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  2. Thats a pretty good idea, would just require running up to the wildy edge to fill it right?
  3. Keeps teleporting to digsite over and over for birdhouse runs: [INFO][Bot #1][01/16 12:20:51 PM]: p=[x=3342, y=3443, z=0] m=true h=false [INFO][Bot #1][01/16 12:20:51 PM]: birdhouse trip: Birdhouse #1 [INFO][Bot #1][01/16 12:20:51 PM]: teleporting to fossil island [INFO][Bot #1][01/16 12:20:51 PM]: rubbing pendant [INFO][Bot #1][01/16 12:20:57 PM]: p=[x=3343, y=3445, z=0] m=true h=false [INFO][Bot #1][01/16 12:20:57 PM]: birdhouse trip: Birdhouse #1 [INFO][Bot #1][01/16 12:20:57 PM]: teleporting to fossil island [INFO][Bot #1][01/16 12:20:57 PM]: rubbing pendant
  4. Hey, This is looking nice! I'm not exactly sure if your conditions cover every case, because I don't know the context of the script. However this is something that you should have a feeling of and something I am sure you can test. A few things to note: All walking events could fail at any point throughout the walk (though this is unlikely). You therefore have to support this, so make sure this is the case. A good way to test this is to start the script at various stages in the journey and see if the script successfully completes the journey (relying on the webwalker as little
  5. I wanted to ask if it was possible for you to implement the usage of looting bag into the script to maximize the profit?
  6. Czar, I wanted to try a trail when you're finished with your latest updates! Thanks
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