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  1. having the same issue with ardy stalls
  2. I use @Khaleesi no reason to try anything else for me. Multiple 99s in f2p using good breaks and running 24/7 for 40+ days straight. Consistent help in discord. Consistent updates when needed.
  3. Would love an auth. Will most likely purchase. @PatrickAre you the dev?
  4. SkyMuffinz

    Stealth NMZ

    Could I snag a trial? Most likely purchasing! Thought it was way more than what it is $$
  5. Botted 1-60 Thieving with ease! Must buy this script NOW!
  6. Thanks. Was doing nazi breaks with 5/5 and it was afking 2 mins before 5 mins and I was getting confused. Will try 12/12 for full 10 min aggro
  7. I tried starting the script and it froze my shit up
  8. Does this script walk to safespot when using osbot breaks?
  9. Mine does this too but will then break at set times afterwards. It's confusing at first when setting everything up though!
  10. Would love a trial =D Thanks in advance
  11. I'll help test and leave feedback Much love.
  12. SkyMuffinz

    Fruity NMZ

    What are your osbot settings? breaks? Thinking about purchasing this bad boy. Do you use new mouse mirror mode?
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