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  1. I don't have an explanation. Perhaps the new mirror updates have something to do with it. If you watch it run, can you observe anywhere specific that it acts slower than before? And could you with a run on stealth injection confirm if its a mirror specific issue?
  2. Might be people selling OSBot Store credit for btc in the membership ->vouchers section
  3. Yep, should show up in your script selectors for the next 24 hours
  4. FrostBug


    Pushed a fix for the hopper. Should be live when the SDN updates (within 24h)
  5. I managed to reproduce it by going to resizable mode in the client. I'm not sure if it was the same issue you experience (Assuming you've read the troubleshooting section ), but I've pushed an update that fixes the Mort'ton minigame teleport using resizable mode.
  6. Try resetting your hotkeys (Check other troubleshooting steps if this does not solve it) I'll have a look to see if I can reproduce the issue tonight. May contact you if I need more info The reason for logging out will be in the log - usually some missing item or the like.
  7. FrostBug


    Thanks, should be a quick fix I hope. Will have a look tonight
  8. I can't rule it out, but it was working fine for me and a few others after just the staircase patch. Have you tried going thru all of the troubleshooting steps from the OP? Same question here - please go thru all the steps in the troubleshooting section of the OP. Here it also states that duel ring mustn't be registered as part of an equipment setup, as it will result in the ordering issue. If these don't help, you can add me on discord for further troubleshooting (ID on my profile)
  9. You may have a trial (I'll start one now). No, barrows teleport portal has not been added yet. Using pools at POH is currently only supported when using the canifis bank route. Ibans blast is supported, Tome of fire should be accounted for when retrieving runes. You cannot directly pay with OSGP, but users in the membership section may sell OSBot store credit for OSGP, which in turn can be used to purchase the script.
  10. Try ensuring or resetting its hotkey for the equipment tab. If that doesn't help, try manually opening the equipment tab while it runs (or run it with that tab open)
  11. Should be working again.
  12. Found the issue and committed a fix to the SDN. It should be live when the SDN is next updated. The morytania game update added a new staircase to the neighboring area that the script confused for a tomb exit staircase.
  13. Looking into a fix for issues caused by last game update
  14. Barrows script is broken brother


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