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  1. Don't forget about me <3

  2. Run this https://johann.loefflmann.net/downloads/jarfix.exe
  3. User has been banned. Sorry for your loss. If he wishes to return he will need to refund the gold that is owed to you.
  4. Closing thread due to TOS non-compliance.
  5. Looks like the original dispute may not have been assessed previously. Unfortunately, the decision on your dispute thread is that you owe the user so you do owe the user for what was decided. If you do not wish to refund the user what is owe you will be banned. You have 24 hours to do so.
  6. @montie can you please explain the situation on your end? Can you explain why this user has not been refunded yet?
  7. I highly recommend whoever received this account do not use it as it has a high chance of being recovered recovered.
  8. @exodus4tune you will need to refund @krisped in full price for the account. Wealth is not refundable unless proof can be provided. Regardless if you're the OO or not, you did not state any previous owners on the account sale thread so you are fully responsible for the recovery.
  9. Your TOS clearly states after your services your customers should be changing their passwords, unfortunately since it was not during the service and was far after the fact there is no way we can prove who stole the wealth. It should have been your customers responsibility to change their password. There is no way to prove if it was Voider or your customer staging it after the fact, while you can have reasonable doubt on the latter its always a possibility for both circumstances to occur.
  10. Please note global OSBot T.O.S. always apply in addition to this one, and personal T.O.S. can be declared obsolete at a moderators discretion.
  11. @lawjestaw why haven't you delivered the second?
  12. Businesses don't block users when their products are faulty or they need assistance, that's not professional. User has been banned. If he wishes to return he will need to refund you for the VPS.
  13. The customer was very clearly having a problem with your product and others were as well. OSBot has the right to override any TOS if deemed necessary, and seeing as you’re leaving a customer with a ‘faulty’ product with no support due to you blocking them, they are entitled to a full refund regardless. If you are unwilling to refund you will be banned, you have 24 hours to do so.
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