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[Stable] OSBot 2.4.48 - Bug Fixes


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I finally had some time to go through the Client Bugs & Suggestions forum. Thank you to all who made a report; I am still going through the pretty extensive list. In addition I made some more updates to the Script Analyzer so hopefully it's working for more users. 




Changelog 2.4.46:

-Patched GrandExchange setOfferQuantity, buy mode (reported by @lisabe96)
-Patched Chatbox getMesssages MessageType.GAME (reported by @FrostBug)
-Patched Mouse move(int, int) returning false (reported by )
-Updated and various fixes to Script Analyzer
Changelog 2.4.47
-Fixed issue with analyzer loading scripts from jar format
-Improved resource management 
Changelog 2.4.48
-Patched issue with Bank scrolling
Happy Botting
-The OSBot Staff
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