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    Looking forward to getting to know you all :"D Have a great day!
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    $9.99 (ONE TIME PURCHASE) BUY NOW About This Script Old School RuneScape contains tasks on the island of Great Kourend that can be completed for "House Favour". These houses offer various benefits upon completion and each house specializes in specific skills including farming, cooking, magic, fishing, mining, smithing, thieving, and combat skills. Extra House Favour (EHF) is a one of a kind script that can't be found on any other botting platform. Exclusive to OSBot, EHF is the most extensive Zeah House completion bot. Add realistic looking statistics to your account and give your skillers, money makers, and mules a break by running this script on them! House Tasks Below is a full list of all the tasks that Extra House Favour is capable of handling. If you feel like this list is missing a task feel free to leave a suggestion on this thread! Arceuus Help find library books Delivers the book to the corresponding NPC Will collect books while searching Handles arcane books upon delivery Supports stamina potions if they're in the inventory when the script is started (It is recommended to keep half your inventory available for book collection) Lock in House Favour Requirements: Empty Inventory and to lock in Arceuus house favour you must have started the Architectural Allegiance quest. Optional Requirements: None Hosidius Plough the fields Collect Saltpetre Combine Saltpetre and Fertilizer to make Sulphurous Fertilizer Lock in House Favour Requirements: Empty inventory and Hammer (or 1gp to buy a Hammer) Optional Requirements: Shovel Shayzien Help heal wounded soldiers Handles both upstairs and downstairs soldiers Lock in House Favour Requirements: Empty Inventory Optional Requirements: None Lovakengj Mine Sulphur Runs to a new position if it's in a cloud Drops every 5 sulphur Returns to location upon death as long as it still has the required supplies (useful for lower level accounts) Lock in House Favour Requirements: 42 Mining, Gas Mask, Slayer Mask, or Face Mask. Optional Requirements: None NOTICE: It is recommended to follow the recommendations on the Extra Wiki when running this task Piscarilius Repair the cranes at the fishing docks Will try and help the dock worker, otherwise the script will choose randomly which crane to repair Deliver fish to Frankie Manually configure how many fish to collect before depositing Hunt for Sand Worms Buys buckets Empties sand buckets Delivers worms Lock in House Favour Requirements: 30 Crafting, any type of nails, and at least 3 planks (Approx. 225- 250 planks and 3 nails per plank for 30% favour) Optional Requirements: 15 Fishing to help Frankie and 15 Hunter to hunt sand worms Want to learn more or still have questions? Join the Support Discord OR IF YOU'RE READY... BUY NOW Still not sure? You can receive a 24 hour trial if you like this thread and leave a reply!
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    'the intelligent choice' By @Czar BUY HERE (ONLY $8.99) Want to buy the bot, but only have rs gp? Buy an OSBot voucher here 81 HOUR PROGRESS ON A LEVEL 20 ACCOUNT Suicided account with mirror mode near rock crabs, 81 mining! I will probably go for 99 Mine 1 drop 1 item drop pre-hover feature: (it's faster in the actual update)
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    All OSBot scripts are unlimited instances, and most of them (including this) are lifetime I'm afraid I'm not currently doing trials It does work through CLI, the iron man/debug mode are saved into the presets, so if you create an iron man mode preset it should start in iron man mode I'm afraid I'm not currently doing trials It should be able to continue if you start in debug mode (press F4 while the GUI is open, title will change to Stealth Quester (debug mode)), where banking and GE are disabled, but this has to be done with the required items in inventory and at a location close to where it was interrupted (for Underground Pass, this may work if you just start the script normally at bank if you already left the cave) It's not iron man friendly, there is an iron man mode but only supports 9 quests, I generally don't recommend for iron men I'm afraid I'm not currently doing trials
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    Update: thank you all for choosing CzarScripts, you have made these scripts the #1 most selling script series on the entire market! ♔ LATEST SCRIPTS ♔ Script IDs for CLI (Command-Line Interface mode) 1042 Perfect Crafting complete If you want a trial - just post the script name and it will be activated after I hit 'like' on your post Requirements hit 'like' on this thread
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    Understandable, just figured I’d throw the offer out there. Good luck man
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    Buy now (only $6.99!) 63 HOUR PROGGY!!! 37 hours!!!!!!!! (GP ruined by dragon pickaxe price unfortunately) Agility Shortcut
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    Hi Czar please could i get a free trial on this
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    This bot has almost every thieving style except blackjack, ask for a free trial by liking thread or making a post! 'the intelligent choice' by Czar 99 THIEVING MANY MANY TIMES, 35M EXP IN ONE BOTTING RUN !! 11.5 HOURS, WITH PET TOO!! 610k/hr getting 99s on deadman worlds! 72 HOUR PROGRESS REPORT ! THIEVING PET AT LVL 22 FROM TEA STALLS Want to buy the bot, but only have rs gp? Buy an OSBot voucher here Just got 99 proggy! Gratz to @iz0n
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    Enjoy! Wondering the same thing, I try to filter out the fake ones already So much waste of time for just a few $... Sad ^^
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    Unreal script Token, keep it up Edit, resolved issue
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    Upcoming NPCs: Green Dragons NOT SUPPORTED!, ROCK CRABS, SAND CRABS, AMMONITE CRABS Added! RUNE DRAGONS JUST ADDED, GET IN THAT SWEET 2-3m/hr! Want to buy with OSRS GP? Buy a store voucher here! And this sweet drop while testing the script for update v254.0... 52 HOUR RESULT! Hotkey List // F1 = set cannon tile // F2 = hide paint // F3 = Set afk tile // F4 = reset afk tile // F6 = Set safespot tile // F7 = activate tile selector // F8 = Reset tile selector // F9 and F10 used by the client, EDIT: will re-assign as they are no longer used by client // F11 = Set breaks tile // F12 = Reset breaks tile User Interface Banking Tab Demo (handles everything with banking) You can copy inventory (to avoid adding individual items...), you can insert item names which have Auto-Fill (for you lazy folk!) and you can choose whether to block an item and avoid depositing it in bank, ideal for runes and ammo. Looting Tab Demo (From looting to alchemy, noted/stackable items too) You can choose whether to alch an item after looting it simply by enabling a checkbox, with a visual representation. All items are saved upon exiting the bot, for your convenience! Tasking Demo (Not to be confused with sequence mode, this is an individual task for leveling) You can set stop conditions, for example to stop the bot after looting a visage, you can have a leveling streak by changing attack styles and training all combat stats, you can have windows alert bubbles when an event occurs and an expansive layout for misc. options! Prayer Flick Demo (Just example, I made it faster after recording this GIF) There are two settings: Safe mode and efficient mode, this is safe mode: Fight Bounds Demo Allows you to setup the fight bounds easily! Simplified NPC chooser Either choose nearby (local) NPCs or enter an NPC name to find the nearest fight location! Simple interface, just click! Level Task Switch Demo (Switching to attack combat style after getting 5 defence) You can choose how often to keep levels together! e.g. switch styles every 3 levels Cannon Demo (Cannon is still experimental, beta mode!) Choose to kill npcs with a cannon, recharges at a random revolution after around 20-24 hits to make sure the cannon never goes empty too! Results Caged Ogres: How does this bot know where to find NPCs? This bot will find far-away npcs by simply typing the NPC name. All NPCs in the game, including their spawn points have been documented, the bot knows where they are. You can type 'Hill giant' while your account is in Lumbridge, and the bot will find it's way to the edgeville dungeon Hill giants area! Here is a visual representation of the spawn system in action (this is just a visual tool, map mode is not added due to it requiring too much CPU) Fight Area Example (How the bot searches for the npc 'Wolf') Walking System The script has 2 main walking options which have distinctive effects on the script. The walking system is basically a map with points and connections linking each point. It tells the script where to go, and decides the routes to take when walking to fightzones. Walking system 1 This uses a custom walking API written by myself and is constantly being updated as new fightzones are added. Pros: - Updates are instant, no waiting times - More fightzones are supported Cons: - Sometimes if an object is altered, the changes are not instant - Restarting the script too many times requires loading this webwalker each time which adds unnecessary memory (there is no way to make it only load at client startup since I don't control the client) Walking system 2 This is the default OSBot webwalking API - it is relatively new and very stable since the developers have built it, but is currently lacking certain fightzones (e.g. stronghold) and other high level requirement zones. It is perfect for normal walking (no object interactions or stairs, entrances etc) and never fails. Pros: - Stable, works perfect for normal walking - All scripters are giving code to improve the client webwalker - More efficient when restarting the script since it is loaded upon client start Cons: - No stronghold support yet - Some new/rare fightzones not supported yet - If there is a game-breaking update or an unsupported fightzone, it may take some time to add/repair (less than 24 hours usually) So which system should I choose? Whichever one suits your chosen fightzone best! There really shouldn't be any problems - the sole purpose of these options are for backup and emergency purposes, if the script ever messes up there is always the next option to select. Note: If the script ever fails, there will be immediate updates to fix the walking systems! Bug Report templates: New feature request - What is the new feature - Basic description of what the script should do - Basic actions for the script: 'Use item on item' etc. For when the script gets stuck on a tile (or continuous loop): - Which exact tile does the script get stuck on? (exact tile, not 'near the draynor village') - Plugin or normal script? - Did you try all 3 walking options? Script has a logic bug (e.g. dies while safespotting) or (cannon mode doesn't pickup arrows) - What is the bug - How did you make the bug happen - (optional) recommendation for the bug, e.g. 'make the script walk back' or something - Tried client restart? - Normal script or a plugin? - Which exact setup options are enabled? Afk mode, cannon mode, etc etc.
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    Word. bought it. made a new acc tonight. once the main gets some gps ill buy a bond and test it
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    @Czar hi i just bought this but for some reason i cant get the bot to start when its using a coal bag. It get stuck after it checks the coal bag. Please advise.
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    Finally got it working solid for me after owning it forever
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    Im sure people who have been banned for breaking the rules in the first place also respect the ban and dont create new accounts to use the bot
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    ive asked this question as well. the answer is yes once u buy it u own it for lifetime
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