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  1. Damn we have no sport fans here huh lol
  2. Yep I would be the commision Sweet if we can get 8 I can set it up
  3. Hi, I was just curious if we had any interest in playing in a Fantasy Football NFL League? I would like to have at least 8 people and put some money up, if anyone has any interest comment + vote
  4. Script factory description in the store states nothing, so that statement was false. I think you are referring to his script thread, but even then it says COMMUNITY OPEN SOURCE. YOU can fix them yourself if they are broken, that is 100% the reason for SF. We aren't refunding you because you want to be lazy and try to bash everyone for not getting down on their knees for you.
  5. You know there is a refund section, I decide 100 refunds not the script writers. https://osbot.org/forum/forum/150-refund-requests/
  6. As Space said, please PM me with both account names and which account you are wanting to keep.
  7. Hello i want to join bid on osbot banner, 

    I am new osbot member , How can i do ? 

  8. His scripts will not leave, we will find someone to continue them on for him.
  9. Just to clarify, I received 0 messages from you on discord or OSBot.
  10. I've removed the script from the store, if the scripter does not fix within 1 week I will be getting someone to take over this script. Thanks
  11. Thanks for the update sir.
  12. Please consider using a Middleman, not going first just because someone has a few more vouches than you.
  13. transfer done for SF and then i had to refund the pro edition since it cannot be transferred. It is a monthly script. Please repurchase it.
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