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  1. VPN's are terrible for botting and here's why. VPN's IPs are normally shared with many users. Proxies can be dedicated to you and solely you; So you're the only one botting on that IP instead of a VPN where you can have x players playing the game or botting on it.
  2. Gl, grats with the release!
  3. Gunman

    Stealth Quester

    Quest: The Ascent Of Arceuus Logger message: position: [x=1635, y=3871, z=0]; next: The Ascent Of Arceuus; queue: 2; member: true; mirror: false; input: true, resized: false [INFO][Bot #1][10/27 08:27:54 PM]: running quest: The Ascent Of Arceuus; current stage: 16396 [INFO][Bot #1][10/27 08:27:54 PM]: failed to find stage Issue: After talking to the giant golem guys it doesn't know what to do next which it needs to run to the dark altar and inspect the rocks around it to find some item. Then after finding the item it needs to talk to Lord Trobin Arceuus to Complete the que
  4. Try isolating sections of code off until it works and narrow the problem down
  5. @Patrick @Token This version broke the dialogue handling in Stealth Quester. Idk about other scripts. Basically mid dialogue or a few seconds after an option pops up the bot will talk to the NPC again, and it just loops this. Same quest tested on 2.5.90 did NOT do this. I'll let you two figure out who needs to fix what.
  6. There use to be but it broke. Also I believe that will be listed in either other or moneymaking.
  7. @MalcolmGood job you borked it
  8. Sorry no. There use to be but Jagex made an update to their site about 3 months ago that broke just about all of them But you will probably have to buy a private one which may be kinda expensive.
  9. @WSSLThink you might be trying to grab the widget info before it's loaded my friend. Try swapping lines 45 and 46 and increase the sleep by another second for good measure. If this was the issue look into conditional sleeps.
  10. Imo the whole vps market is fucked place; If you pay for x you should receive at least 90% the performance of x whether it's dedicated or not. That bigger VPS with those specs should be able to run quite a lot of bots. I have 64gb of ram and 12 cores / 24 threads on my personal pc and I can run ~100 bots in low cpu mode. Without low cpu is probably around 30-35. If you haven't try pushing that vps harder and see if it crashes or some shit. Other wise if they don't fix it I would just dropped that VPS since it would be a waste of money to keep it running. And relating to the question you a
  11. You're gonna wanna make or have an account creator made. It has gotten a bit more tricky to make since the Incapsula/Imperva update they made to the RS site.
  12. Old issue a long time ago to fix something like this was to hide the script paint. Try that and see if it does anything
  13. Someone needs to be shot wtf
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