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  1. Yes, I just see no point in making it interact differently when spam clicking vs not spam clicking doesn't do anything to the ban rate from my experience.
  2. how do i use the scripts i dont see a download or use option

  3. Thanks, will push a fix a bit later
  4. title. I dont care for other skills/quests/etc.
  5. Ya need git or version control. Setup a github or a gitlab account, create a repository, clone it into your IDE and there you go.
  6. Lovely work! But I personally would have used mulch instead of gravel, because it will be hard to clean when leaves and crap fall. Or did a flower bed. Plus I'd remove the row that has a few tiles missing, just to tie it together though, would look much neater.
  7. Selling 209m for 0.6€/m, Lithuanian bank transfer or meet up locally. Need cash today, no pp/btc/sepa.
  8. No configs for available areas. Pathing can be determined when the region loads as it loads all objects at the same time. So mapping out all areas available and using a pathfinding algo to find the walkable areas/path is the way to go. Barrows does have a config for loot potential/barrows kills.
  9. Your batch file and osbot jar must be in the same folder aswell as osbots jar name must match to the file. Else use direct path to osbot.jar
  10. Scripting is a good place to start programming, but it wont take you long to realize its just lacking the freedom of having your own project and trying new things. So if you want to advance in just general programming knowledge, take up a project of your own, be it refractor someone elses code to new practices or create something of your own. Read wikipedia articles, watch pluralsight videos or anything of that sort. I do reccomend reading a few books like "Head first into java", "effective java" and so on. But programming is a long windy road, there really arent any shortcuts to take, you just need to put in work and try new stuff. Wrapping it up, drop scripting for now, learn from your own projects, other opensource projects and then come back to scripting. This in term should allow you to create your own elaborate scripts, rather than relying on other peoples code snippets. Also variables (data types) have much more to it than you think, if you start digging into mutables/immutables, where in the jvm they are allocated and stuff like that. So 6 months about variables is reasonable as I suspect it should cover much more than the different data types.
  11. Noopept and alpha gpc helps conentration and memory when used long term, but you should take brakes iirc.
  12. Vilius

    Price check

    https://imgur.com/SGzhBqE With some notable quests like Dragon slayer, the dig site, bone voyage, etc. Aswell as 44 RC and abyss mini quest.
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