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  1. I'm telling you it was a great S3 Power move from him
  2. No sorry I run everything on my own pc.
  3. @De_winged Have you thought of buying a VPS? Or getting a old cheap pc and let it run 24/7 and then remote connect to it and run everything off that.
  4. Check the script list on the bot client and not through the collection. They may still be there but not on the SDN anymore or may have been renamed since a few scripts have been taken over by other scripters. Stuff made by Keven, Shudsey, and I don't know if you had any of Acerd's stuff but his got removed from SDN when he lost S2.
  5. Gunman

    Java is too new

    The only other thing I can think of is download and run jar fix or just uninstall Java 13 if you don't need it. Just a warning about botting Agility, you can be easily banned.
  6. Gunman

    Java is too new

    @Trest97 Try this If that doesn't work also try setting the path.
  7. If I remember correctly the previous client dev Alek said it does.
  8. Try what Rick said and if not try Jar fix
  9. Probably because it's still using java 11 over 8. Do open with and navigate to java 8 folder and select the java file like in this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b3SG2xV9nD8&feature=emb_logo
  10. @osbot337 I don't know if the auto clicker you used has this but auto clickers can have and will let you set how long it holds down the mouse clicks. Also, can set a random amount of when to click. Like double click every 4-8 seconds but wait 1 second before initiating the second click(Perfect for alching, most the time). I made a script that did something like this ^(Added a slight fatigue system) ; But if I were to lag or get logged out it would be able to fix it's self. It worked awesome. I ran it for 8-10 hours a day (4-5 hours then break for 1 hour) for a week without bans. Got the level I wanted and moved onto another account where then I added GE support for it to buy alchs to automate the process and I wouldn't have to do it my self. Well after I added the GE support I started receiving bans. Probably because of the added mouse movement. The difference of why a full on bot will get you banned vs a good auto clicker is probably because the auto clickers lack of mouse movement and only clicking wasn't enough for them to ban the account but maybe flag and in some cases ban it. On the bots side the auto clicking for 3 days at 8-10 hours was probably enough to get it flagged and then interacting with the GE every 1-2 hours was enough for them to ban it. Conclusion if you got a good auto clicker use that over a bot if you're casually botting I guess
  11. Through the API no I don't think so. But you could probably grab what weapon they're using and time how long there is between attacks. With melee I think you would only be able to tell if they're using 1 certain attack style for certain, or like with range rapid and accurate. You may be able to get the different attack style of long range and accurate if you do stuff with distance as well.
  12. Slicer 4 mod! Vote or die! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9pSh0VAVYn4
  13. What Medusa said. Depending on what resolution and frame rate you're going to be streaming at you'll need 3-8Mb/s upload. Look here for more info https://stream.twitch.tv/encoding/ do keep in mind 1000kpbs is = about 1mb/s. Also there 1080p60 fps settings does say slow motion content. So you'll probably need to bump up the kpbs a bit for high motion content. You'll also wanna take into account if anyone else is on your internet. Also I recommend getting a NVIDIA GPU only because there encoding is sooo much better than AMD's GPU's. For new parts you'll probably be spending like $750-$1000 Used you would probably spend like $500-$750.
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