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  1. I would just like to thank everyone for having me as a Developer here at OSBot. Recently I signed a contract for a new software engineer position which would preclude me from continuing work here. I’m excited to start on this new adventure and will stick around the forums to still give advice on programming solutions, scripting help, etc. OSBot has been an incredible learning experience and instrumental to my professional experience. @Maxi, @Zach, and @MGI are the most intelligent programmers I know, and you will still be in great hands! Although @Maldesto and I are like brothers that would be willing to kill each other, at the end of the day he’s had my back more than ever. Big thanks to @Token for taking up his new role as a Script Officer; his responsibility has increased a lot over the last few months and has been managing the SDN. There’s not much else to say but I hope everyone the best and to continue using moveMouseRandomly(). Love, Alek Edit: @Vilius has requested I give him a shoutout.
  2. OSBot requires Java to be installed, the same technology which is used to run Minecraft. If you Google, "How to install Minecraft", the same steps can be applied. Watch this video up until 4:00 (4 minutes) If you are still having issues, please use this guide: https://osbot.org/forum/java
  3. Alek

    My legit RS gameplay

    Not even sure if I want to do dragon slayer, thinking about saving up for rock-shell, obsidian, or granite armor.
  4. Alek

    My legit RS gameplay

    Im having a blast in F2P
  5. Yeah I knew about bandits but you need either high def + guthans or ppots. If you use prayer pots, then its not so much afking.
  6. Hey guys, started up a new legit account - no botting or buying/transferring gold (at least for now). What are some AFK training methods? There's rock/sand/ammonite crabs, however they deaggro. Is NMZ the only FULLY afk training method, or are there monsters that exist which are always aggro? thanks
  7. The same error message that told you what the problem was, also gave you a link to how to solve it. Read the error message again and follow the instructions.
  8. They manually review account bans after you've been flagged. There's nothing you are saying that they haven't already said since the game was released.
  9. Few things, please share the actual text by copying and pasting - please don't take screenshots. Also can I please see your code?
  10. Added you to the credits @Fruity
  11. This release patches the Worlds API so it should be more dynamic to updates in the future. Additionally there was a detection concern that was addressed, so hopefully you should see less bans. This was only for stealth injection mode, mirror mode does not have this concern (of which I cannot discuss in detail). Finally, if a user does not have the proper Java version to run OSBot they will get a specific error message instead of a generalized "please verify your boot options" message. They will be redirected to this article I wrote: https://osbot.org/forum/java Let me know how this release works/doesn't work. Edit: Also big thanks to @Fruity for lending me an account to test with!
  12. VIP scripts are essentially more desirable free scripts; some of those scripts were actually once premium but later turned to VIP. With this said, scripters don't have any obligation to maintain them - they make the scripts available out of a courtesy. Think of it as an extra bonus perk for VIP. Also please message either myself or Token if you feel like a script isn't working for AT LEAST 1 MONTH, so we can remove it. Of course please use standard procedure for refund requests as needed.
  13. Scripting languages teach bad convention practices.
  14. omg we know who you are
  15. Alek


    Welcome back cutie
  16. You can't load into OSBot with saved user names, so that problem is solved. I'm assuming you're talking about the checkbox on the login screen.
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