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  1. Sure, trial activated! -Apa
  2. Sure thing. Trial activated! -Apa
  3. Apaec

    APA AIO Miner

    Hey, Thanks for this. Unforuntately the script currently doesn't work in mirror mode. An issue with the frequency of reporting of entity id changes means that the script falls out of sync with the state of the game, as you've observed. For best results, please swtich to stealth injection where you should hopefully see the script run smoothly -Apa
  4. Hey, I'm not sure what's happening there, the game appears to be struggling to run. Does your VPS have enough RAM? Looks like it might be an OOM issue -Apa
  5. Thanks for the suggestion! This is something that i've got captured as a future improvement, and will look at implementing if I can find a nice way of fitting it in the UI without complicating things too much. Cheers, Apa
  6. Hey, Did you mean sand crabs? I saw you posted in the sand crabs subforum too I've enabled both scripts on your account for 24h just in case. -Apa
  7. Sure, not a problem. Have done so Your trial will expire 24h from now! -Apa
  8. Sure, trial activated! -Apa
  9. Apaec

    APA AIO Miner

    Hey, Thanks for the suggestion! You're right that this script could use a refresh, and unfortunately there's no mechanism for saving settings at this time. The user experience is quite clunky, and it's awkward to set up as you have found. I've added this to my task tracker and will action this when I next have a spare moment. Cheers, Apa
  10. Unfortunately not, the script can only be started via the GUI. -Apa Sure, trial activated! -Apa
  11. Sure, trial activated! -apa
  12. Hey, Cheers for the question! This script only supports smithing activities, and as far as I understand molten glass making falls under the remit of the crafting skill. -Apa
  13. Hmm, that's odd - what is your camera zoom level? Could you try resetting it to the default value? This should hopefully fix any issues with detecting the obstacles! -Apa
  14. Hey, Sure thing. I've just activated a trial on your account Yes - the script will stop when it runs out of food and your HP falls below a gaussian-random value between 40-60%, decided at script startup. So, the script will always eat if your HP drops below 4 (and will very likely eat when your HP hits 4). So provided the course doesn't hit you with 4 damage when you have 4hp left, your account will be safe -Apa
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