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  1. Czar

    Perfect Blast Furnace

    Hello sir please make sure the coal bag is closed not opened, it should work. If this doesn't work lemme know I'll help, also are there any error logs in the console? Top right -> settings -> toggle logger Done gl sir!
  2. Czar

    Perfect Blast Furnace

    Done gl! Automated muling is in progress for the blaster!
  3. Czar

    Perfect Miner

    Perfect @osbotter6969 - I'll get to work with a new release. Also have you had a chance to try the new OSBot mouse system? Please tell me if it helps with bans. In the meantime I'll be releasing updates to the features you mentioned, much appreciated, I enjoy criticism and new ideas, thank you sir As for trials activated, will activate double trial time so you can test the new update too.
  4. Muling is undergoing testing over at the crafting side, if all goes well it's being transferred/converted to the smither and will be pushed immediately to the latest release As for priff, doesn't support it yet but I'll add it then give you a trial As for camera movements and walking/doors, will make some more improvements, I added a tester for edgeville to single-click (with cannonballs), if that goes well I'll expand to all other locations, more to come!
  5. Good idea, hopefully they won't have access to the marketplace to scam more, or have the opportunity to move users to discord and scam them there
  6. Czar

    Perfect Thiever

    Will be in the next update, ty sir. Hey! Yep, managed to fix them, will be featured in v211.0 later today ty sir My apologies for the delay, I had to do the quests on my account. However, the bot will not walk to the other chests yet, this is being worked on right now and will be added to a later version of the script as soon as I'm finished coding it. As for trials activated double trial time so you can compare versions, and preview the newer v211.0 features, gl guys
  7. Yes, show break settings I'll help If it doesn't work still, please confirm your osbot client version. The bot will want to walk to the bank, or walk to your chosen breaks tile (if you set it using the F4 key), but it will do this around ~1-5 minutes before the break session starts
  8. @jonashansen12 Will make some edits asap. Did you add food manually or leave it empty? Also please turn off the option: 'No food mode' otherwise it won't bank for more food Breaks supported yes, they are configured via top right -> settings -> breaks. I recommend doing 1-2 hour breaks (100-120 minutes) for ever 2 hours botted, for ideal results. Please prioritise safety (no bans) over botted xp/efficiency!
  9. Please change the logo from Rouge's den to Rogue's den
  10. Czar

    Perfect Blast Furnace

    Automatic muling is almost ready! Just pushed a prototype update to the crafter, if that goes well it will be added to the blast furnace too!
  11. Will do! Update for tallies coming up. Also just posted a new release for v137.0 - should automatically go live within a couple hours. More to come!
  12. Czar

    Perfect Thiever

    Previous day's update just went live, now working on today's update for v210.0
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