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Progamerz AIO Cows

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Progamerz AIO Cows
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Supports training on chickens until x combat level(where x is taken from the GUI)
Supports multiple cow locations
Supports 4 modes(Loot only, Fighting, Fight and tan, loot and tan)
Supports tanning cowhides to soft leather/hard leather and banking them

Supports all food
Supports Death Walking
Supports waiting for loot
Supports loot only our kills
Supports burying bones

Supports eat food for loot

Supports depositing junk in inventory(items that are not needed for task scheduling equip)
Supports taking screenshot on level up
Supports training gear retrieval(If you start with training sword and shield, it will go and retrieve when dead from melee tutor)
Supports task scheduling, with switching styles(Ranged included) and equipping specific armour/weapon

Supports looting own arrows
Supports going to bank to equip specific item

Supports CLI, preset saving/loading(With task scheduling)



CLI Instructions:


Script ID: 1045
You only need 1 parameter for cli to work, and that is the preset name.

-script 1045:test1

Where, 'test1' is the preset name.

Coming Soon:



If you would like any feature added, comment below!

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5 hours ago, brayden921 said:

This would help with fresh account training! :)


Edit: Personally I don't like doing cows until 10/10/10 possible chicken attachment?


I will consider this, so basically having option to do chickens till like 10/10/10? and then switch to cows?

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