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  1. If you understand Portuguese, there's this playlist I made to teach a friend:
  2. If you understand Portuguese, you can watch this sequence of 7 videos I made to teach a friend:
  3. can you send me a private message with a details?
  4. This happens when a break handler configuration is about to happen. So the script doesn't pause in the middle of a fight with Obor. Check your osbot's Break Handler settings.
  5. Sorry for the delay, I've been without internet for the last few days. But to use the script, just start it next to the object you want to collect and select it in the interface.
  6. The "Heiz Monk Robes" script has been redone and can now collect generic items around the map
  7. Hi friend, your script is perfect, one of the best I've ever seen in my life. However, would there be a possibility to check the amount of runes before casting a spell? My mind runes ran out overnight and the script kept trying to cast the spell for another 4 hours onwards, displaying the following message in chat several times: "You do not have enough Mind Runes to cast this spell." Thanks
  8. Heiz Obor Killer 2.2 is on! New features: A smart loot feature has been added, detecting if the account is an ironman or not, and if it is, the script will only loot items from creatures killed by the player. Fixed a bug that caused the script to be confused when selecting the option to bring 0 food to the giants.
  9. Heiz Obor Killer 2.1 is on! New features: Added an option to choose the amount of Hill Giants food to be withdrawn. Supports the ability to kill cows along with chickens. After reaching combat level 15, the script will kill cows until it has 4 lifepoints, after which, it will go back to killing chickens and when it has full health again, it will go back to killing cows. Fixed a bug that caused the player to ignore Obor loot under certain circumstances.
  10. I am happy to know! We already have a loot function currently, just uncheck the option to bury the bones and it will take them to the bank!
  11. Did this option to pay exist even after completing Prince Ali's quest?
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