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Community Answers

  1. Will add a prevention for zombies now
  2. Yep axe upgrading is supported but no axe buying yet (from GE), I will add a tutorial on how to use this. And I'll be considering adding ge buying for axes
  3. Czar

    Perfect Thiever

    I just got another 85 thieving on an account (plan on doing elves), and what worked best for me was: 1.5 hrs botted, 2-2.5 hrs breaked. I know this isn't what everyone likes to hear, but I prefer safer botting so I avoid bans xD Trials authed enjoy gl guys Remember pickpocketing > stalls always. Pickpocketing is inherently safer (and more unpredictable) due to being caught/stunned.
  4. Czar

    Perfect Agility

    Yes i've been making notes on making the anti-ban as good as possible, some ideas are almost ready to be put into fruition, I can't wait to release the next version for you guys
  5. Banking supported but not pickaxe upgrading yet, but good idea I'll add this
  6. Gl sir, please bot responsibly, use breaks and try to avoid too many hours at once.
  7. How about now? Please confirm. It should be directly in the osbot client
  8. Authed enjoy mate Honestly I prefer not botting the main account, but it's fine. The main account will also respond to trades that the workers request, syncs very well
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