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  1. Broke with a dependency update. Old theme will return when it's fixed
  2. Mhmm you could try this, maybe it will work? java -Duser.home="C:\Users\Testing" -jar "osbot 2.6.53.jar" Replace "Testing" with your desired window user. And if you have one drive installed could also try uninstalling it, I know that has caused issues in the past.
  3. Include your name and numerator too please.
  4. @Ztheman1 Use the bump this topic button at the top of the page. You're only bumping one thread.
  5. Add your discord UID please. Dm me on discord Add your discord UID please
  6. I don't understand what you're trying to ask
  7. Run jar fix https://johann.loefflmann.net/downloads/jarfix.exe
  8. Post your discord UID please. UID doesn't match, repost please.
  9. Some shit like this I guess private void mineRocks() { final RS2Object mineRock = getRock(null); final RS2Object hoverRock = getRock(mineRock); } private RS2Object getRock(final RS2Object ignoreRock) { //Just add this condition to your filter to get the next rock basically // r != ignoreRock return getObjects().closest(r -> r.getId() == 0 && r != ignoreRock); }
  10. Same way you get the rock to mine, just pass the rock you're already mining and add to the filter to ignore that one.
  11. @sexyrussian Probs some shit like this private GraphicsObject getGraphicsObjectOnPosition(final Position position) { final List<GraphicsObject> graphicsObjectList = getGraphicObjects().getAll(); if (position == null || graphicsObjectList == null || graphicsObjectList.isEmpty()) { return null; } return graphicsObjectList.stream().filter(g -> g != null && g.getPosition() == position) .findFirst().orElse(null); }
  12. Add your UID. Your UID doesn't match, please repost.
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