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Community Answers

  1. I've had a look and haven't been able to recreate this on my test account as the account has the quest complete and the interface is different. I don't currently have access to an account without the quest complete; please could you kindly drop me a screenshot of the interface (with widget debug turned on) with your mouse hovering over the cook button?
  2. Interesting! Thanks for the gif. I'll try and recreate this on my end and get back to you. -Apa
  3. Ah right- the script has a separate option for poison karambwans. If you select that, it should work just fine -Apa
  4. Have replied to your PM
  5. Hmm, that's a bit odd. I'll do a test run, but just to check - are you cooking poison or thorough karambwans? Have you completed the quest that allows you to cook them?
  6. Woo, some amazing progress! Thank you for sharing -Apa
  7. Sure - trial activated -Apa
  8. Sure, happy to set you up with a trial. Which script are you interested in? -Apa
  9. Quick update on this for you @OSRSteph: I've had a look into this, and the issue is actually due to the presence of anchovies and shrimp in your inventory. It's actually a fun and really weird quirk of OSRS: if you have more than one cookable item in your inventory (e.g., shrimp and anchovies), the cooking interface will show cooked variants of those fish as options. If you only have one cookable item in your inventory, the cooking interface will show the raw version of the fish. Test this out yourself- it's interesting! I've just pushed a script update: v3.20. In this update, the script will now search for both raw and cooked variants of the fish in the interface. This should solve all of the problems you were experiencing. The script already correctly banks items that you do not plan to cook, so this should not be a problem. Good luck! -Apa
  10. I see, that makes sense. I hadn't realised you were using a third-party script manager to queue scripts. I'd say it's potentially risky to rely on a successful transition between scripts - though this script does use the built-in webwalker to get to the range/bank, it's generally best not to rely on this. It might be safest manually transition between the two. I'll take a look at the script and see what changes are necessary to automatically reset to a known start state
  11. Thanks for this follow-up information; the script currently makes the assumption that you're starting with an empty inventory. The intended use-case of this script is batch-cooking of a stack of raw food items. I'm keen to understand a little more about your use-case - why do you need to start the script with items in your inventory? Can you not manually clear the inventory before starting up the script? -Apa
  12. In the future, if you run into this kind of issue, open the console logger - the script will display the reason for stopping here Firstly, sorry that I missed your trial request! This sounds like it might be an issue with resource allocation. Does your bot have sufficient RAM/CPU? Are you running in low cpu mode? -Apa
  13. Hey, The script is started in the same way as any other free script. Once purchased, you should see the script in your collection on the OSBot client (downloaded from https://osbot.org/mvc/get). If you're still not seeing the script, or having other issues setting it up, don't hesitate to reach out Always happy to help. -Apa
  14. Hey, This may be because the script was unable to withdraw a full inventory of fish. The script will cook raw items until it cannot withdraw a full inventory of them. Grab some more shrimps and this shouldn't be a problem -Apa
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