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Community Answers

  1. Khal Agility (All in One) updated to V2.41: - added failsafe at relekka Live soon, Enjoy! thx for reporting! @CIeetZ
  2. Ya it clicks a lot faster, not really inhuman speed though, just have New mouse enabled when you start the client
  3. It's because GE is not added as a bank and the script wil walk to a real bank. I could add the area if you really want, but botting at GE aint the smartest thing to do
  4. Really strange, shouldn't happen
  5. Thanks for letting me know, will take a look at it right away!
  6. You can just equip it? I don't have to add anything special for it right?
  7. Oh yes that's correct, resolution should be at 100% else java fucks up
  8. Very strange! How does it look atm? screenshot?
  9. private boolean lootItems(Position targetPosition) { List<String> itemsToLoot = Stream.of("Feather", "Bones").collect(Collectors.toList()); GroundItem itemToLoot = getGroundItems().closest(item -> item.getPosition().equals(targetPosition) && itemsToLoot.contains(item.getName())); if (itemToLoot != null) { if (itemToLoot.interact("Take")) { Timing.waitCondition(() -> !itemToLoot.exists(), 5_000); } return true; } return false; } Pick them up 1 by 1, returns true when loot is found
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