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  1. Thanks for your custom Hopefully the script lives up to expectations! Activated!
  2. Sure - trial activated -Apa
  3. All trials activated -Apa
  4. Hmm - cheers for letting me know. I was actually unable to test out the smelting portion of this as my account doesn't have access to a double ammo mould. I'm keen to get this fixed, but might need a bit of game data to help. I'll DM you a couple of questions - hopefully you're able to help out with this! -Apa
  5. Sure - trial started -Apa
  6. FYI see below update -Apa https://osbot.org/forum/topic/76767-apa-aio-smither/?do=findComment&comment=2522662
  7. I've got some good news for you Script update: APA AIO Smither v2.08 Added support for double ammo moulds when making cannonballs UI panels now show up in centre of screen Fixed bug where script can stop prematurely if cannonball bars are withdrawn incorrectly Fixed some text colours on the UI
  8. Sure - 24h trial started -Apa
  9. Sure - trial activated! -Apa
  10. Sure - trial started! -Apa
  11. Is it only in mirror mode that the script isn't picking up marks of grace? I've had a look at the code and can't see why it wouldn't be working
  12. Sure - both trials activated -Apa
  13. Sure - trial started! -Apa
  14. Thanks for letting me know, unsure why it's not. Are you on mirror mode or stealth injection?
  15. Of course. Trial activated I hope the script lives up to expectations! Sure- trial activated! --- -Apa
  16. No worries at all! I'm always happy to help if something's not behaving as expected -Apa
  17. Sure - trial activated -Apa
  18. Hmm - the reason I asked is because the lock you mentioned didn't sound like a ban... I worry there might be attempts to try and recover the account? Worth being a bit cautious here. Glad there haven't been any problems since though! -Apa
  19. Sure, trial activated -Apa
  20. Sure - trial activated! -Apa
  21. Is there a reason given for stopping in the console logger? Normally the script print out a reason for stopping there, so worth taking a look -Apa
  22. Did you purchase the account? Normally being banned for botting is either a 'macro minor' or 'macro major' ban - the account isn't normally locked. I'm not sure if a VPN would fix this, unless you think your IP might be flagged from previous botting (e.g., on other accounts).
  23. Hey, Could you give a little more info? Generally if the script isn't doing what you expect, it could be a misconfiguration error. If you open the console logger, there will be some more information available to you there. Hopefully that solves your issue, but if not, do let me know. -Apa
  24. Sorry to hear that - that is very unusual though! Have you been using other bots on the account?
  25. Sure, trial activated. Hope the script lives up to expectations! -Apa
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