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  1. Done good luck on trials guys, if you didn't say a bot name I just activated a random bot for you Please make sure to state which bot ^^
  2. Will make some changes to lumbridge clicking, can you guys confirm your mouse zoom settings? I highly recommend zooming all the way out for best results, maybe it even works better altogether. In any case I will do some debugging. As for task mode, yes it is still an experimental feature, I will be making more improvements to tasking/schedule/progressive mode ^^ As for trials, good luck guys ^^
  3. Czar

    Perfect Fighter

    Will be adding a few changes and updates following user feedback and recent OSRS game updates, stay tuned for update v255.5 and v256 following thereafter. As for trials, activated good luck, all user posts above have been addressed in the upcoming version, rest assured ^^ EDIT: Revenants - I will need to add ethereum bracelet equipping and then it will officially be supported. As for callisto I haven't configured the script there but I will give it a go, if it doesn't work I will have to append the update to v255.5
  4. Czar

    Perfect Blast Furnace

    With around 48-72 hours of botting time (2-3 days) you can easily make more than 20m per account, so ~16m profit per bot at the very least. With that being said, as soon as you hit mith/addy your profit margins do increase ^^
  5. Czar

    Perfect Thiever

    I will make some changes regarding settings and add another tab for more behaviour options, similar to my motherlode mine script. There will be two mini-tabs representing actual bot logic settings and random actions (for anti-ban etc). Sticky mode allows you to save the npc and it tells the bot not to look for other npcs, useful for trapping/luring npcs and pickpocketing them for extended periods of time. For speed and xp, if you are using mirror make sure to reduce the reaction timer from the default 1000ms to 50ms, or slightly higher to ~100ms if the memory/cpu usage goes too high. As for blackjacking, it is still experimental/testing, it needs to be configured 100% well and babysat in order to be viable. Obligatory disclaimer: the script doesn't fully support blackjacking, for future customers; please do not buy the script if you plan on blackjacking. With that being said, I will add more updates for blackjack until it's 100% flawless, same goes for adding a rogue kit grabber feature.
  6. Script should be working better, good luck guys, activated all trials. Made a lot of changes these past few weeks, same applies to my fighter plugin if any of you have been using the fighter (with sand crabs enabled). If you experience any issues don't forget to post a log of the console or a screenshot of the bug so I can fix it quicker for you
  7. Glad to hear you got it working, I will be adding some updates to allow the user to choose the nearest bank without specifying which one, update coming up ^^
  8. Czar

    Perfect Miner

    Thank you guys for the continued support and kind words, I truly appreciate it ^^ Will be adding a new update to ardougne method, update coming up ^^ As for standing there - please copy and paste the console logger and provide any screenshots of the bot client so I can help ^^ Also manual mode, by selecting rocks on your screen, it is much more stable than choosing from the list in my experience. I will add an update if necessary, just make sure to provide more info on your issue.
  9. Czar

    Perfect Blast Furnace

    Yes mule support is planned, along with a setup interface allowing you to customize your inventory/equipment loadout for the initial questing stage. Activated all trials apologies for late reply. Good luck guys ^^ EDIT: Recently added a new update regarding the questing stage: it now walks better to the blast furnace from camelot, no more getting stuck on the last object sometimes ^^
  10. Czar


    Yes, unless programmed manually otherwise, all mouse clicks on osbot client are randomized so you shouldn't worry about that. The main thing to avoid is an autoclicker - it is too risky to use. I will activate a trial so you can try out the bot, gl ^^
  11. Activated trials gl guys As for the task/stopping script - do you have any placeholders in your bank regarding those items (bracelet mould) or rings? Please confirm. In the meantime I will do a test run and see if everything is okay or if it needs updating. Expect an update shortly - ty for the console logger, helps with faster updates. ^^
  12. Will add an update featuring user feedback, update coming up ^^
  13. Will add a few changes regarding zoom level and a small info popup recommendation thanks ^^ Trials also activated good luck guys ^^
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