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  1. - Script name AIO Rune Crafter - trial length max I guess - Reason for trial I am too lazy to make my own and I have found your scripts to be very good so I wanted to try rune crafting. - Are you ging to give feedback on the script? Yes, of course I will give feed back Thanks
  2. yes do it or sell the account as zulrah ready
  3. An ogress warriors safe spotter would be good as they r one of the best money makers and have not had a script made I was planning to do that but you prob will finish before me as I have not started work on it yet
  4. hm idk maybe a pizza maker to get started with introduces you to widgets and banking and object interaction you also can integrate a gui if you want the user to be able to choose what pizza they want
  5. you just compile it?
  6. Interesting idea if you have anymore suggestions or bugs just join my disc its in my signature
  7. can you add me on disc and send me the log of what they are doing ?Dog#6820
  8. I will take your recommendation into consideration
  9. thanks I plan on making more scripts I would love if you give me recommendations
  10. its released its under rune crafting for now but I messaged token that he might have mistakenly put it there
  11. Dude botting 10 hours a day you a lucky to get a 1 day ban remember use breaks residential proxy
  12. yeah it prob is better feel free to do it in the main game beater if needed I could take it off the SDN if token won't allow it cuz gonna be honest made this really quick to get it out because I didn't see anyone doing this and thought this high profit per hour for f2p would be good for new botters
  13. No it has to be reviewed by token first before put on SDN and token is a busy person so sometimes it takes a bit
  14. Pretty kewl been bothering him 24/7 about what updates they did.
  15. well not matter what script you will always have a chance of being banned it is a little higher since f2p but pretty low since its not the most common method
  16. Dogcube's Nature Runes By Dogcube Requirements: level 33 mage, law runes, air staff Money per hour : 300k per hour although when a pker/player comes it will logout How to use: First: run the script Second: make sure to have the requirements(runes, lvls,staff) Third: select amount of runes you want to bring to the wilderness Fourth: let your profits come in
  17. um not necessarily but it is pretty much a death sentence if you continue to run them I found that after an hour or two they are always banned although it takes longer if it is a higher level and was mostly hand played
  18. Mirror mode is 0 because as the name says its a mirror of the official client stealth is basically 100% now because they detect the injection very well so only run mirror now basically
  19. I think many people would love a main building script I look forward to seeing that
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