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  1. I had a problem with GUI loading, ill push an update that should fix it
  2. Pushed v2.92 which should fix the CLI issues, the update should be live in few hours
  3. Pushed v4.528 which should support them, the update should be live in few hours
  4. CLI is already added, you can check the "Setup Guide" section in the OP to know what is available
  5. Enabled trial for 24 hours starting from now enjoy
  6. Pushed update v4.527 Changelog: - Improved general task handling - Improved equip tasks - Added "random" option to cows location and fixed a rare bug that happened when "random" chicken location was chosen Allow up to 24hrs for the SDN version to be updated. Thank you for the reports, what do you mean by setup inventory?
  7. Hello, thank you for the detailed report, I just ran your settings, and it went to the bank and got longsword and bronze shield, whenever it logs out it should say why in the logger, what did it show in the logger when it logged out? Edit: I found the bug of it going to chickens and idling instead of attacking, and I'm testing the script and will push update v4.526 in few minutes
  8. Enabled trial for 12 hours starting from now, enjoy
  9. I re-enabled your trial, for the time being make sure that you are running fixed mode and ill add a fix for resizeable ASAP
  10. What do you mean specifically? Like setting up changing auto casts? I'm going to check it right now and see if I can replicate it, are u using resizeable? EDIT: I tried running the script with random zoom setting in mirror mode, and it fixed itself, posting the logger would help me
  11. Enabled trial for 24 hours starting from now enjoy
  12. I would like to see the logs, and I'll try improving the lighting of incenses mode EDIT: I pushed an update v4.012 which should add more logs related to personal host method which could help me, it should be live in few hours
  13. My bad, i authed someone else, it should be fine now xD
  14. Sure, enabled trial for 24 hours starting from now, I haven't really tested that feature a lot, so I would be happy to hear feedback enjoy
  15. Enabled trial for 24 hours starting from now, enjoy
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