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  1. https://osbot.org/forum/forum/181-sdn-requests/
  2. Please make sure to use a middleman
  3. posting the error might actually help just a thought
  4. no we are genuinely saying dont try to bot on a pc at work.
  5. Muffins

    AFK Dancer

    instead of needing to dance you can simply just type a key (like Backspace) to keep yourself logged in. Similar to this here for OPRS https://github.com/Ganom/ExternalPlugins/blob/master/NeverLog/src/main/java/net/runelite/client/plugins/externals/neverlog/NeverLog.java
  6. add me on discord @ SheepWaffle#9819 ill help
  7. Muffins

    iso pc help

    discord = SheepWaffle#9819
  8. You are unable to take offers for this account as you need 100 post count in order to sell accounts on our forums.
  9. You can't take any offers. You may not sell an account unless you have 100 posts and a mod approves your sale post.
  10. Muffins


    add me on discord @ SheepWaffle#9819
  11. add me on discord @ SheepWaffle#9819
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