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  1. I unbanned the user and a mod will place him in dnt and give him a chance to respond to the dispute and repay you.
  2. Scroll up in that conversation and you will see that you can't find the previous conversations where you sold him gold, as it is a completely different discord.
  3. Join OSBot discord, and screen share your discord and i will show you it is not the one you've been communicating with. You aren't scrolling up reading your message history. Him being hacked is out of the question if the UID isn't the same as that DOES NOT change.
  4. So you can't follow simple instructions? I'll give you 24 hours to follow the instructions to find the UID given. Thanks.
  5. You need to provide discord unique id. You probably got scammed by an impostor.
  6. Discord ID doesn't match your Discord in your picture weird let us know why you made 2 discord accounts and didn't remove one of them.
  7. IT doesn't get added automatically, so if anyone has used the code and want the script for a week, please PM so I can activate it for you/
  8. battle of who can post so you can see my signature and my discord/scripts ps click the link in my sig for rs gambling
  9. bump, show proof you voted and be entered to win $100.00 OSBot Credit if we win!
  10. Maldesto


    Reversing this ban.
  11. Thanks guys I appreciate it and my son will too! Keep voting!!! Each vote is another entry. I think you can vote 1 time per 24 hours.
  12. You are going to get approached by a lot of scammers please join osbot discord and only trade with verified users. Make sure their UNIQUE ID is a match not just their profile id.
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