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  2. Buy your RS3 Gold now at: alch.com Livechat available 24/7! No account registration needed, fast delivery and very competitive prices!
  3. Thank you! You are absolute correct there, i didn't see the mistake i did, but i should have used isOpen() as you say. Much appreciated for the help!
  4. Not giving trials on this
  5. @keldra1993 I got lumby cave slimes to work with web-setting 2, can you try this one? I don't think osbot's webwalker (web-setting 1) supports that area, but my webwalker does ^^ EDIT: Sadly my code requires a tinderbox at all times, even if we have those non-extinguishable light sources, I will add a small patch to allow bypassing a tinderbox. Update v280.2 submitted, rune drags working better, ammonite crabs working better, and some more!
  6. I am looking for a 90-99 mage pure, I dont care how its trained but it has to be hand trained and from a trusted user. I dont want 10hp pures as they're usually splashed and more expensive. I just want high hp regardless of hp levels. Thanks. Discord: Nimby#0058
  7. 75 range 1 def 44 prayer got blowpipe and imbued archers ring
  8. Added, I'm Nimby. I understand that but I believe that would take too much gp right? If I wanted a trained account I believe it would be 60 range 90 mage. or 90 mage, I dont care how much hp exp or what lvl the hp is. can you give me quote on these 2 account types? Thanks guys!
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