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  1. All account and proxy information is stored locally and is encrypted.
  2. There use to be some, but then Jagex switch to Incapsula and now it's more complicated than before and you don't even need captcha solving anymore.
  3. Probably be easiest to download and run this. https://johann.loefflmann.net/en/software/jarfix/index.html
  4. @ez11 @Dutchsmoker420 I know they track HWID info on their website, but I haven't seen anything supporting in game HWID tracking yet. Just use a VM if you can Dutch and make a new VM every time you think you need new HWID values.
  5. Ask for trials and try each one for a few minutes and see what one you like the best.
  6. @Pixxels @ProjectPact Quit your grave digging *cough* Project's best *cough*
  7. They're made using Java. And yes Java and Java script are two different things.
  8. @SkrrtNick @Lunar @Nifty Nothing to do with the standard of quality or discrediting SF; It's purely because these scripts are NOT! checked by the Script Officer, Token, for malicious code. Not only that, but people can provide fake download files; It may say script.txt and have a txt file picture but be an exe, and you end up running it and getting ratted. Seen similar tricks happen before.
  9. Check your script list in the client and see if it's there.
  10. Create one gmail and when making OSRS accounts just do Default email -> example@gmail.com When signing up on Jagex website do emails like below example+1@gmail.com example+2@gmail.com example+3@gmail.com example+4@gmail.com example+5@gmail.com Etc Then all emails will go to the default email of example@gmail.com
  11. No, I meant OSBot 2.6.23. Running the same exact script on injection the ban ratio went from ~93% to ~5% with somewhere between 1000-2000 accounts in each test pool.
  12. Scripters don't handle payment. https://osbot.org/forum/forum/150-refund-requests/
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