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Muffins's Feedback

  1. QuickQuesting left Positive feedback   

    Kept a HCIM logged in for 48 hours total for me so I could access the LMS reward shop :) Great guy.

    Muffins was The Seller

  2. Eh Zscaper left Positive feedback   

    did ds2 for me quick and flawless A+++++++++++++++

    Muffins was The Seller

  3. IlliniGuy left Positive feedback   

    mm'd my acc trade for 800 usd in crypto, ty!

    Muffins was Trading

  4. OSBOTRutger left Positive feedback   

    MM'd a trade for me! went very smooth! trustworthy guy!

    Muffins was The Buyer

  5. ysadobles left Positive feedback   

    did some skilling for him, all smooth and easy

    Muffins was The Buyer

  6. MaxedTitans left Positive feedback   

    Sold a hunter account. Thanks a lot for the smooth deal.

    Muffins was The Buyer

  7. ysadobles left Positive feedback   

    service as middleman for a powerleveling service, all perfect A++

    Muffins was Trading

  8. myOSBaccount left Positive feedback   

    served as a MM for a trade of mine. thanks a lot!

    Muffins was Trading

  9. Wisply left Positive feedback   

    MM a Service for me , easy to work with.

    Muffins was The Seller

  10. alluk123 left Positive feedback   

    I bought the guide how to run mirror mode on Linux, delivery was instant and I service was amazing. Thank you, Muffins. BTW: I use same guide on macOS too, because mirror mode is unstable at mine High Sierra.

    Muffins was The Seller

  11. zachfreshh1 left Positive feedback   

    Unreal service, probably the best ive ever had. Great communication, finished all hard diaries for me and did some extras throughout the way!

    Muffins was The Seller

  12. rsmas left Positive feedback   

    did some quests, always a pleasure to work with <3

    Muffins was The Seller

  13. Naked left Positive feedback   

    Beta tested fishing trawler for me 10/10 cupcake

    Muffins was The Buyer

  14. Malmo left Positive feedback   

    MMed a trade for me, great guy.

    Muffins was The Seller

  15. trawalko left Positive feedback   

    MM for my service thank you brother

    Muffins was The Seller

  16. Dylanishere left Positive feedback   

    Sold a league account to him, fast and easy!

    Muffins was The Seller

  17. waldyn left Positive feedback   

    Thanks for the account!

    Muffins was The Seller

  18. PapaYoda left Positive feedback   

    Obtained Ava’s assembler for me in next to no time, great price ! Thanks so much x

    Muffins was The Seller

  19. arbicrax172 left Positive feedback   

    Did 1-49 FM for me :)

    Muffins was The Seller

  20. yikes32 left Positive feedback   

    Bought starter with void, very smooth and quick trade ++

    Muffins was The Seller

  21. Keven left Positive feedback   

    Bought 3m osrs from a frog lmao

    Muffins was The Seller

  22. Volta left Positive feedback   

    Sold 50m ty

    Muffins was The Buyer

  23. Gunman left Positive feedback   

    Bought GP. He went first. Cute guy++

    Muffins was Trading

  24. Proton left Positive feedback   

    Sold us 116m 07 - Thanks for choosing friend :) <3

    Muffins was The Seller

  25. Pew999 left Positive feedback   

    MM'd for me smooth and nice guy!

    Muffins was The Buyer

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