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  1. Maldesto

    Need VIP vouch

    Locking this, you can easily pay with paypal to buy vip.
  2. Welcome back. You still have that pic of Chael?
  3. Hey all, I just wanted to inform you I have talked with a lot of script writers and we are going to be doing a MASSIVE give away. 15+ VIP 1 month giveaway OVER 100 PREMIUM SCRIPT AUTHS FOR 1 MONTH DURATION I will post more details this weekend and how you can win scripts & or VIP! I will also include who are the script writers + script links to all the ones being given away!
  4. Well obviously, but most people that try to sell their accounts are users that have 0 feedback 0 post and just a bunch of premium scripts lol. I was addressing his questions.
  5. I understand what you are saying, but you're thinking of it completely different than it really is. We are a company, we make money for each sale, if you sold your account that person would not have to buy those scripts. You're basically trying to undercut our store by selling your account at a fraction of what it would cost retail, making us lose potential money.
  6. Maldesto

    First 99

    Congrats, glad you're enjoying OSBot!
  7. https://osbot.org/forum/profile/344733-maximumaa/ is there a reason you made another account?
  8. Against the rules, and if we find you sell it the account gets permanently banned, so it isn't worth the risk. Hopefully you come back and try again!
  9. Now now, lets be honest here. You bought 5 scripts attempted a charge back on ALL OF THEM. You lose your rights after that, you attempted a charge back, no refund request no communication with us. You have tried to scam OSBot and our Scripters. Also this was over a month ago, so you just now noticing it is because you lost the charge back and are pissed that we took the scripts that you tried to scam us for.
  11. can i become verified my discord is zeit#8079

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