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  1. Don't know where you heard that, i'm re-writing it @OP I've been working on a framework which better implements machine learning algorithms which should be beneficial to the client base. Probably about 60% of the way done with it as I'm training the models currently which takes some time. Will shoot you a PM as soon as its ready!
  2. All files relevant to the case e.g. contracts/TOS agreements are on my home computer which I don't have access to so this is the only way
  3. I'm not trying to be a dick here or anything but dealing with a dispute over teamviewer via hospital is not the most ideal situation. Sorry if I'm coming across as abrupt.
  4. This was the only period where I wasn't in touch, that doesn't have any relevancy to the dispute either. I don't see why I should (AFTER develiering) the product, give a full refund just because he supposedly did it in 1 day (AFTER delivery) of the product. So that tells you two things: 1) The product worked with correct settings as explained 2) There was a small issue which he was able to resolve himself So where does that warrant a full refund after delivery?
  5. I recommend a trip to specsavers/english lessons, I said there was a issue with TRIALS so before being a smart ass: I'm sure common sense will tell you the rest.
  6. In addition to the statement of refunds not being plausable: HIDDEN BY PP (hide as it contains sensitive info for client) Open the terms and conditions and you will see that all sales are final/non-refundable. As stated before, more than happy to work through the issues you have (which may be a result of you not setting it up correctly), but a refund is out of the question.
  7. Also whichever mod put TWC as my primary PIP removing my scripter 3 (pretty retarded), add back I am unable to issue trials/resolve issues.
  8. This is kind of sad, I have informed you that I have been hospitalised with a severe virus and you end up opening a dispute? Pretty inconsiderate to be frank. As for your script, they were all delivered and you were informed at every step on Skype what was being done when, yes there were delays due to some situations but you were MORE THAN HAPPY with that and never once raised an issue. You were delivered a product and left instructions before I went into hospital, so a refund is out of the question after delivery of a product (if you were capable of doing it yourself you should of instead of purchasing a service which was delivered). I am being discharged on Friday, so I would ask for some common courtesy till then to have the issues with the script (which you say) resolved.
  9. One of the most talented GFX (IF NOT THE MOST TALENTED) on OSBot to date. Professionalism, Efficiency and Patience... Lifetime customer
  10. Settled, close + archive. https://gyazo.com/6ac60a79e34988979b68d871aaec24e5
  11. As stated in the Skype conversation MULTIPLE times. I am away till Friday, do not have access to Skype/the files required to complete the script and I will get it to him by the weekend (in the 3day period).
  12. Please close, I have notified this user already via skype many days ago that I would be away till friday:
  13. This was a couple versions ago not sure about now, could be :P
  14. Happy fathers day to all you strapping dads
  15. When tryign to walk with webwalkevent it doesn't climb the stairs, assumed teh plane was still at 0. I meant adding a point to the overall spectrum, not to the post
  16. Just to add a point, Gnome stronghold bank has an incorrect area plane, so just watch out for that
  17. Ordered a thread layout, fast professional and great work
  18. Very interesting topic, did this for my dissertation at University and as a result learnt a bunch of stuff while doing the research. Managed to create my own Neural Network with Deep learning for natural language, works pretty well but long way off perfect.
  19. Looking forward to seeing that progressive update (pretty sure its 2 weeks since I announced it?), may the best man win
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