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  1. Khal mort Myre update to V1.31: - Added workaround for minimap click Will be live in a few hours! Enjoy!
  2. Depends, if brawler are near it won't prioritize else it might keep spamm clicking them for no reason
  3. Wel it's more a slow detection of the client that is the issues here. it still thinks it has a ring equipped until you open the equipment tab Restart mirror mode, can sometims trip pretty bad on item loading Will take a look if I can somehow add something to prevent this
  4. Hello! Yes it sure does support magic imbue ^^
  5. Not giving trials on this script, sorry
  6. https://osbot.org/forum/topic/68682-how-to-proxy-the-right-way-on-osbot-mirror-client/
  7. Khal Agility ( All in One) updated to V2.27: - Added Magic exp into the tracker Will be live soon! Enjoy!
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