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Khaleesi's Feedback

  1. GameDance left Positive feedback   

    Bought many scripts from Khal. Always a good. Thanks

    Khaleesi was The Seller

  2. Maximow left Positive feedback   

    Rally easy and smooth experience! Good customer support and flexibility. Easily can recommend

    Khaleesi was The Seller

  3. dat dewd left Positive feedback   

    always a positive experience when it comes to any of khal's scripts :) looking forward to seeing what else khal has to offer

    Khaleesi was The Seller

  4. taltoniser left Positive feedback   

    Bought voucher Fast and easy like usual

    Khaleesi was The Seller

  5. Asapfergg left Positive feedback   

    bought a few scripts now. always great quality !

    Khaleesi was The Seller

  6. FlashUnity left Positive feedback   

    Thank you for the quality lifetime scripts, I have used WT to 99 on several accounts with no issues and I have recently purchased a couple more of your scripts. Loving them, and botting with a bit more peace of mind is always a plus

    Khaleesi was The Seller

  7. rycka123 left Positive feedback   

    Fast communication, best scripts. Perfection.

    Khaleesi was The Seller

  8. sorag13 left Positive feedback   

    Fast communication, best scrips. Perfection!

    Khaleesi was The Seller

  9. DaddyChaddy left Positive feedback   

    I have bought 4 scripts, Wintertodt, Woodcutting, Thieving, and Agility the scripts are working flawlessly. I have made some amazing gains at Wintertodt within a week I got multiple accounts to 90 firemaking. The scripts are Ironman friendly as well.

    Khaleesi was The Seller

  10. Lilz994 left Positive feedback   

    bought 2 amazing scripts and also was given access before payment via trial 11/10

    Khaleesi was The Seller

  11. BloodyNoah left Positive feedback   

    Bought the runecrafting script, works perfectly

    Khaleesi was The Seller

  12. Frouzies left Positive feedback   

    Awesome bot, been going for 30 days on 7 accounts and 0 bans.

    Khaleesi was The Seller

  13. lekkerpoepenhaha left Positive feedback   

    The BEST scripter out there! Very friendly and helpful.

    Khaleesi was The Seller

  14. Father Fitz left Positive feedback   

    Khal's scripts are fantastic! You will have no problems with getting banned as long as you bot smart. Have purchased a few of Khal's scripts and have been impressed with each one. Grade A scripts! Keep it up Khal!

    Khaleesi was The Seller

  15. crettig left Positive feedback   

    9.99/10 all scripts are effective and easy to setup/use. It would be cool if the GUI's on the thieving and agility could be minimized. I'm very happy with my purchases

    Khaleesi was The Seller

  16. kenko left Positive feedback   

    bought the voucher needed for 2 scripts and might buy more in the future

    Khaleesi was The Seller

  17. morgzy9999 left Positive feedback   

    Bought a voucher and purchased 2 scripts, A+ seller will buy from again soon.

    Khaleesi was The Seller

  18. FizCap left Positive feedback   

    Good scripts and if you buy with gold you will get the scripts, no scam.

    Khaleesi was The Seller

  19. aeikonic left Positive feedback   

    Bought a bunch of scripts, very happy :)

    Khaleesi was The Seller

  20. JackTheDipper left Positive feedback   

    Bought scripts, fast service.

    Khaleesi was The Seller

  21. SrPotato left Positive feedback   

    I needed to buy a script and everything went very fast <3 recommended

    Khaleesi was The Seller

  22. devilizedchris left Positive feedback   

    Time to renew my VIP, so got in touch with Khaleesi again to buy 30$ Voucher. Smooth as always. 10/10 Recommend.

    Khaleesi was The Seller

  23. GP1 left Positive feedback   

    Bought another script! Excellent service once again! Thank you!

    Khaleesi was The Seller

  24. Nuke Town left Positive feedback   

    Amazing bots. Had so much success with them.

    Khaleesi was The Seller

  25. GP1 left Positive feedback   

    Khaleesi is the best. Buying scripts and working great!!

    Khaleesi was The Seller

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