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  1. FrostBug


    Thanks for reporting. A few questions to help narrow down the issue: 1. Can you send me the full log file(s) for the failed runs? Should be able to find them in the OSBot install directory under Data\FrostCaves\Logs 2. Does this always occur right after a break? From what I can see above, it happened right after a break in this instance.
  2. Yes, do you want one now?
  3. FrostBug


    Should work fine with those stats While I do think it would add value to add ammo switches, I also think it would be a bit more complex than you would immediately think. Supporting different actions depending on weapon type. Eg. for blowpipe check the current ammo and compare against other ammos in inv, comparing to a tier list. And have different ammo tier lists for all different weapon types.. I will look into how it can be done in a simple way, since I don't want to add many configurable options - and weapon currently is auto detected on start, so it is not known at configuration
  4. Barrows portal Teleport please?

  5. Have a look in the client log, it should say why it logged out. Also check out troubleshooting section in the OP. The idea is that the prayer would have been drained anyway, so may as well avoid a hit or two, as you stated. Per request however, an option was added later, a checkbox selectable in UI labelled "Use protect from melee for tunnel traversal", that can be disabled to prevent this behaviour. The option to teleport from the tunnels can be used either with 83 magic and the spell, or with teleport tablets of the same spell - this has no requirement. Unfortunately not
  6. FrostBug


    I have not personally attempted it with a ranged level this low, but if attempting with 50 ranged, I would probably go with a magic shortbow. Given that the account is 75 defense, with proper equipment I think it should be doable. Perhaps Void range set with defensive items in remaining slots.
  7. The duel ring issue is explained in the OP, but the short fix is to remove the ring from equipment setups, as its considered a teleport item. I'll look into the minigame teleport issue, but for now try and see if using fixed mode solves the problem. EDIT: Found and fixed the minigame teleport issue, it should be live and working sometime tomorrow when the SDN is updated. I will add eating threshold for the TODO list for next update. If I may ask though, for what reason do you want this? Is it for creating more diverse profiles, or did you experience some issue? I always prefer to h
  8. FrostBug


    I've never tried messing around with the hardware mouse, so I can't say much about it. But I will try to test with that in the future, and report any bugs I find to the devs. Thanks for reporting it Sorry, this feature has been disabled as it appeared to increase the ban rate.
  9. FrostBug


    There are some guidelines in the OP: Defence level + Ranged level >= 125 40+ defence 50+ ranged 43+ prayer
  10. You can buy it from the store, using the link from the top navigation bar, or follow the direct link from the first post in this thread. To purchase with GP, you can use the Membership section of the marketplace to buy osbot store credit for OSRS GP. Price will depend on the seller.
  11. FrostBug


    You can use holy wrench by putting it in your inventory and starting the script inside the caves. Beware though, script will not auto configure hotkeys or audio when started in caves, so be sure that these are already configured. As it is now you can use mirror up until wave 62, where it will automatically log out. From there you can start the script back up in injection mode for the jad kill. I don't expect full mirror support soon, as the mirror client does not support the audio hooks.
  12. Hi - do you have a spade, and if so, do you also have all the necessary hotkeys configured? Please see the troubleshooting section for common setup issues; if that doesn't help, feel free to DM me on Discord for assistance.
  13. FrostBug


    Unfortunately not.
  14. FrostBug


    If you are using Saradomin brews, you must also use Super restore potions. Saradomin brews lower all of your combat stats, which Super restore potions heal back up along with prayer. It should not be possible to select regular prayer potions with saradomin brews, so I will look into that bug.
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