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  1. I'm not aware of a nice way to share code between scripts. Though not ideal, i'd recommend copying over important logic between scripts. To make it easier, you can abstract your logic into a class, and copy that class file between scripts. If you do this, you can version the files to keep track of which versions you have where. Glad you're seeing some success with your scripts! -Apa
  2. Sure thing. Trial activated! -Apa
  3. Glad to hear the script is working well for you! -Apa
  4. It might be that you just need to restart your client after applying a break profile? Let me know if you have any luck getting breaks to work in this (or any other) script.
  5. Hey, The script doesn't override OSBot break settings so there is no reason why the break handler shouldn't work. This is likely an issue with the current client, but I will do a test run to confirm. Apa
  6. Thanks for the suggestion, Combat switching is on my radar, but it's something that I have so far avoided to not clutter the UI too much. I've added it as a feature request though, so I will put it in if I have some time and can find a nice way of integrating it -Apa
  7. Sure. Trial started! Apa
  8. Hi, Yes, this script should work fine in mirror mode as far as I am aware! Let me know if you'd like a trial to test this out for yourself. -Apa
  9. Oh damn, thanks for letting me know. Do you know if this happens at other rooftop courses, or just the Fremenik one? (I couldn't find what has changed wrt. the rooftop courses in the OSRS changelogs). -Apa
  10. Hey, You can access the break manager via the third button on the right hand panel with a timer symbol. From there, you can add break profiles to customise your session to your needs -Apa
  11. Sure- trial activated! -Apa
  12. Sure, trial started! Apa
  13. Hey, Unfortunately coal bag isn't supported at the moment. It's on my to-do list, but it's quite a complicated change so I haven't found the time to prioritise it just yet. Thanks for the suggestion & reminder! -Apa
  14. Apaec

    APA Rune Sudoku

    Hey, Script is working well! Not sure what the profit margins are like at the moment though. Ban rates are hard to quantify, but it's safe to say that this is a fairly high-risk activity as the script is solving sudokus faster than humanly possible. (though this depends on your settings...) Let me know if you'd be interested in a trial. -Apa
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