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  1. Hmm, this is quite a niche corner case that I hadn't accounted for in the script. The script checks for your player being under attack, and since this is not the case in this situation, the issue occurs. I have made a note of this and will see if I can work out a fix for the next update when I am back home. Thanks for letting me know Apa
  2. All trials started Apa
  3. Sure thing - trial started! Apa
  4. Unfortunately the blast furnace minigame is not supported, sorry about that Hey, That's concerning, are you sure you have a cannon ball mould in your bank? When the script stops, it will give the reason for stopping in the console logger (accessible via the OSBot settings). If you have a look there, the script should give the reason for termination (e.g configuration issue etc). Hopefully that helps sort your issue, but if not, please let me know. -Apa
  5. Hey, good thanks, hope you are too. Sure thing - trial started Apa
  6. Apaec

    APA Rooftop Agility

    Ah, yes, that'll do it - if your health gets too low, and the script has now way of healing, it will stop for safety. As for werewolf course, this is a rooftops script so only rooftop courses are supported. While the script does support Canifis rooftop course, it doesn't support other non-rooftop courses. Sorry about that Apa
  7. Apaec

    APA Rooftop Agility

    Hey, Where does the script get stuck and log out? Hopefully i'll be able to fix this for you Apa
  8. Wow, awesome progress! Thanks for sharing and congrats on the mad gains! -Apa Hey, Thanks for letting me know. Not sure why this might be happening - is this the case for other locations too, or just East 6? Perhaps I might have to extend the refresh route for this location. -Apa @All apologies for the late replies, I was unfollowed from this thread for some reason.
  9. Sure - trial started Apa
  10. Hmm thanks for checking, I don't use Discord but a video would be very useful. Would you be able to send it to me in a PM here on OSBot? Cheers Apa
  11. Both trials started -Apa
  12. Sure - both trials activated Apa
  13. Both trials started -Apa
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