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    Hey man hope you're well <3
  2. Genii

    Checking in

    Hello big man, glad you're well. Crazy coincidence that I haven't logged into OSB for like 2 months either and we decide to log in hours apart. Stay safe
  3. Hello, I'm offering DotA2 Boosting, I'm currently a 6.7k core player so am offering boosting up to 6k Benefits of my service: ► 100% anonymous and safe (use of VPN to your location if you wish); ► Good price and Friendly service ; ► High-rated Dota 2 player with Extensive experience; MMR BOOSTING PRICE: Good price guaranteed! PRICE PER 100 MMR 1 mmr to 2500 = $5 per 100 mmr 2500 to 3500 = $6 per 100 mmr 3500 to 4000 = $8 per 100 mmr 4000 to 4500 = $10 per 100 mmr 4500 to 5000 = $12 per 100 mmr 5000 to 5200 = $15 per 100 mmr 5200 to 5500 = $18 per 100 mmr 5500 to 6000 = $30 per 100 mmr Calibration = contact me (depends on your old rank) I can give a discount for regular customers! Also tell me if you find the cheaper price from another booster with a good reputation and I will give you a discount! How does "MMR Boosting" work? 1. You order service; 2. After your payment you will send me steam details, including authenticator override codes if required 3. We will message you via email when order is done; Payment methods: PayPal, OSGP for 0.5$/m Feel free to ask me if you interested in my service! If you have any questions just let me know! I would be happy to help you! Contact me at discord: euan#0132 if you're interested!
  4. 15m Swan Song 4,5m Will do tonight
  5. will beat anyones price on this
  6. I can do it for 22m, dont get ripped off
  7. Merry Christmas you sexy lad
  8. 15m but im going to sleep and got work in the morning so wont be done til tomorrow night
  9. so is it 15 or 20 lol
  10. 48m if the stats are decent,
  11. ill do the quests for 60m if you find someone to do levelling
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