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  1. Done enjoy! Working on a nice update for iron arrows as well
  2. Thank you for the feedback, I'll take a look at those spots specifically and make some changes. I highly recommend using the manual/screen chooser for rocks as it is more accurate and customised for your play style ^^ I will give you another trial after I update those locations thank you! Trials enabled enjoy!
  3. I'll take a look into this and fix. Also can you confirm if you have placeholders and/or using mirror mode? And does it work better with/without them? In the meantime I'll run some tests.
  4. I highly recommend taking breaks, 3 hours per 2 hours botted for safer botting, try it and you'll see. After opting for this setup I've accrued 2 99s in this month of which I've been documenting and recording clips of ^^
  5. Thank you for the detailed feedback, will make some changes as per your post, respect! EDIT: I also highly recommend enabling [Minimise camera movements] and zooming all the way out so the whole area is in view, should ramp up the bars/hr by quite a bit - regardless I will speed it up and offer a way to turn everything off and just do pure minigame.
  6. Czar

    Perfect Agility

    Thank you guys! More updates and patches coming up
  7. I'll take a look at BGS spec now, but I highly recommend keeping botting hours less than 6 hours that was too much for a single day at pest control. Also which boat? And was it a 2 day temp ban or perm? If perm then don't forget to appeal the ban in a couple days time, however it'll take a week or two to get a response from jagex. I'm botting with 3 hr breaks nowadays since it seems safer than the previous 2 hour breaks I was doing.
  8. In about a couple hours I’m hitting 99 range without doing nmz, which means 99 fish and 99 range in the same month It’s definitely possible with some patience. I even slipped up a couple times and forgot the bot on a couple times and still clear Sadly it’s taken super long with 4 hrs botted every day total
  9. Got a nice update on the way for v131.0 of the bot, stay tuned guys! :D This one has improved camera angles, camelot teleport improvements (questing), an option to cancel/stop the bot after questing (for acc preps) and a stability update for minigame (banking/withdrawing ore).
  10. Done enjoy authed all of you
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