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  1. We actually had it like this before and switched it to the pop out logger and everyone complained. Almost all of our script writers prefer it below the client.
  2. Hi, We are pleased to announce the winner of the OSBot Client design competition is @Fruity. We decided after a lot discussion on this as our new client. We hope you are as happy as we are! @Fruityplease pm me for with details of your prize choice. Thanks everyone who entered!
  3. Winner will be announced in a few hours with a few pictures of the future
  4. Did it actually say completed on paypal, if so PM me your paypal email.
  5. Hi, I just wanted to let everyone know our discord has received another ban. I will not be opening another discord unless they change their TOS. This time we got banned for promoting cheats on a game. New Discord link - https://discord.gg/dumFZaM We currently are using our Chatbox as of now. https://osbot.org/chat/ Feel free to join and talk to us!
  6. alek*, and he resigned for personal reasons. Token handles all the updates now on the sdn(and did when alek was here as well) Alek was a developer, Pat replaced him.
  7. Make a topic in the refund section or pm me
  8. 1. Account Stats lhttps://imgur.com/QM5WzEl 2. Bank/Untradeables https://imgur.com/a/ig4Y11W 3. Quest Complete https://imgur.com/a/5ae2Uqt 4. Price 10m 5. A/W 10m 6. Method of Payment Osrs GP only. 7. Trade Conditions You go first or we can use trusted mm 8. Account stats Clean all hand done cant supply picture because has unregistered email 9. Original/previous owners AND Original Email Address Im the OO i made the account using a fake email, Doesn't have one registered so its all urs https://imgur.com/a
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