga 08/03/20 Sold them a voucher, thanks a lot D Bolter D Bolter
D Bolter D Bolter 08/03/20 Fast and Easy - Perfect! bugsga bugsga
7hasheen 7hasheen 08/03/20 Sold the user a cool pure account. Good guy. Syracuse Lol Syracuse Lol
Syracuse Lol Syracuse Lol 08/03/20 Bought a pure, was really friendly and made no hesitation to sending pms and confirming things. Would 10000% buy again. 7hasheen 7hasheen
ABM ABM 08/03/20 sold to him 63m osrs, fast as always :$ Don Timon Don Timon
Khaleesi Khaleesi 08/02/20 Amazing scripts 100% low ban rates and perfection performance! im currently buying all of Khals scripts! Bakonbitz705 Bakonbitz705
Anomaly Anomaly 08/02/20 Bought another 500m via BTC, fast and easy Arches Arches
Khaleesi Khaleesi 08/02/20 good agility script mfat mfat
Unversable Unversable 08/02/20 Sold me 400m, thank you! Faustinio Faustinio
Faustinio Faustinio 08/02/20 sold him 400m, great as always Unversable Unversable
ruxziii ruxziii 08/02/20 sold him a ironman account, Easy Money Easy Money
Easy Money Easy Money 08/02/20 Sold me an ironman acc, fast and easy to communicate with A++ ruxziii ruxziii
Arches Arches 08/01/20 Sold 32m 07 -- Smooth :) Anomaly Anomaly
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