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  1. All auths given, but it was giving me some trouble, so let me know if you didn't get it via pm, I'll try again!
  2. malcolm & juggles - done chris - done
  3. all projectpact scripts have been authed
  4. Starting to auth them now, so if you want to start checking over the next hour or so. ALL osrs script factory auths are active, going down the list (doing vip last).
  5. exchange it for one on the list = or less value and pm me.
  6. Awesome, will get to authing tonight!
  7. need help with a refund for VIP.

  8. Hello, just wondering what this account is worth 1k+ Skill total 35+ in all skills HCIM 70+ QP Never been botted I am original owner (account is 14+ years old.) Not really anything good in the bank.
  9. is still a super mod temp demotion so @ProjectPact can use the ACP and do some things and i don't have time to go through all permissions and change them
  10. why is it taking you over a week to do my refunds man. please help me out

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