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  1. @skillerkidos1 Pretty sure it's because something is null and you're not null checking anything. But disregarding that, does the distance api not work for what you're trying to do? int distance = getMap().distance(obj.getPosition());
  2. @pauliokas123 Has been banned. If he wishes to return he will have to refund you in full. Sorry for your loss @Runescape Promot
  3. Gunman


    Paypal cancelation steps. Log in to your PayPal account. Click Settings near the top of the page. Click Payments. Click Manage automatic payments. Find Meire & Brito Automation and click cancel. Odd. Check here and see if it has a cancel option. https://osbot.org/forum/clients/purchases/ And here's the refund section. Only one person handles these and makes the decisions I don't. https://osbot.org/forum/forum/150-refund-requests/ Best I can think of man
  4. @pauliokas123 has 24 hours to respond
  5. @kirkmonzz https://osbot.org/forum/store/category/28-osbot-membership/
  6. @Queen Reef Either download and run jar fix or watch the video below
  7. Been waiting for this bad boy
  8. Might of just been bad luck with the bot system . Only false bans I've had oddly enough was when I was using Jagex's client, on my home ip though.
  9. Gunman

    Stealth Quester

    If I recall correctly you need 25 hp?
  10. ??? You just interact with it like you did with the chest RS2Widget grapeWidget = getWidgets().getWidgetContainingText("Grapes"); if (grapeWidget != null && grapeWidget.interact("What ever the buy interaction is")) { //sleeps } And if there's a menu open, like when you right click, you can use the menuAPI to get the options and click on one.
  11. @uyfgfarOS Trying interacting with the widget directly then. Also I think regardless the store will always contain grapes whether the amount is 0 or not. I never used the store api before so I don't know for sure.
  12. @MasterGoldfish The Proxy IP is the websites proxy ip, not your ip. If you look that ip up you will fine it belongs to incapsula
  13. @EvoMike 99% of botters use bonds, so I HIGHLY doubt it.
  14. OSBot is down atm. Waiting for another dev besides Patrick to wake up, so they can fix it.
  15. OSBot is down atm. Waiting for another dev besides Patrick to wake up, so they can fix it.
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