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Community Answers

  1. For breaks it will either logout in these three locations of your choice: near rev cave exit, anywhere, or banking. It will stop all combat around ~1 min before breaks trigger and log out Added all trials gl guys
  2. Czar

    Czar Guardians

    Released new update gl guys And done added trials too, have fun
  3. hey bro welcome yes done added trial gl^^
  4. Sounds good I'll make a new hotkey or a map chooser and it will ask you where you wanna set the tile to, how's that
  5. Just submitted quick update for the Map loading in case anyone noticed it Done added trials have fun
  6. Czar

    Czar Barrows

    There is a new update pending so I have given both of you 48 hours of trial time, have fun Please wait a few hours until update goes online
  7. I just spent a few hours fixing up all my imgur links and replacing them, should be back to normal soon if using my scripts, ty btw^^
  8. I can adjust/offer a way to setup a custom tile if you like, or I can just bring the tile closer, up to you^^ And ty btw!
  9. Oh I thought it was just me and my scripts. Imgur broke something lately looks like it affects more people..
  10. prefect fighter AIO isn't working doesnt bring up the second window to select what you want to kill 



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