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  1. does this script still exist?
  2. Hi, you doing trials on this one or not? Because your discord says error while processing.
  3. Hi sir, can I give it a try with a trial?
  4. Herman

    Complete Orber

    Looking for orber script, are doing trials?
  5. It keeps saying it ran out of games necklaces and stops the script, when there are still 19 in bank. Also, it sometimes get stuck when it banking en misclick on a item it doesnt need to be in the inventory.
  6. Yes i do agree, gold gained tracker would be nice.
  7. Your doing trials for this btw?
  8. Herman

    Osrs Luring

    Sound like you the weakest rat of them all tbh
  9. I have done this too, almost a month ago and two times earlier this year..
  10. Herman


    Hi! Can I give it a try with a trial? 33 magic is the only requirement right?
  11. What stats you recommend?
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