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  1. Please post your UID. You'll need to post both sorry. Posts get hidden anyways, and UIDs are unique to each account its literally public information attached to your discord name/tag. Anyone can get anyones UID. If someone is impersonating you, their UID will be completely different.
  2. Please keep in mind, even though you are not the original owner, you are responsible as the seller if the buyer experiences a recovery.
  3. Thank you. Appropriate action has been taken.
  4. Don't forget about me <3

  5. Run this https://johann.loefflmann.net/downloads/jarfix.exe
  6. User has been banned. Sorry for your loss. If he wishes to return he will need to refund the gold that is owed to you.
  7. Closing thread due to TOS non-compliance.
  8. Looks like the original dispute may not have been assessed previously. Unfortunately, the decision on your dispute thread is that you owe the user so you do owe the user for what was decided. If you do not wish to refund the user what is owe you will be banned. You have 24 hours to do so.
  9. @montie can you please explain the situation on your end? Can you explain why this user has not been refunded yet?
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