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  1. rip

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Prismo


      ah what a shame i remember him being a big part of osbot forums 

    3. blokus


      you'd think he could just pump them out in a couple hours with his skillz.

    4. Reminiscence


      rip both of you tards

  2. Hey man, can I try out your AioMagic script? Want to test the alching, and may buy if I like it.

  3. Could I try Script please? also is there no script for headless arrows?

  4. Hello my friend, long time no talk

    1. Extreme Scripts

      Extreme Scripts

      Indeed young jedi.. How you been

    2. Ericthecmh


      I have become a Jedi Master and defeated all the Sith

      Have you done anything of value lately?

    3. k9thebeast


      No he's scammed two people. 

  5. Hey man im a gold farmer and looking to purchase one of your scripts the tab maker, would love to try this out and see what its like and how well it works please get back asap!

    1. Extreme Scripts

      Extreme Scripts

      Please ask on the thread :)

  6. Don't know where you heard that, i'm re-writing it @OP I've been working on a framework which better implements machine learning algorithms which should be beneficial to the client base. Probably about 60% of the way done with it as I'm training the models currently which takes some time. Will shoot you a PM as soon as its ready!
  7. I am very afraid to do this as I've heard no matter what script you use alching is highly bannable. That being said, is there any tips you could give me on how to *hopefully* avoid this? Maybe how frequent I should take breaks and how often I should bot per day, anything really would be very helpful. 


    All in all, if I can successfully alch with your script for >24 hours (trial duration) I will be purchasing this script indefinitely. 


    Thank you for your time and dedication to the OSRS community!

  8. Can i have a trail and my tehr question is can i pay for this scipt in os07 moeny?

  9. Hey man, I'm wondering if I'm able to try a 24hour test on the Pest control script. I'm indecisive about purchase. Also, How long would you recommend using the script for to avoid ban? Thankyou Eremite.

  10. All files relevant to the case e.g. contracts/TOS agreements are on my home computer which I don't have access to so this is the only way
  11. I'm not trying to be a dick here or anything but dealing with a dispute over teamviewer via hospital is not the most ideal situation. Sorry if I'm coming across as abrupt.
  12. This was the only period where I wasn't in touch, that doesn't have any relevancy to the dispute either. I don't see why I should (AFTER develiering) the product, give a full refund just because he supposedly did it in 1 day (AFTER delivery) of the product. So that tells you two things: 1) The product worked with correct settings as explained 2) There was a small issue which he was able to resolve himself So where does that warrant a full refund after delivery?
  13. I recommend a trip to specsavers/english lessons, I said there was a issue with TRIALS so before being a smart ass: I'm sure common sense will tell you the rest.
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