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    That would be CentOS If anyone suggested Ubuntu as being the most lightweight then they have no idea what they are talking about, Ubuntu is the most user-friendly distribution and it's designed to make it easy for windows users to switch to linux but it's definitely not what you want to run on a server (I have only seen people using Ubuntu on their laptops) EDIT: the minimalist versions of CentOS are not user-friendly at all and it's not worth bothering with it, the differences are too small to notice, it's best to go with whatever you feel comfortable with
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    Update: thank you all for choosing CzarScripts, you have made czar/perfect scripts the #1 most selling script series on the entire market! ♔ LATEST SCRIPTS ♔ Script IDs for CLI (Command-Line Interface mode) 1042 Perfect Crafting complete If you want a trial - just post the script name and it will be activated after I hit 'like' on your post Requirements hit 'like' on this thread
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    Can i get a trial of this?
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    hands down one of the best script!!! i have 5+ accounts mining and going on 4 days each account and not a single ban!!! made tons of money off it so happy!!!
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