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  1. Try jar fix https://johann.loefflmann.net/en/software/jarfix/index.html
  2. Doesn't Alch buy around .40 right now? Just throwing the idea out there if you need to dump it fast.
  3. @Syracuse Lol has been banned for scamming and if he wishes to return he will need to repay @Get Taxed back the full £41.2 Dispute closed.
  4. I meant is anything on the computer running high resource. Like is your disk randomly going to 100%? If that laptop has Microsoft One Drive installed try uninstalling it and disabling any and all anti viruses and see if that helps as well.
  5. User hasn't responded in 6 months, has been banned and if he wishes to return he will have to reimburse Fruit from the following dispute.
  6. According to the first hidden image, it says he paid £41.2 sent via PayPal. @Syracuse Lol As you admitted to recovering the account, are you willing to pay @Get Taxed back the £41.2?
  7. Found user making trial auth request in Ultimate Scripts Discord Server. Text : 267869707254759424
  8. @Get Taxed Please get me that gif of his UID asap. @Syracuse Lol You have 24 hours to post a meaningful response.
  9. It's stored in the widgets. Just when you're hovering your mouse over a button the number disappears so you will need to move your mouse off the button and recheck the widget debugger.
  10. And the collection grows ever bigger
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