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  1. i just had a stroke reading this
  2. did you even look at the api?
  3. check your java version and make sure java 8 is your default.
  4. "We're investigation what we need to change."
  5. basically just think of it as VIP but for life instead of monthly. You'll get unlimited bots (across multiple machines, clients, etc.)
  6. discord = SheepWaffle#9819 we can speak there!
  7. if you're using mirror mode open an official osrs client alongside osbot.
  8. Muffins

    Family Crest

    discord = SheepWaffle#9819
  9. you literally posted an hour ago on the discord thread and you already made another thread asking to be verified? Jesus get some patience
  10. Muffins


    make ya look lol
  11. discord = SheepWaffle#9819 i can take a look on teamviewer
  12. how about you flip some bitches instead
  13. not only is this the completely wrong section, you haven't even said what you need it to do or left any contact information.
  14. IT in large is a very broad spectrum so getting in to "IT" has a lot of paths. Do you want to be a developer? Work on Leetcode's and whatever language you want to work in. Sys/Dev ops? Get familiar with cloud architecture and SaaS/IaaS/etc. platforms and get related certifications. The list goes on and on. Just getting in to "IT" is not a practical approach.
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