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  1. Sure, trial activated Apa
  2. Sure, trial activated! -Apa
  3. Sure - trial activated ! -Apa
  4. Sure - trial activated -Apa
  5. Sure, trial started -Apa
  6. Both trials activated -Apa
  7. Sure, trial activated -Apa
  8. Hey, You can reduce the frequency of random movements via the UI (right-hand panel), or disable it altogether if you desire. Hope that helps! -Apa
  9. Sure, trial acitvated! Apa
  10. Thanks for the kind words Let me know if you run into any issues!
  11. Sure, trial started -Apa
  12. Sure. trial activated! -Apa
  13. Sure, trial acitvated! -Apa
  14. Sure, trial activated ! -Apa
  15. Hey, Hmm - perhaps the script doesn't recognise the book of flames as a fire rune source. Try running the script with both nature runes and >5 fire runes in your inventory! I'll raise an improvement task in my to-do list for this script to add/fix support for the book of flames. Thanks for reporting this! -Apa
  16. Sure, trial activated! -Apa
  17. Sure, trial activated! -Apa
  18. Apaec

    APA Rune Sudoku

    Sure - trial activated!
  19. Sure, trial activated! -Apa
  20. Sure thing. Trial activated! -Apa
  21. Apaec

    APA AIO Miner

    Hey, Thanks for this. Unforuntately the script currently doesn't work in mirror mode. An issue with the frequency of reporting of entity id changes means that the script falls out of sync with the state of the game, as you've observed. For best results, please swtich to stealth injection where you should hopefully see the script run smoothly -Apa
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