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Receiver Date Comment Sender  
ExtraBotz ExtraBotz 09/29/23 Bought a lot of vouches. Always very quick and never had any issue. Highly recommended. groovyash groovyash
DoubleD DoubleD 09/28/23 sold him account tyvm Robintje Robintje
Robintje Robintje 09/28/23 Sold me a zulrah account! DoubleD DoubleD
ProjectPact ProjectPact 09/28/23 good scripts MrKingkiller MrKingkiller
Volta Volta 09/25/23 Bought another month of OSbot for 50m Dead Hackerz Dead Hackerz
Dead Hackerz Dead Hackerz 09/25/23 Sold $10 OSBot Gift Card for 50m. Thanks again boss Volta Volta
Khaleesi Khaleesi 09/25/23 Purchased all scripts, happy with all of them! nsava7 nsava7
Czar Czar 09/25/23 awesome! Mreaper999 Mreaper999
Czar Czar 09/24/23 I recommend the best Jaison17 Jaison17
minewarriors minewarriors 09/23/23 The Iron Series Fish and Cooking script has worked flawlessly for me on several iron accounts. Reached 80-99 Cooking/Fishing on multiple accounts with it. 100% would recommend for anyone looking for Ironman scripts to purchase from @minewarriors. A++ 100% recommend Anthony Ferrante Anthony Ferrante
minewarriors minewarriors 09/23/23 The Iron Series Mine and Smith has been working absolutely fantastic since i purchased it. Top tier scripter who cares about the product he puts out. A++ 100% recommend Anthony Ferrante Anthony Ferrante
Spooney Spooney 09/22/23 Speedy response time/ Extremely patient with my questions and confusion (first time buyer) would 10000x reccomend Spooney again *****5 starts***** Truenorth Truenorth
Khaleesi Khaleesi 09/22/23 bought a voucher for script Elesaurus Rex Elesaurus Rex
Khaleesi Khaleesi 09/21/23 I bought another script from @Khaleesi , quick and easy transaction, will highly recommend Scottyo96 Scottyo96
Khaleesi Khaleesi 09/19/23 #Bought a Voucher for couple scripts, was quick & easy, will do again! base2010 base2010
Khaleesi Khaleesi 09/18/23 bought another script from khal! 10/10 reccomend Scottyo96 Scottyo96
Chris Chris 09/17/23 Poorly produced script from 2017 claims to be updated since august.. but nothing functions correctly. and I get perm banned after 2 hours on two of my accs. Not a big deal they were only GDK accounts. but his GDK script needs to be taken off or fixed right now you can run free scripts that will do his scripts job better with simple logic.. ribbityrabbit ribbityrabbit
gabe9345 gabe9345 09/17/23 Scammed me $200 by charging back a paypal purchase. Do not trade this person. Zackaery Zackaery
HelixGP HelixGP 09/16/23 Trusted and easy to work with! Would be happy to deal with again. Spooney Spooney
Spooney Spooney 09/16/23 Bought 10 Membercodes fast service and all worked perfect :) would definitely recommend! HelixGP HelixGP
krisped krisped 09/15/23 Very Easy to communicate with, did a torso on his account. Had no problems at all. Easy Money Easy Money
Easy Money Easy Money 09/15/23 He did a fightertorso for me. Kind and trustworthy. Recommended! krisped krisped
Tater Tater 09/15/23 Sold him a $10 Voucher for gp A++++ skillerkidos1 skillerkidos1
skillerkidos1 skillerkidos1 09/15/23 sold me a $10 osbot voucher quick and easy thank you Tater Tater
Spooney Spooney 09/14/23 Super quick and friendly, delivered 5 codes instantly. trashythrow trashythrow
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