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  1. Gunman

    So I died

    That's a p100 dick move
  2. The hardest part about getting S1 is getting git access. Something as simple as a gold bracelet crafter is enough to get S1.
  3. @RDM Depending on your idea of non stop. Longest Paint achieved was like 170 hours Recently had a test account last ~80-85 hours mining tin on mirror Stopped and restarted on update days. Never went above 200 on the paint 1 account ran 12-19 hours a day for 6 weeks stopped when achieved max melee 1 account suicided nmz for ~150 hours with 0 breaks and only logging out due to 6 hour limit. Other than that one of the longer lasted accounts I remember is 1 account did MTA with @Eagle Scripts AIO MTA for like 4 months for 2-4 hours a day every day and nothing but MTA. Made a decent chunk of gp with it. Was some good shit. Did have quite a few casual botted accounts that had no real goal but just leveled a bunch of stats and shit like that. Several got over 1k total, which not a lot of people get to it seems Mostly done suiciding in the last few months tho
  4. Completely new mouse algorithm Patty's been working on. The only thing I know the mouse seems to do is it will move slower when the move needs to move shorter distances and faster on longer distances. Has a lot of variables the scripters can tweak that the old mouse didn't. Some being Flow Variety, Deviation, Flow speed, Over shooting, noise, and a few I missed and more to soon be on the list.
  5. Wowzers the simple answer was jar fix
  6. @NovaLight Make a script that compliments the user and makes them feel good while they play
  7. Try appealing again, but with the option about account being hacked. They might unban it.
  8. @PunishedAutoClic Did you try appealing? Like with the official appeal page on the jagex website
  9. Time to get me an orange name
  10. If only you defended your bitches like this too
  11. ^Probably a big issue here. Why not just bot on your home ip on your laptop btw like ez said?
  12. If you're talking about when you're creating multiple accounts on a single ip, because in my experience it locks it out for like 10 minutes after you make around 10 accounts or so. So I limit it to about 7-8 every 10 minutes per ip in my account creator, so I never receive this lock. But yes I don't know exactly what they do differently because I've heard people with some residential proxy providers receive nothing but locks after locks.
  13. I went through several providers and out of about 40 proxies I've gotten only 2 caused locks and that was after server maintenance. A few hours later they had more server maintenance and I requested 2 different ips because of this issue and those ones didn't cause locks. It's not a coincidence or "luck" that 95% of proxies I get from provider A causes locks and provider B get's 10% locks. And no other provider was able to handle this many accounts before I got the "Too many logins" message. I do agree, you need a system to handle this which I had one in place as backup just in case. Also like to add for anyone who's new and reads this. You should NEVER use free proxies. These proxies are so bad all accounts created on the ip will be banned within 3 days even if you never log into the game a single time. Not only do they ban you before you even play, they normally have the "Too many logins" message 99% of the time.
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