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Khaleesi's Feedback

  1. mrclutchish left Positive feedback   

    bought a few scripts and will be buying more :D

    Khaleesi was The Seller

  2. A5HZ left Positive feedback   

    bought aio crafting script works like a charm will defiantly be buying more scripts in the future

    Khaleesi was The Seller

  3. Bruuni left Positive feedback   

    Sold me a voucher, Khal without a doubt is the best script maker out there, only one i'd trust :)

    Khaleesi was The Seller

  4. eastnyc left Positive feedback   

    Bought wintertodt script flawless script also a voucher for wc script 😇

    Khaleesi was The Seller

  5. SmokingAllNight left Positive feedback   

    Good scripts, good support, thanks!

    Khaleesi was The Seller

  6. DanFenton left Positive feedback   


    Khaleesi was The Seller

  7. zerktren left Positive feedback   

    personally my favorite scripter on here. Just got 99 agility

    Khaleesi was The Seller

  8. spoook left Positive feedback   

    after running the script for a few hours, i am rather impressed with how the interface is set up. some of the best style ive seen in a script, and the simplicity of it is what i would like to see in all scripts. there is little, if anything, i would like to see different or changed. will look at other scripts for purchase

    Khaleesi was The Seller

  9. spoook left Positive feedback   

    good transaction, will leave another review after running script

    Khaleesi was The Seller

  10. mtk left Positive feedback   

    quick and simple transaction

    Khaleesi was The Seller

  11. zwxxxz left Positive feedback   

    A+++++ Bought my 2nd script totally KICKASS

    Khaleesi was The Seller

  12. alexongel left Positive feedback   

    Honestly the anti-ban and settings in the agility screwing is beautiful 👌🏾

    Khaleesi was The Seller

  13. Notey left Positive feedback   

    Awsome person to deal with purchased 2 of their scripts :D, one of them purchased with a voucher - Thank you !

    Khaleesi was The Seller

  14. zwxxxz left Positive feedback   

    A+++++ Khal AIO Cooker is 100% worth the price. Amazing script :)

    Khaleesi was The Seller

  15. AJMKL left Positive feedback   

    Great scripts. Purchased a few of them with voucher. Got 99 agility on ironman using AIO agility without any bans. highly recommend :)

    Khaleesi was The Seller

  16. Dilu left Positive feedback   

    Great scripts, I have many.

    Khaleesi was The Seller

  17. Shypiggy left Positive feedback   

    Bought a voucher very quick! Thanks!

    Khaleesi was The Seller

  18. hop left Positive feedback   

    Bought the "Khal AIO Magic" script using Crypto. Legit!, Also very kind

    Khaleesi was The Seller

  19. Maid left Positive feedback   

    Sold me Tithe Farm and Temp for GP. Amazing Value

    Khaleesi was The Seller

  20. Asapfergg left Positive feedback   

    Great customer service as always ! super great scripts as well !

    Khaleesi was The Seller

  21. cptnox1993 left Positive feedback   

    great service! i can really recommend khaleesi and her dragons too buy scripts from her

    Khaleesi was The Seller

  22. nipplez420 left Positive feedback   

    great work thank you alot

    Khaleesi was The Seller

  23. Woeasdt left Positive feedback   

    Bought a few scripts of this guy amazing work :)! fast and good service !

    Khaleesi was The Seller

  24. strongey12 left Positive feedback   

    Great scripts, hundreds of hours used. Zero bans. Bot responsibly with breaks enabled. Keep up the great work!

    Khaleesi was The Seller

  25. DaddyChaddy left Positive feedback   

    Purchased gold again fast, quick and cheap! Great service. Thank you again.

    Khaleesi was The Seller

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