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  1. hi here is my uniq id from discord 779740415519359007 sleepywojak

  2. Good evening, I need to request a refund since the service I purchased does not meet what was promised. The creator of the script has not taken steps to correct the flaws it has and I am not satisfied with the service.


    Please tell me where I can request a refund.

  3. Hey bro, can my name be blue please?

  4. Just to give a disclaimer, this user can always recover this account. He is the original owner and has low reputation and has not been active in our community. Please be aware of that and buy any account at your own risk.
  5. This is a bot manager associated product. There will be two new products, Bot manager with account creation monthly and lifetime. We have not decided on a limit currently.
  6. DM me any information you can remember, maybe old emails, any screen shots from payment history + full detail page
  7. contact me on discord dm me on discord
  8. Welcome back missed your signature
  9. https://osbot.org/forum/topic/181968-guide-for-patching-jagex-accounts-to-the-regular-stealth-client
  10. https://i.imgur.com/npElE63.png
  11. I'm interested, but most people won 't accept something over discord to download from someone with 9 posts. IF you post here open source, or apply to be a scripter on OSBot, we can review the code for you and get you on the SDN.
  12. It seems you already have in your head something that isn't true. We just implemented the Jagex account working on our bot manager like one week ago. There are millions of NON jagex accounts still on the market for 10 cents each. I suggest in the mean time you do that. You aren't even a VIP, so two you could buy 100 accounts for 10 dollars and be set for a while at two accounts. You did not have to upgrade to a Jagex account prior to our supporting it. I will get you an answer, be it yes or no for support on Mac.
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