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  2. i just pushed a fix for all of these problems and made some additional upgrades. added support to enter the previous host's house via right-click (if still possible) instead of opening the ad board each time. will now also exit a house if it's missing an altar and try a different host. will stop if no available host has an altar. gave it a quick 100 bones test run and it ran smoothly.
  3. Lol this is actually so sick. Keep the updates posted man!!
  4. Hey man, welcome to the forum!! Kind a late, but still!
  5. Nicee, ima try this out! Tysm for these updates!
  6. How's the alching work? I have fire staff, nature runes and the item I want to alch in inventory. I specified item in bot UI but maybe I need fire runes and it doesn't support a fire staff for some reason? Not sure who would alch without a staff tho
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