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  1. This could be a future addition, currently I don't think this will be added. Personally, I've got up to 50s stats on cows, I used mirror mode with the new mouse option ticked. So I would recommend using mirror mode, and ticking the new mouse option but, if you aren't going to use mirror mode I think enabling the hardware mouse combined with new mouse option can really help, but that would have to use the real mouse cursor, which wouldn't work for you if you want to use the PC at the same time while you're botting. In addition to that, botting in an empty world and location mig
  2. I checked now, what script version was it? what settings did you use? the settings that i used were "Fighting" mode and loot "Cowhide" only enabled, Lumbridge east location
  3. Authed for 24 hours starting from now, enjoy
  4. Authed for 6 hours starting from now, enjoy
  5. Authed for 12 hours starting from now, enjoy
  6. I fixed this issue now, running some test trips and will push it EDIT: Pushed update v4.47 which should fix the banking issue related with kill tan mode when used with food
  7. I'm testing it now and I'll push an update. EDIT: Pushed update v4.46, which should fix the issue, thanks for letting me know
  8. As for getting stuck when loot is available, you have to tick the option "eat food to loot", for the 2nd issue, I'm checking it out now. EDIT: for the 2nd issue, it will trigger banking when hp is lower than the value that the script generated to heal at OR full inventory, not exactly when out of food
  9. Authed for 12 hours starting from now, enjoy
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