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  1. Do you agree with the t.o.s.: Yes Did you add me on skype: No, we will be communicating over Discord Time frame we agreed both (start date/end date) 10-20 days from today What service do you need:
  2. Hi, Could I get an estimate for the following? Thx
  3. Botre


  4. What information does Google share with these websites? Google sends a random code to third-party sites to enable you to sign in to these sites with your Google Account. This code doesn't reveal any personal information. Also, the security of your Google Account will not be compromised by signing in to other sites with your account. Source: https://support.google.com/accounts/answer/112802?hl=en
  5. For light-weight Java projects (which most bot scripts tend to be) -> Visual Studio Code Heavier Java projects -> IntelliJ. I don't expect Eclipse to catch up with IntelliJ anytime soon.
  6. A hamburger for 4 links is a big no no in my book, especially considering all the space you have at your disposition. Hidden navigation = takes more time to use, takes more work to learn, makes content less discoverable. While your stuff usually looks quite ok aesthetically, you tend to over-complicate things which hurts the UX. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/KISS_principle
  7. Have you tried 'contacting them for further assistance'?
  8. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anticybersquatting_Consumer_Protection_Act ..
  9. I was assuming any 'mobile bot client' would actually be a mobile application itself, because emulating the mobile version of a desktop game on a desktop seems kinda ... backwards. 1. I meant running extra instances on a phone, not emulating the phone on a desktop to save resource (which as you pointed out: ew no). 2. Again, if the client runs on the phone, you can interact with it without middleware.
  10. That's a very weak argument, just because you can doesn't mean you should. How does animating the navbar items enhance the customer experience whatsoever?
  11. What exactly is the point of animating those elements? Imho animating for the sake of animating tends to feel a bit powerpointy.
  12. - The ability to run 1-2 extra clients without having to purchase a VPN. - The ability to monitor and interact with the botting session wherever you go without middleware. Not the greatest arguments but some people may be willing to pay (or upgrade to VIP) for those perks. Might still be worth it for some bot provider to implement this if only to gain some market share.
  13. You see more players. I see more botting clients.
  14. Real life job -> identification + contract covers some of the employer's risk. OSBot job -> 30$ covers some of the employer's risk. If you're willing to go through the process of identifying yourself and signing multiple legal documents then you might not be expected to pay a small deposit. Pay the fucking 30$. Stop comparing OSBot services to an IRL job.
  15. You can't afford a 30$ deposit?
  16. Botre

    im back

    This is good news... for Ethereum & blochain technologies, not Ether. Those new members, like most if not all other members of the EEA will not be contributing to the value of Ether as a currency, whatsoever. People need to stop thinking Ether is Ethereum stock. That being said, ETH must be hella fun if you're into short term trading The blockchain has many other uses besides those silly little coins ; )
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