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  1. Authed for 12 hours starting from now, enjoy
  2. Sure, activated a trial it ends 12 hours from now, enjoy EDIT: You've had a trial on 09/23/2020, but I went ahead and reset it, and enabled trial for 6 hours from now.
  3. If I add that I think ban rates will increase drastically, but I might add it in the weekend
  4. Nope, not currently, but can be added if enough users requested it
  5. Authed for 24 hours starting from now, enjoy
  6. Oh okay, makes sense, ill have it added in next update(ETA: 24 hours) EDIT: to prioritize specific looting item over another u choose it before the others
  7. Currently it doesn't support that. I might add that in the future when enough users want this feature
  8. I will make it prioritize bones over beef in the next update, as for the pickaxe seems like it has different style related to sword/scimitars, why would you use a pickaxe on cows?
  9. This is a webwalker thing which I can't control currently but it has been reported to the developers, as for the clue scroll I'm still trying to investigate but I'm not even getting it as a drop to test out
  10. Authed for 12 hours starting from now, enjoy
  11. Okay thanks, I will try replicating the issue and fixing it.
  12. Hey, what was the status of the paint when there was clue scroll on the ground? Authed for 24 hours starting from now enjoy
  13. Nope currently doesn't support ONLY tanning
  14. In order for me to help you, can you send me what options did you select in the GUI and what do you want the script to do?
  15. Authed for 24 hours starting from now, enjoy
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