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  1. Added: - The Knight's Sword (IM friendly)
  2. ADDED: - progressive smithing ==> if ores are missing, it will mine the amount of ores needed gne gne gne
  3. Wonderfull to hear! I am also working on the ranged and melee version + Obor
  4. Happy to hear that you are excited about it @Coin4Coin ❤
  5. A vaccine is not meant to prevent getting sick. It is meant to make you less sick when you catch the virus, because you have some form of antibodies made already against the non lethal virus that was injected with the vaccine.
  6. 11-10-2021 Version 1.11 - reworked / optimised a lot of the code for a lot of things - added a little extra paint
  7. ⚠ There was a little bug in the script where only CLI was working. I pushed the update that fixes this already. But I have no idea when it will be live. Atleast within 24 hours though⚠
  8. 06-10-2021 Version 1.10 - added MW Break Manager - added a GUI for breaking - better safespotting system - way faster response time - added more safespots - better looting system - cli support - new paint
  9. Always yeah. But that is what a vaccine does lol. A vaccine literally injects a "non lethal part"(probably wrong choice of words sorry) of the virus in you so you make anti bodies. People do not seem to understand that somehow which always suprises me.
  10. lol I've set the treshhold to 10 xD. guess I could lower it to 9 to prevent this
  11. Hey you all! Currently I am working on version 1.10. This version will include a custom breakmanager to avoid logging out when you kill a hill giants or whatever stupid situation you do not wanna logout from. Also, I improved the looting part. It will now loot a bit quicker and walk rapidly back to its safespot instead of standing there, turn the camera and then walk to it.
  12. @Dogcube Ey man! I have been planning to make this aswell as part of my progressional magic game beater. I inteded to incorperate different walking paths depending on where enemy players are coming from perhaps that is more sustainable than logging out every time and running the risk of logging in next to a pker.
  13. Version 1.09 should be live within 24 hours!
  14. Version 1.08 should be live within 24 hours! Version 1.07 had a mayor bug in buying new runes if you did not have enough money. That is finally solved.... Took me some time to figure out what the issue was, but it is solved..... HAPPY BOTTING! KIND REGARDS, MW
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