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OSRS Script Factory

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(~13 day progress report achieved due to no game update on May 7th, 2020)



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 Supports 95% of OSBot's Methods:


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Script Repository

Saving/Loading Scripts

Script Queuing

Editing Scripts

More coming soon!




Change Log


Last updated: October 20, 2020


  • Added #comboEat to Inventory
  • Fixed a bug with #myPosition in myPlayer 
  • Fixed a bug with #comparePositions in Variables
  • Fixed a bug with #compareIntegers in Integer
  • Fixed a bug with #replacePositions in Variables
  • Fixed a bug with incorrect text with #getCurrentPrayer
  • Removed the sleepMoving check for #clickOnPosition 
  • Minor fixes


  • Added #gearSwap to Inventory
  • Minor fixes


  • Added #compareStrings and #replaceStrings to String
  • Added #compareIntegers to Integer
  • Minor fixes


  • Fixed some issues with Script Factory’s break handler
  • Minor fixes


  • Fixed some issues with the built-in formatter
  • Minor fixes


  • Added #myPlayerCoords to MyPlayer
  • Fixed a bug with #moveMouseAndClickMultipleTimes in Mouse
  • Fixed a bug saving and loading Paths on Windows
  • Fixed a bug with Threaded Keys in Keyboard
  • Fixed a bug with GroundItem looting methods
  • Fixed a bug not being able to walk within areas after you are within them
  • Minor fixes


  • Added #myPlayerIsInteracting to myPlayer
  • Added new checks to NPC interaction methods
  • Minor fixes


  • Added checkbox menus to User-Inputs
  • Added the ability to sell all of an item to the Grand Exchange (input 0 for amount)
  • Added the ability to sell an item for the default overall price using OSBuddy’s api (input 0 for price)
  • Added wildcard (“*”) capabilities to #areaContainsRS2Object, #interactWithContainingAction, #interactWithRS2ObjectWithinArea and #interactWithAtPosition in RS2Object
  • Added wildcard (“*”) capabilities to #areaContainsNPC, #interactWithContainingAction, #interactWithNPCWithinArea and #interactWithNPCNotUnderAttack in NPC
  • Added wildcard (“*”) capabilities to #areaContainsGroundItem, #interactWithContainingAction and #interactWithGroundItemWithinArea in GroundItem
  • Minor fixes


  • Fixed a walking issue that would display a warning pop-up message
  • Fixed a bug that did not recognize groundItem actions properly
  • Fixed an issue with timer deviations depreciating over time
  • Minor fixes


  • Added the ability to rename all Position and Area variables within script automatically
  • Added the ability to disable camera movements while walking
  • Fixed a bug that viewed #getZoom as an Action instead of a Check
  • Fixed a bug that did not set the plane value on areas
  • Fixed an issue with timer deviations not functioning correctly
  • Removed ‘print to logger’ setting getting saved
  • Minor fixes


  • Fixed a bug with the formatter not breaking properly
  • Fixed a bug with the formatter progress bar not closing after completion
  • Fixed a bug with #walkToPositionGUI and #walkToStartingPosition
  • Minor fixes


  • Fixed a bug that did not format some scripts appropriately 


  • Added a massive refactor to how scripts function and load. Now scripts will see areas and positions as the name instead of positions/coords
  • Added an automatic script converter to convert older scripts to the newer format.
  • Added a sleepMoving and disable camera option to #interactWith, #interactWithNPCNotUnderAttack, #interactWithContainingAction, #interactWithNPCWithinArea in NPC
  • Added a sleepMoving and disable camera option to #interactWith, #interactWithContainingAction, #interactWithRS2ObjectWithinArea, #interactWithAtPosition in RS2Object
  • Added a sleepMoving and disable camera option to #interactWith in Player
  • Added a sleepMoving and disable camera option to #interactWith, #interactWithContainingName, #interactWithContainingAction, #interactWithGroundItemWithinArea in GroundItem
  • Added #interactWithContainingName to NPC
  • Fixed a lot of performance issues 
  • Minor fixes


  • Added the ability to create Area Variables using instance positions (automatically detects if the coords given are instance positions)
  • Added a new back-end process for handling areas
  • Added new area caching to reduce CPU consumption
  • Added support to the Inventory monitor to not track items purchased from the Grand Exchange
  • Added a double cache feature for withdrawing items from the bank or Grand Exchange
  • Minor fixes


  • Added a new debug setting for the Inventory monitor
  • Minor fixes


  • Fixed a bug with items not registering sometimes with the Inventory monitor
  • Fixed a bug with getting version numbers under 2 digits
  • Minor fixes


  • Added a new equipment monitor to help combat Inventory monitor issues
  • Added new checks for bank withdrawing methods to combat Inventory monitor issues
  • Added #start to Timers
  • Minor fixes


  • Added the ability to delete Path variables 
  • Added #joinHouseAdvertisementWithName to Player
  • Added #sleepTeleporting to Sleep
  • Fixed a bug checking quests with web walker
  • Minor fixes


  • Added sorted variable lists in populated GUI drop-downs
  • Added #openOSRSBox to Utilities (Can search for Item ID’s, NPC ID’s and Object ID’s)
  • Fixed a malformed string issue with AltChat
  • Fixed a bug with #isMembers in Worlds
  • Minor fixes


  • Added a default time zone for #getLocalTime (EST)
  • Minor fixes


  • Added #hoverWidget to RS2Widget
  • Added #isMembers to Worlds
  • Added #getLocalTime to Variables
  • Fixed a bug with #hoverWidgetContainingText in RS2Widget
  • Fixed a bug with #changeZoom in Camera
  • Minor fixes


  • Fixed an issue with #numericCompare in RS2Widget comparing values over 1,000
  • Minor fixes


  • Added #trueElseFalse to Debug
  • Fixed a few logic issues with #isFinishedSelling,  #isNotFinishedSelling, #isFinishedBuying and #isNotFinishedBuying in Grand Exchange
  • Fixed the name of multiple Grand Exchange methods
  • Minor fixes


  • Added a new backend database generator for the new API docs
  • Added #isEmpty and #isNotEmpty to GrandExchange
  • Added #pressThreadKey and #releaseThreadKey to Keyboard
  • Fixed a bug with multiple spelling errors in bank methods
  • Fixed a bug that did not release keys after holding in Keyboard
  • Fixed a bug that did not interact with inventory slots that contained “Use”
  • Minor fixes


  • Fixed a bug with script queues not processing the timer correctly
  • Fixed a bug loading CLI params with the Script Editor hidden
  • Minor fixes


  • Added #ifPlayerIsAttackingMyPlayer and #ifPlayerIsNotAttackingMyPlayer to Combat
  • Added #holdKey and #releaseKey in Keyboard
  • Added #ifMyPlayerIsAtClosestBank and #ifMyPlayerIsNotAtClosestBank
  • Added a global fix for the wilderness warning crossing the ditch
  • Added a global fix to close the first time banking pop-up
  • Fixed a bug that did not automatically select the correct index when adding a new item to a script queue
  • Minor fixes


  • Added #showPositions to Paint
  • Added the ability to sleepMoving to interaction methods with area filters to NPC, RS2Object and GroundItem
  • Added the ability to sleepMoving to #interactWithRS2ObjectAtPosition to RS2Object
  • Added #ifNPCIsFacing and #ifNPCIsNotFacing to NPC
  • Fixed a bug with #ifSlotContains in Inventory not recognizing partial names
  • Fixed a bug with #interactWithSlot in Inventory
  • Minor fixes


  • Added #withdrawRandomX to Bank
  • Fixed a bug with #interactWithInventorySlot in Inventory
  • Fixed a bug with #withdrawAll in Bank
  • Minor fixes


  • Added colors and effects to Keyboard
  • Added the ability to press enter, or not, when typing a message in Keyboard 
  • Fixed a bug that would try to attack your character when using #attackClosestPlayer in Wilderness
  • Minor fixes


  • Added #sleepOnInventoryChange to Sleep
  • Added a new check for #walkToClosestBank
  • Added Ferox Enclave to supported banks
  • Minor fixes


  • Added #hasModelID and #doesNotHaveModelID to RS2Object
  • Added #hasRealID and #doesNotHaveRealID to RS2Object
  • Added a delay for #moveToSlot in Inventory
  • Fixed a bug with the Script Editor’s ‘edit method’ GUI being too sensitive with double clicks
  • Fixed a bug that cut off parts of the Ironman icon when hiding usernames
  • Minor fixes


  • Added a sleepMoving option to Interaction methods in NPC, RS2Object, GroundItem, Player and Inventory
  • Added #isCombatStyle and #isNotCombatStyle to Combat
  • Added #switchCombatStyle to Combat
  • Fixed the length of the Settings GUI
  • Fixed a bug with setting Switch to Script file locations
  • Minor fixes


  • Added #interactWithSlot to Inventory
  • Fixed a bug with Thread Eating
  • Minor fixes


  • Added “GOTO” to Variables (Allows you to go to a specific Method number)
  • Added usernames to Discord messages
  • Added improvements to AltChat
  • Minor fixes


  • Added a Scripts Args generator to Utilities
  • Fixed a bug with Discord messages not saving
  • Fixed a bug with the Settings GUI not being resizable
  • Fixed a bug that did not dispose the Settings GUI properly
  • Minor fixes


  • Added Discord Webhook support
  • Added new paint color to the Settings GUI
  • Fixed a bug with cross platform support for Switch To Script in Variables
  • Minor fixes


  • Added drop-down User Input support
  • Added #getItemInSlot to Inventory
  • Added #ifFriendIsOnline and #ifFriendIsOffline to World
  • Added #getFriendsWorld to World
  • Added a Variable to switch the current running script
  • Fixed a bug that did not clean up onMessage messages correctly
  • Fixed a bug with onMessage usernames (Ironman and mod crowns)
  • Minor fixes


  • Added an Import option to the GUI to import scripts into your Local Scripts folder
  • Added #moveToSlot to Inventory
  • Added #hopToFriendsWorld to Worlds
  • Added #attackClosestPlayer to Wilderness
  • Added #hoverItem and #hoverSlot to Inventory
  • Added more padding to the warning label for Windows
  • Minor fixes


  • Added support for multiple onMessage entries taking place at once
  • Added the ability to have new lines for script descriptions
  • Added more padding to the warning label on Windows
  • Fixed some issues with #acceptIncomingTrade in Trade
  • Fixed a loading issue with #leftClickMultiple in Mouse
  • Minor fixes


  • Added new checks to AltChat
  • Added an onMessage Listener GUI to Debug
  • Added Variable information if you are trying to modify or access a Variable that does not exist
  • Added the ability to bypass User-Inputs without being strictly on CLI
  • Added a blacklist feature to onMessage
  • Added #addToBlacklist and #removeFromBlacklist in onMessage
  • Fixed a bug with onMessage listener not capturing data in populated worlds
  • Fixed a bug with the onMessage listener adding and removing messages incorrectly
  • Minor fixes


  • Fixed a bug not disposing the previous queue when loading a queued script right after another one
  • Minor fixes


  • Added Randomization to script queues
  • Added new debug to #autocast in Magic
  • Fixed a bug that did not reset the Skill combo box when clearing out a queue
  • Minor fixes


  • Added a Script Queuing Manager
  • Added queued logout handling if a script attempts to stop with scripts still in the queue, it will skip to the next queued script
  • Added new checks for case sensitive processing
  • Added a file saving check
  • Added the ability to generate random numbers with static Integer variables
  • Fixed a bug with #acceptIncomingTrade to Trade
  • Fixed a bug loading queued scripts
  • Fixed a bug comparing Integer variables
  • Fixed a bug that cut off part of the warning sign on Windows
  • Minor fixes


  • Added #doesNotContainAny to Bank
  • Fixed a bug with #isPlayerUnderMyPlayer in Player
  • Minor fixes


  • Added a new warning sign when ‘Print to logger’ is enabled
  • Added #getWidth to RS2Widget
  • Added #interactWithNPCNotUnderAttack to NPC
  • Added #moveMouseAndClickMultipleTimes and #leftClickMultipleTimes to Mouse
  • Added #interactWithMultipleTimes to GroundItem, NPC, and RS2Object
  • Added #getYaw and #getPitch to Camera
  • Fixed numerous issues with positions and areas for GroundItems, NPCs and RS2Objects
  • Fixed a bug that allowed for integers above max value for timers
  • Fixed a bug that did not clear script states
  • Minor fixes


  • Added #depositAllWornItems to Bank
  • Added #changeZoom to Camera
  • Fixed a bug that was terminating AltChat connections pre-maturely
  • Minor fixes


  • Added a lot of performance updates to myPlayer, NPC, RS2Object and GroundItem
  • Added #getTotalLevel to Skill
  • Added #getTimeRemaining to Timer
  • Added the ability to queue scripts based on total level and combat level
  • Fixed a bug with instance positions not working correctly when being compared
  • Minor fixes


  • Added the new OldSchool RuneScape map to the Walker GUI
  • Added a new Map folder in the OSRS Script Factory directory
  • Added randomness capabilities to #movePitch and #moveYaw in Camera (If you used these methods previously, you will need to read them)
  • Fixed a bug with downloading maps
  • Fixed a bug that would not dispose the map GUI after downloading
  • Fixed a warning after processing the map
  • Minor fixes


  • Added script queuing (change script based on run time, levels gained or xp gained) - works directly with Farmaton
  • Added #pauseTimer and #resumeTimer to Timer
  • Added new CLI args
  • Minor fixes


  • Added Integers to the Variables list GUI
  • Added support for Run Energy to Thread Eating
  • Added #isVisibleContainingTextColorFilter to RS2Widget
  • Fixed a bug that did not display Boolean variables correctly on the Variables GUI
  • Fixed a bug that did not perform breaks for the correct duration
  • Minor fixes


  • Added Integer variables (add, subtract, multiply and divide)
  • Added AltChat onto a separate thread
  • Added more randomness to toggling run energy when walking
  • Added #getHeight to NPC, RS2Object and GroundItem
  • Added #getZAxis to NPC, RS2Object, and GroundItem
  • Added #interactWithContainingName to GroundItem
  • Added a brand new dynamic-multiple Thread Eating option (allows for food, pots, and more)
  • Added a wild-type for #isWearingItem in Equipment (wild-type is an astrix “*” and will check for any item in the corresponding slot)
  • Added #rs2WidgetColor to RS2Widgets
  • Added a proxy checker to Debug
  • Added a new solution to monitors
  • Fixed a bug that did not save/load settings correctly with spaces
  • Fixed a bug with RS2Object interactions
  • Fixed a few bugs with GrandExchange methods in non-member worlds
  • Fixed boolean structures in backend
  • Fixed some performance issues
  • Minor fixes


  • Added a new check for Script Repository downloads
  • Added new fail safe methods for AltChat
  • Minor fixes


  • Added Wintertodt bank


  • Fixed a bug that did not parse integers with commas when used with #numericCompare
  • Fixed a bug that did not parse integers with colons when used with #numericCompare
  • Minor fixes


  • Fixed a bug that did not like the “null” values set for numeric compare
  • Fixed a bug that did not clear previously saved script name when creating a new script


  • Fixed a bug loading CLI parameters
  • Fixed a bug with defining a radius integer
  • Minor fixes


  • Added #numericCompare to RS2Widget
  • Added a new Script Editor color for Comments
  • Fixed a bug that occurred when using Comments and Else statements
  • Minor fixes


  • Fixed a few minor bugs with the loot tracker


  • Added a custom loot tracker with loot gained and profit per hour
  • Added the ability to turn the mouse on or off in Settings
  • Added #ifFinishedSellingAllSlots, #ifNotFinishedSellingAllSlots, #ifFinishedBuyingAllSlots, #ifNotFinishedBuyingAllSlots
  • Fixed a bug with Areas not loading correctly in the Variables GUI
  • Minor fixes


  • Added new script max line count to 999,999
  • Fixed a bug that did not terminate the script after a malformed error occurred
  • Fixed a bug that did not format the old break handler system correctly
  • Minor fixes


  • Added the ability to create custom defined break times and deviations with Script Factory’s break handler
  • Added the ability to delete variables directly from the Script Editor
  • Minor fixes


  • Added the ability to hide or unhide the Script Editor
  • Added new checks for the chatbot 
  • Added a new feature to remove conversations from chatbot if player isn’t near anymore
  • Added a list of Script Editor hotkeys to the settings page
  • Added CTRL + O to hotkeys to open the Script Selector menu
  • Added your RuneScape character’s name to the Script Factory GUI to distinguish between multiple GUI’s
  • Added the ability to hide popups when loading Script Factory in CLI mode
  • Added a new Settings page layout
  • Added new CLI arguments & layout
  • Fixed an authentication bug with AltChat’s server
  • Fixed an incorrect message for #messageFromPlayerContains in onMessage
  • Fixed a typo for #isGroundItemUnderMyPlayer in MyPlayer
  • Minor fixes


  • Added a new artificial intelligent chatbot support for awesome anti-ban improvements
  • Added the ability to enable or disable when the chatbot activates
  • Added 5 retries to failed world-hopping
  • Added a new SleepUntil to world-hopping to sleep until your player has world hopped all the way
  • Added world-hopping break conditions
  • Added dedicated buttons to starting and stopping scripts
  • Added a “New” button to start a new project
  • Added the ability to go directly into the Settings panel
  • Added a PPOSB forums link to the “Help” button in Settings
  • Added #hasColorID and #doesNotHaveColorID to RS2Object
  • Added #clearOnMessage to Messages
  • Added the ability to paint areas created
  • Added #getMyPlayerHeight to myPlayer
  • Added the ability to directly click User-Input, OR, ELSE and Thread Eating on the GUI
  • Fixed a bug with #lootItemsOverXGP and #lootLastKillOverXGP not continuing if no items over X amount were found
  • Fixed a bug with #lootItemsOverXGP and #lootLastKillOverXGP not calculating stacked items price totals
  • Fixed a bug with not being able to modify Thread Eating with User-Input
  • Fixed a bug with #getTradingPlayerName in Trade not recognizing user’s with spaces in their name
  • Minor fixes


  • Added massive script performance enhancements 
  • Added new features to GUI Settings
  • Added the ability for the script to remember Paint Settings
  • Added level up debug
  • Fixed some logger issues with #walkTo
  • Fixed a bug with interacting with groundItems containing action filters
  • Minor fixes


  • Fixed a bug with dialogue containing commas
  • Minor fixes


  • Added Positions, Areas, and Random Numbers to the Variables GUI
  • Added #isShiftDropEnabled in GameSettings
  • Minor fixes


  • Added new checks to #lootItemOverXGP in GroundItem


  • Added #hoverPosition to Mouse
  • Fixed #hoverEntity from hovering if the mouse is already on the Entity
  • Fixed a break handler bug
  • Minor fixes


  • Added #getDistanceToPosition to Map
  • Added new checks to Position methods
  • Fixed some portions of #interact in NPC
  • Minor fixes


  • Added new warning messages if an error occurs with the Script Editor
  • Fixed a pasting bug
  • Minor fixes


  • Fixed a bug that did not load #myPlayerStartingPosition correctly
  • Minor fixes


  • Added a new Paint Settings GUI
  • Added a new warning message if a script has a customer break handler and OSBot’s break handler is not disabled
  • Fixed a bug that did not end the script cycle when going on break
  • Fixed #isGroundItemUnderMyPlayer in GroundItem
  • Fixed a loading problem in the map GUI
  • Rewrote all Position methods to support instances
  • Minor fixes


  • Added Explv’s new map updates to open the world map based around your character’s position
  • Added the ability to pause timers when logged out
  • Added custom paint
  • Added a new Script Information GUI
  • Added a new Settings GUI
  • Minor fixes


  • Added a “Local Scripts” folder for all your local scripts
  • Added more support to the loading framework
  • Added paint optimizations
  • Added randomized timers to Timer
  • Added an alphabetical layout to the Variables GUI
  • Fix #isOffering in Trade not detecting traded items
  • Fixed a bug with #withdrawItemContainingText in Bank
  • Fixed a bug with #interactWithItemContainingText in Inventory
  • Minor fixes


  • Added a new script loading framework to help with processing speeds
  • Added new checks to WorldHop methods
  • Fixed a bug with #open in GrandExchange
  • Minor fixes


  • Added the ability to get text placement for #containsPartialText methods
  • Reverted back to the old interaction handler until further notice
  • Minor fixes


  • Added action checks for GroundItems and RS2Objects for #interact methods
  • Fixed a bug with User-Inputs
  • Fixed an interaction bug with item ID’s
  • Minor fixes


  • Added a new warning message when editing methods in the Script Editor
  • Added new fail-safes to the custom interaction methods
  • Fixed the new custom interaction methods when trying to “Use” an item
  • Minor fixes


  • Added new error catching displays
  • Added a custom inventory interaction event (major mirror mode improvements)
  • Added #bankContainsPartialName, #withdrawItemWithPartialName
  • Added the ability to get the Highest or Lowest value item with partial name methods
  • Fixed a bug that did not open #inventoryContainsPartialName methods
  • Minor fixes


  • Added position filtering to #interact in RS2Object
  • Added area filtering for #interact methods in NPC, RS2Object and GroundItem
  • Added area filtering to #playerCount in Player
  • Added randomization to #moveMouse in Mouse
  • Added #mouseHoverEntity, #mouseMoveAndClick to Mouse
  • Added #clickOnPosition to WalkTo
  • Added #mapDistance to Map
  • Added #inventoryContainsPartialName, #interactWithItemWithPartialName to Inventory
  • Added SleepUntil instructions
  • Added Explv’s map to Utilities
  • Added Woodcutting Guild deposit box
  • Fixed area variables not setting the correct z-axis
  • Fixed GUI’s not capturing the correct z-axis
  • Fixed a bug that would still load a script if you input an empty User Input
  • Minor fixes


  • Added a new warning message when leaving User Input fields blank
  • Added the ability to stop OSBot's ScriptExecutor when closing OSRS Script Factory's GUI
  • Added a new way things are posted to the Script Editor in the back-end
  • Fixed User Inputs that consisted of only ID's
  • Fixed #getEmptySlots in Inventory
  • Fixed the wrong GUI opening up for a couple of methods
  • Removed an unused GUI
  • Minor fixes


  • Added more deferred methods to the list to ignore increasing Method Numbers
  • Fixed a Method-Shift bug that would mess up shifting in-between methods
  • Fixed a bug that would error out Method Numbers when adding deferred methods
  • Fixed a bug if you go to edit a Method Number and decide to cancel
  • Fixed a bug if you double clicked to edit a Method Number that has more than one same entries, it kept opening them.
  • Removed the ability to view Method Numbers when editing an index


  • Fixed an error in  #getAnimationID in NPC and Player
  • Fixed an invalid position for Edgeville in GUI 
  • Minor fixes


  • Fixed the script sometimes saving in the wrong chronological method order
  • Fixed an editing line ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException
  • Fixed a double clicking bug that would trigger on right click events
  • Minor fixes


  • Added the ability to edit methods directly in the Script Editor by double clicking or right clicking and selected Edit
  • Added ctrl + s to quick save your scripts
  • Added Escape clears selected index
  • Fixed a bug that kept the loading animation if you choose to cancel the save
  • Minor fixes


  • Added Method shifting to the Script Editor
  • Added a prevention to Method Numbers increasing for the following methods (#addElse, #addOr, #debug, #sleep, #sleepAnimating, #sleepMoving, #sleepRandom, #sleepUntil & #popup)
  • Added the ability to paste an item multiple times in the Script Editor
  • Added the ability to search for items
  • Added the ability to hotkey to delete an item by pressing the Del key after selecting an index
  • Added the ability to add a new line of code by pressing ctrl + n after selecting an index
  • Added copy and paste with ctrl + c/ cmd + c/ ctrl + p/ cmd + p
  • Added the loading animation to loading, saving and method shifting
  • Added a Welcome screen
  • Fixed a bug that would add new lines in the Script Editor above the selected index instead of below
  • Fixed a bug that caused scripts to load ID’s as Strings
  • Fixed dropping methods not opening the inventory tab if needed
  • Minor fixes


  • Added new custom dropping methods (shift-drop on mirror mode works very well now)
  • Added the ability to drop Items by name or ID
  • Added dynamic support to Thread Eating (scripts will now recognize consumable options automatically) 
  • Fixed Script Editor bugs
  • Fixed #hoverContainingText in RS2Widget
  • Fixed a bug with Thread Eating that would attempt to eat noted items
  • Fixed a bug that would not clear onMessage after hopping worlds or logging out.
  • Fixed a bug that would not detect the correct Z-axis for area variables
  • Moved Thread Eating to Variables


  • Added user GUI settings
  • Added #isPendingBuy, #isNotPendingBuy, #isFinishedBuying and #isNotFinishedBuying to GrandExchange
  • Added new safety precautions to variable naming
  • Fixed a #getAmount updating issue in Inventory & Bank
  • Removed directional keys in KeyCodes - #left, #down, #right and #up
  • Minor fixes


  • Added #interactWithContainingAction to RS2Object, GroundItem & NPC
  • Fixed a NPE with Thread Eating
  • Minor fixes


  • Added save reminders when closing the script (not exiting)
  • Added #containsAny to Inventory & Bank
  • Fixed a comparison bug with inventory items as ID’s
  • Fixed a RS2Widget NPE with cached widgets
  • Fixed a user-input validation error
  • Removed #startingAreaContainsPlayer in myPlayer
  • Minor fixes


  • Added #lootLastKillOverXGP, #lootItemsOverXGP to GroundItems
  • Added live Grand Exchange pricing support for OSRS Script Factory
  • Fixed #getMyPlayerStartingArea, #getMyPlayerStartingPosition in Variables


  • Added #withdrawalAllX to Bank
  • Added #depositX to Bank (to both banks and deposit boxes)
  • Added #hopToRandomWorld to Worlds
  • Added a new check to the Method Number prediction system
  • Fixed the GUI on Windows PC
  • Fixed #playerExists In Player
  • Fixed #walkToArea in WalkTo
  • Fixed #moveYaw, #movePitch in Camera
  • Fixed #isVisible in RS2Widget
  • Minor fixes


  • Fixed #walkToArea, #walkToStartingArea in WalkTo
  • Fixed user-inputs
  • Started refactoring
  • Minor fixes


  • Added support for multi-user-input (separate by comma)
  • Added #hoverRS2Widget to RS2Widget
  • Added a new Rearrange checkbox to the GUI
  • Added a new logging method
  • Fixed #startingAreaContainsPlayer in myPlayer
  • Improved RS2Widget handling
  • Minor fixes


  • Added script name to paint
  • Added myPlayer starting position to Positions variable list
  • Added myPlayer starting area to Areas variable list


  • Added an old powerful logging method back
  • Fixed #interact in Widgets
  • Fixed #getRunEnergy in GameSettings


  • Added #getDistanceToEntity to myPlayer
  • Added #hoverSpell to Magic
  • Fixed some magic checks
  • Improved script performance more
  • Minor fixes


  • Added an area warning message
  • Fixed all Area bugs
  • Fixed a player count bug
  • Fixed a walkTo bug
  • Moved #getPlayerCount to Player
  • Minor fixes


  • Added z-plane support to Areas
  • Added manual method control
  • Fixed a lot of method formats
  • Fixed Script Repository ordering (alphabetical)
  • Improved script performance


  • Added a new safety check for scripts with commented lines
  • Fixed #buyItems, #saleItems in Store to work with item ID’s
  • Fixed a substring bug if you had spaces in your code
  • Minor fixes

v0.25 :

  • Added resizable mode so you may now resize the Script Editor GUI
  • Added #acceptIncomingTrade to Trade
  • Added the ability to comment code out
  • Fixed a "Copy" & "Paste" bug with the Script Editor
  • Fixed a #walkToEntity bug
  • Minor fixes


  • Added instance support
  • Added #showInstance to Paint
  • Added #type when creating Positions for instance support
  • Added #threadEating to Skills
  • Added #isSpellVisible, #isActionVisible to RS2Widgets
  • Added #isSpellSelectedForAutocast, #autocastSpell for both regular and defensive to Magic
  • Added RS2Widget caching to improve script performance
  • Fixed monitor handler to allow multiple threads
  • Removed a wilderness level check to #getPlayerCount in Wilderness


  • Added #ignoreChecks to walking for faster webWalking loading times
  • Added #interactWithWidgetContainingAction to Widgets
  • Added #walkToEntity to WalkTo


  • Added #walkToClosestDepositBox in Bank (F2P & P2P)
  • Added #isRS2WidgetSpellVisible, #interactWithWidgetContainingSpellName to RS2Widgets
  • Added #offerAllItems to Trade
  • Fixed Settings methods not loading properly
  • Fixed the map GUI not loading after using it once
  • Fixed the font in the “Help” section to Times New Roman
  • Fixed Bank detection for Clan Wars in F2P worlds
  • Minor cleanup


  • Added Deposit box methods
  • Added Setting methods
  • Added <Random Number> variables
  • Minor fixes


  • Added a new safety check for script loops
  • Added #displayPopups in Debug
  • Fixed hiding usernames that contain an Ironman status
  • Fixed a malformed error if there was a blank line in a script file
  • Fixed a delay when editing <Boolean> or <String> values
  • Fixed skill painter to be on by default
  • Minor fixes


  • Added Grand Exchange methods
  • Added #tradePlayer to Trade
  • Added #getPlayerCount, #canPlayerAttackMyPlayer to Wilderness
  • Added #takeScreenShot to Utilities
  • Fixed the organization of some method listings in the GUI
  • Fixed a caching problem with grabbing the username length
  • Minor fixes


  • Added Wilderness support
  • Added Trading support
  • Added Script State paint
  • Added Script Cycle Rate modifier
  • Added ‘space’ to hiding usernames
  • Fixed a bug that replaced <Boolean> values after saving a script while running
  • Fixed the Script Repository not displaying scripts after you removed them
  • Fixed the script editor going to the bottom after loading a script
  • Minor updates


  • Added OR checks
  • Added Comments
  • Added variables paint
  • Minor fixes


  • Added Else statements
  • Added myPlayer #getCurrentHealth
  • Added #createCurrentPosition to Position variable
  • Added #createAreaRadius to Area variable
  • Fixed the GUI for creating Areas to say “Radius”
  • Fixed spam in the logger
  • Fixed <Timer> malformed error


  • Added String variables
  • Fixed the way the script handles hiding usernames
  • Fixed #isPendingOption displaying the wrong option


  • Added a loading animation for when loading scripts
  • Added more randomization to user profiles
  • Fixed malformed string errors for <Area> and <Position>
  • Fixed a saving bug that would sometimes switch <User Input> around if multiple were present


  • Fixed scripts not starting up correctly via CLI
  • Increased script randomization
  • Minor fixes


  • Added a new method that checks for malformed strings
  • Minor fixes


  • Added #getMyPlayerStartingPos
  • Added #getMyPlayerStartingArea
  • Added #walkToMyPlayerStartingPos
  • Added #walkToMyPlayerStartingArea
  • Added #myPlayerIsInStartingArea
  • Added #myPlayerIsNotInStartingArea
  • Rewrote how the script saves files


  • Fixed #compareOperator arguments


  • Added a custom break handler
  • Fixed not buying items from Stores
  • Fixed not selling items to Stores
  • Fixed a 5 second delay after #depositAllExcept
  • Moved the Script Repository
  • Moved the Edit button
  • Made the Description box larger


  • Added Script Information
  • Added hidden username to paint
  • Fixed #sleepRandom
  • Fixed myPlayer #getAnimationID after loading


  • Fixed myPlayer #getAnimationID
  • Fixed myPlayer #getHealthPercent
  • Fixed myPlayer #getCombatLevel


  • Added logout messages to notify script is logging out
  • Fixed the logger reporting an incorrect method failing (if a failure takes place)
  • Fixed a problem with Long detection in the comparator method
  • Fixed a formatting bug with headers
  • Optimized script cycles


  • Added User Input capabilities upon the script loading to change values (Ex. Change npc fighting, or item using)
  • Added Stores support
  • Added a price evaluator to the Stores API
  • Added #depositAllExcept
  • Fixed keyboard #type
  • Fixed string input GUI
  • Fixed a #moveMouse bug
  • Minor fixes


  • Added Position variable support (under the “Other” tab as “Variables”)
  • Added Area variable support (under the “Other” tab as “Variables”)
  • Fixed #walkToArea not registering you were in the correct area
  • Minor fixes


  • Added Boolean variable support (under the “Other” tab as “Variables”)
  • Added directional walking 
  • Added CLI support (only param to pass is the name of the OSRS Script Factory script you would like to run. The Script ID is: 1097)
  • Added “Debug” support so you can comment messages in the logger to help debug, or use to let users know what your script is doing
  • Fixed a #sleep bug (caused sleep, sleepAnimating, sleepMoving and sleepUntil to break during the sleep)
  • Fixed timers not setting correctly
  • Fixed a walking bug when walking to an exact location 
  • Rewrote Timers


  • Added the method #moveMouseOffscreen
  • Fixed MessageHandler not removing entires
  • Fixed the walking events to break if you stop/pause the script
  • If you terminate the script, the GUI will now close automatically
  • If you pause the script, all sleeps will now break 
  • Rewrote the Monitor handler


  • Added a “Copy” & “Paste” feature to the Script Editor
  • Added Clan Wars bank to the Walker
  • Fixed a threading issue
  • Fixed GUI not saying the name of the RS2Object that was visible/not visible
  • Fixed a bug that would not clear the “Description”
  • Re-ordered the “Help” tab
  • Minor fixes


  • Initial Release



CLI Arguments:





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