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  1. Whats the use case for this? Giving us some more insight might help.
  2. no i just dont like dealing with low iq people
  3. anything than can run an IDE, you don't need any specific sort of computer. Any high level computing that requires beefy hardware will be given to you by your university.
  4. you know what, it's not worth my time explaining things if you think "adding a line over the image" makes it yours.
  5. You're bad

    1. sibbernski


      you're very bad

  6. looking to sell all in one go. Paypal/Venmo Discord: SheepWaffle#9819 or come osbot discord
  7. Its not your artwork... so no.... lol. You literally use the word STEAL in your question. Source: One of my parents work with copyright/trademark law lol
  8. what you're trying to do is literally the definition of copyright infringement lol
  9. george bush doesnt care about black people
  10. If i edit the .bat file with my username and password wont you be able to see it? Please don't hack me.
  11. Unban me from shit box you dumb bitch

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