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Community Answers

  1. Question, on the forsty caves script it keeps telling me to set hotkeys for the equipment tab. I have set in the game settings?? am i missing something?

  2. Mory legs 3 are supported I apologize for this, but the script isn't receiving new content updates anymore. Only maintenance if it breaks.
  3. FrostBug


    It may be that they've changed some things again to break the auto account configurations. (zoom, audio, hotkeys etc.). I'd recommend trying to set them all manually (enable sound effects, zoom out a little bit, reset hotkeys to default) before ever skipping quick-start There is no code in there at all to walk out of the caves. Have you observed what happened in person? From the log you posted, it sortof looks like the cape was successful. If not, perhaps you can explain what happened, or take a screenshot / similar of it. Additionally it should not be able to start breaks on the jad wave; if this happened, please let me know
  4. Can I get access to log files, and/or a confirmation that they've read the troubleshooting section in the OP? I've done some test runs now, and everything is running smooth.
  5. FrostBug


    Good to hear. Unfortunately I wont be making an inferno script ,sorry
  6. Could be incorrect hotkey configuration. Does it still occur if you reset hotkeys to default?
  7. FrostBug


    Pushed a fix for zoom configuration at bank - should fix some startup issues. Will be live within 24h Should be okay with that defence level. But generally try to aim for higher defensive bonuses
  8. It does not, sorry. Only kharyrll portal is currently supported in PoH
  9. FrostBug


    Hi, could you PM me the log file (or send on discord?) Should be in OSBot directory under script data
  10. hm, yeah they move the minigame teleport every few months.. for right now I can recommend teletabs instead.
  11. Guessing its either a gfx issue or a client issue (at the time). Try again, and if it still doesn't work properly, try setting the client to fixed size mode. It does not support the old lockpicks. Ring of dueling can be used by selecting the Ferox Enclave route. Profit is occasionally offline because it relies on OSBuddy price API; usually comes back online after a little bit.
  12. FrostBug


    I'll be looking into this issue in the coming week Sounds like it might be a graphical issue - could you see if it can be reproduced with fixed-size window mode?
  13. The quests for different routes are no longer required if you have access to teletabs. If anyone with issues during gear swap will message me on discord, I can provide direct support. FrostBug#2050
  14. FrostBug


    A new script update has been submitted to the SDN, and will be live within 24 hours! Changes: - Fixed a bug where the script could get stuck on the western rock around wave 45 - Adjusted some logic such that the script is more likely to drink more brew doses in succession before using a restore - Removed the automatic hotkey configurator, and replaced it with on-screen tips that the hotkey is missing. This is to prevent the function from breaking whenever jagex changes how the hotkeys are configured
  15. Afraid not. The required information was removed from the game client a while back.
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