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  1. um not necessarily but it is pretty much a death sentence if you continue to run them I found that after an hour or two they are always banned although it takes longer if it is a higher level and was mostly hand played
  2. Mirror mode is 0 because as the name says its a mirror of the official client stealth is basically 100% now because they detect the injection very well so only run mirror now basically
  3. I think many people would love a main building script I look forward to seeing that
  4. Hello welcome to the community I hope you enjoy your time here
  5. Awesome excited to see what you do next for ur script if you need a tutorial you can use xplvs https://osbot.org/forum/topic/115124-explvs-scripting-101/
  6. Dogcube's Gold Jewelry By Dogcube51 Profit Profit per hour ranges based off prices and what piece of jewelry being made but the range is 100k - 150k What you need to run the script Levels needed crafting Ring: lvl 5 Necklace: lvl 6 Bracelet: lvl 7 Resources needed Mould for the jewelry you want to make gold bars to craft it with How to use it Step one: Hit start on the script Step two: Select what you want to craft, Options: Ring,Necklace,Bracelet Step three: Let it run
  7. nvm just realized this is from 2019
  8. dude just buy skillerkidos ko corp it is very good and not even too expensive
  9. added you if you still need them I will do them
  10. Thanks for the tip I will make sure to keep it in mind for future scripts
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