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  1. Did you start the script before level 13 magic? It is explained in the "pre-requirements". https://pasteboard.co/NZcLBLTcVMWg.png
  2. Hey @rslists! Ofcourse you can! trial is activated. If you have got any issues or questions, please send me a DM on Discord. I rather have you ask question than being annoyed or what so ever! I just came back from Egpypt. Now have Corona because of some guy probably sitting behind me iun the airplane coughing like hell in my neck hahaha. Kind regards, MW
  3. @thirdcodofcourse you can get a trial mate!!! Authed you for 48 hours since I was late on my reply. I am currently on holiday in Egypt. For that reason I was not checking the forums nor Discord. If you have any issues or questions, feel free to leave to in a DM on Discord. I always rather have you ask questions than being annoyed of not understanding what is happening. Take into consideration that the script behaves differently for member and f2p accounts. Kind regards, MW
  4. Hey @grammatoncleric! Could you send me a message on Discord with a video/ image and or logs when this happens? Currently I am on holiday though, but I will get to it asap if you can provide me that info!
  5. Hello @Ayrtoo, :ike mentioned in the Discord channel, I will hit you up tomorrow morning
  6. Update: - Currently working on my Game AI API so I can implement human like behaviour rules. For more details join my discord server since I posted a better insight on what I am working on there.
  7. Aaaah no problem man. Can happen! Just remember that I am always there to help in any case what so ever Enjoy the script I would say @jeroheroarc and have a wonderful weekend! Kind regards, MW
  8. Looks like you have entered non integer numbers? Because the error says it can not "parse" the sentence of characters you have given to actual numbers. Contact me on Discord, because it still works for me.
  9. Seems liek someone looked at my script xD
  10. 32 hour trial activated Enjoy man! If you have got any questions, please always feel free to ask!
  11. Ofcourse you can! 32 hour trial is activated @Sloth
  12. Wait it got stuck on 35. Well that is new ahhahaa. Do you think you can recreate it and send me the info on discord?
  13. This means much to me @RepugnantJam! Do you already have the "Fisher & Cooker" rank in my discord?
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