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  1. Jweezy left Positive feedback   

    You can trust this guy. Had a problem with macro cutter and he helped me out right away with the authorization of the donation.

    Alek was The Seller

  2. Psiak left Positive feedback   

    Boss Help fast :)

    Alek was Trading

  3. Mantas Slabada left Positive feedback   

    Alek if anyone get the same problem as me just tell them to clear their invertory space!! Problem solved! xD

    Alek was The Seller

  4. rsveteran95 left Positive feedback   


    Alek was The Seller

  5. tranzystor3 left Positive feedback   

    nice work with the osbot thing! i can vouch for him.

    Alek was The Seller

  6. Rixhi left Positive feedback   

    Really nice scripts! I can vouch for this guy. +1

    Alek was The Seller

  7. Shmeekz left Positive feedback   

    made and keeps updating osbot client for everyone +1 for this guy

    Alek was The Seller

  8. Cinnamon left Positive feedback   

    ordered a quest, awesome customer. <3

    Alek was The Seller

  9. Pink Clay left Positive feedback   

    Sold me 2mill :) vouch

    Alek was The Seller

  10. mikey121192 left Positive feedback   

    Bought 1m rs 2007 gold great instant delivery recommend

    Alek was The Seller

  11. Violent left Positive feedback   

    bought 3m 07 off him ty

    Alek was The Seller

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