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  1. Khal Magic (All in One) updated to V1.27: - Added GE as bank - Added extra check to see if Attack options is not hidden when splashing + change it to an appropriate option when it's on hidden Will be live soon Enjoy!
  2. Okie, sounds like a typical mirror mode issue ^ Restarting usually fixes things indeed
  3. Whatever works for you really, isn't a "best" Enjoy!
  4. Will take a look at this Try to restart your mirror client and zoom out some more when you start it Enjoy!
  5. Welcome old friend! Been visiting you a shitload of times bcs of the new GOTR minigame!
  6. Bank pin and logging in and all other randoms are done by osbot. You can tryt o delete the osbot folder and reinstall, might help Why wouldn't it? You just need more food bcs dmg is % based
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