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  1. Good luck, can Zack not post his own threads? If he is having troubles let me know!
  2. Work in progress.
  3. Assuming you changed your mind never received a pm.
  4. You said this didn't help post whats going on via screen shots
  5. i believe you closed my topic about osbot not doing anything when starting mirror mode. my problem was not fix idk why it was closed


  6. I am looking for a level 30+ pokemon go account with a lot of pokemon, legendaries, stardust, and just a great account in general. Please pm me pictures of everything plus the price in PayPal, 07 gold, or osbot voucher. Thanks!
  7. Try responding to the guy 3 posts up complaining of it not working, instead of typing bump. Script removed from the store pending review from @Token
  8. Hey guys we are looking for 1 discord helper and 1 trial mod. If you could make a serious post for a suggestion for one of each with a small reason if you have one!
  9. Work work work, arms sore from the vaccine yesterday and as muffins said we won't approve your thread to sell accounts when you spam your way to 100 posts lol.
  10. Pm me with the email address on the account, PayPal transactions, and location and name on the account. Do not post it here.
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