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Community Answers

  1. FrostBug


    This happens on the first ranger wave? Perhaps try resetting tab hotkeys Odd, do you maybe have a log file I can look at? Are you using mirror and then switching to injection at jad?
  2. Try resetting all hotkeys to default. The tab is mostly for adding some variation/personalization. If you're not running a farm, I wouldn't worry about it. Should be fixed now.
  3. You can have a trial, yes. Let me know when/if you want it Ban rate is.. pretty average I guess?
  4. FrostBug


    Replied on discord, but those stats mentioned are below minimum recommended stats. Sorry to hear about the 2 day ban as well.
  5. Responded on Discord
  6. FrostBug


    Happy to hear it
  7. FrostBug


    I'll see when I get home if anything changed with the audio widget layout. For now try to configure it manually (Sound effects 1+, others off) EDIT: Be sure to run in fixed-size window mode
  8. FrostBug


    Do you have any log files or UI screenshots from when it stopped? Yes I am aware of the delay. The script waits about a minute between entry attempts when it sees this message.
  9. Yeah, starting one for you now. Discord is FrostBug#2050
  10. FrostBug


    Sounds like the behavior when it can't find any enemies (going to the center). If there were enemies, or perhaps it was showing enemies on the GUI minimap/simulations, it could be a client bug leaving a dead NPC loaded in memory. I would recommend restarting the client if any of this is the case. No trials for this script, sorry.
  11. Gotte unregister the ring from equipment setups. Check troubleshooting section in the OP. Yes. Sure
  12. FrostBug


    No trials for this, sorry. Sorry for the loss. It's a good suggestion, I'll have it on the TODO for next version.
  13. What have you set the minimum casts value to in the script setup? I'd recommend setting it around 200-300
  14. The quest req is Priest in Peril only now It relies on external market-price services, which sadly have pretty inconsistent uptime. I'd say it works about 80% of the time, though. I will switch if I find a more reliable provider.
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