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  1. His scripts will not leave, we will find someone to continue them on for him.
  2. Just to clarify, I received 0 messages from you on discord or OSBot.
  3. I've removed the script from the store, if the scripter does not fix within 1 week I will be getting someone to take over this script. Thanks
  4. Thanks for the update sir.
  5. Please consider using a Middleman, not going first just because someone has a few more vouches than you.
  6. transfer done for SF and then i had to refund the pro edition since it cannot be transferred. It is a monthly script. Please repurchase it.
  7. Give me the name of the other account and let me know which account you are wanting to keep.
  8. - occasionally the prayer function does not work (will not pray when at full prayer) - occasionally the client will click smite and redemption instead of protect from melee/range/mage (there is no fix to this, the script has to be restarted) - the client has issues pathfinding, cliking the minimap, then somwhere random on the screen, creating a lot of erratic movement, I am certain if I use this bot for more than a day I will incur a ban if any player spots me - the script does not complete barrows puzzles, I have watched the puzzle solver click randomly on the screen until it gets it wrong, then pathfinds to the next door and does it incorrectly again - the script sometimes gets stuck "searching for tomb" when in one of the tombs, and randomly clicks around the screen. occasionally this results in going up the stairs, and digging down, going up the stairs, digging down, etc
  9. @taltoniser @xdlink1 MW Iron Fisher + Cooker activated @Loser123 @GoldNL @EmptySpace Perfect Thiever activated @Valdisora@Foxda @wappie @xViole Perfect Fighter activated @JustSe7en Abyss RC activated @jens4626 @skadoodleKhal Tempoross activated @Bjotorsflav@akatsuki1423 Project RS activated @GranMaster@levu10 @Osrsg Wintertodt activated @xxDFLxxProject Hunter activated @GoodFeller @AnimalMother@NameNamePerfect RC activated @Zecoy90 KO Crazy Archy activated @AmIaBot @JoshuaJ77@bigusyeetusPerfect Blast Furnace activated @MaskedCows activated @Hivpagen Obor Killer activated @Fatboyz1010 Undead Druids activated @cheeseismes Khal fisher activated Activated, if you posted and didn't list the scripts you wanted, please post again or PM ME with the list! FYI if your first or second script wasn't chosen, it is because the auths ran out OR you have already received a trial before for that script and cannot be given again.
  10. did you not want a trial, you did not list what scripts.
  11. @Touch Pulse@communist1234@SkyMuffinz @pariahdoup@jarsh921@prolette Script Factory activated @okjavadownload @lovetobot Project Runescape Activated @Bigvloei Perfect Thiever activated @JWM2000 @Kenbey Wintertodt activated @dudeyoyo MW Fisher & Cooker activated @huffwin Perfect RC activated @hypnotiq1337 Perfect Fisher activated @Florius KO Rune Dragon activated @GeneralMayor Perfect Blast furnace activated @MixuuuTempoross activated @ApexAl Perfect Fighter activated @toxic0831 Perfect fisher activated Will finish the rest up after the gym!!! 32 left to auth!
  12. In order to get the script you want, you need to let me know which one! Did you want a script? you didn't list any!
  13. @BobRaws @Cekcenk @arb28 @pieconey Perfect Runecraft activated @cptnox1993 @colony98787 Rune dragon activated @Sudos_Dream @sheldonpresto @Proxy1 @tear Script Factory Pro activated @Trayarc @Borredyret Fisher Cooker activated @OmegaJeppe Fisher activated @Satan Wintertodt activated @Dutchsmoker420 @Dogcube perfect blast furnace activated @Mistersheiks Perfect Fighter activated @AccountShop Khal Tempoross Activated @Herman Crazy Arch activated @Cougar187234 Abyss RC activated @fighterix Undead druids activated Partial giveaway announced. I didn't get started until late, and have to put my son to bed. Will pick up again in the morning when I get back from the gym!!!
  14. Proxy Winners @Satan @AccountShop@andrius12345@Cekcenk@popshopadop@Herman@Touch Pulse@Proxy1@113m@Hivpagen $10.00 Account Credit Winners @Kramnik@Satan@Larsen@JustSe7en@JoshuaJ77@D Bolter@Fatboyz1010@prolette@GranMaster@AccountShop Please pm @Not A Bot on Discord or OSBot to claim!
  15. Had to extend due to busy holidays and work. Winners will be posted this Friday!!!!
  16. Hello all, Bottinghub has decided to do a little giveaway for Christmas as well! Please post below for a chance to enter! Winners will be announced on the Friday!!!! January 7th Proxy Winners @Satan @AccountShop@andrius12345@Cekcenk@popshopadop@Herman@Touch Pulse@Proxy1@113m@Hivpagen $10.00 Account Credit Winners @Kramnik@Satan@Larsen@JustSe7en@JoshuaJ77@D Bolter@Fatboyz1010@prolette@GranMaster@AccountShop Please pm @notaboton Discord or OSBot to claim!
  17. Good day, I am going to post some script giveaways from our awesome script writers and some discounts! Thank you every script writer who has donated trials to their scripts to giveaway, we appreciate all the work you do! We will be doing it a little different this year, please post the 5 scripts you would be interested in, in order from 1-5, so that when I do the drawing you don't get stuck with a script you wouldn't use! Hopefully everyone that wins can actually use the script they get this year! All you have to do is post your script preference from 1-5 in order to be entered. Script Auths: @Czar 2 week auths 10 Auths - Perfect Fighter 10 Auths - Perfect Runecrafting 10 Auths - Perfect Fishing 10 Auths - Perfect Thiever 10 Auths - Perfect Blast Furnace @skillerkidos1 2 week auths 10 Auths - KO Rune Dragon 10 Auths - KO Crazy Archy @Khaleesi2 week auths 10 Auths - Khal Wintertodt 10 Auths - Khal Tempoross 10 Auths - Khal Fisher 10 Auths - Khal AIO Agility 10 Auths - Khal Undead Druid @ProjectPact2 week auths 10 Auths - OSRS Script Factory Pro Edition 10 Auths - Project AIO Hunter 10 Auths - Project AIO Miner 10 Auths - Project AIO Fisher 10 Auths - Project AIO Woodcutter @minewarriors1 week auth 10 Auths - MW Iron Series - Fisher & Cooker @progamerz2 week auths 10 Auths - Progamerz AIO Cows 10 Auths - Progamerz AIO Prayer 10 Auths - Progamerz Abyss Runecrafter @Heiz2 week auth 10 Auths - Heiz Obor Killer Discounts: Sponsor - 54.99 initial price > 45.99 until the new year, 6 month renewal. Vip - $9.99 Initial price > 7.99 until the new year, 1 month renewal $9.99 Thank you, every one for continued support of OSBot and helping us to get where we are today. We are looking forward to the changes that are coming in the future! OSBot Staff
  18. Maldesto

    Goodbye all.

    Thanks for all you've done for the OSBot community!
  19. Looks like rsgoldmine is still up in some countries. It is up in the USA as of now. I am not sure who will be top dog, PieGP just bought advertising space, looks like they are attempting to throw their name into that spot or get up there.
  20. I will do it tonight, sorry for the delay
  21. Winners below @Shypiggy @minewarriors @Elder_mauler @Arabian Dude @daweed @Delision @Fratem @jens4626 @Vi X @Walter White Inc
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