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  1. So instead of trying to get your old account back that had scripts on it... you made a new one, spent money to get vip and scripts on this one, and are now asking for the old one back.....?
  2. It is game update day for Runescape and thus the client can break sometimes because jagex changes things. The devs are working on a fix right now.
  3. add me on discord @ SheepWaffle#9819
  4. flow and beat reminds me of DaBaby, nice work.
  5. if interested can dm me directly @ SheepWaffle#9819 on discord 91 rc 73 agil 65 hunt 70 craft 67 mining
  6. mirror mode is a bit more tricky to run on linux, stealth will work fine.
  7. you can if your chromebook is running a linux distro (not chromeOS itself) download the jar as normal, make sure you have java 8 installed, go to the directory where osbot is installed and run 'java -jar OSBot 2.X.X.jar"
  8. I Think that you can only fr / fw from the OSBot data folder (i.e. C:\users\your_name\OSBot\data) , you could always just host the image on imgur though.
  9. not looking for end-game, looking for medium leveled acc with decent amount of quests done n shit. post pics/pricing or add me on discord @ SheepWaffle#9819 thx
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