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Exposing cancer of botting community - Eduardino


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EDIT: Botting guides are not made by him

Hi guys,

Just want to give you fair warning about something that has been happening in world for sometime and now came to botting. From my experience this has been in Forex trading for a long time and what I am talking about is selling trading courses. Mostly they are sold by posers, who rent airbnb and lambo to look cool but do not know anything about finances and trading. And I stumbled on this guy's videos - Eduardino. It seemed nice to have a guy who makes videos about botting until I watched his last series: "OSRS botting to max cash" and after what I saw I decided to expose him to give warning to other people.

I will specifically be analyzing this video:

[removed sry]

Accounts he used during this video:
4 master farm thievers (2 banned)
4 mort myre (all banned)
5 air orbs (all banned)
4 fishers (none showed as banned)
1 barrows (none showed as banned)

I contacted his account provider and he stated that high level master farmer thievers go for 20-30m each, mort myre 10-20m, air orbers 5-10m.
So only accounting for accounts he already lost + bonds for these account his cost came up to 150m - 235m. Plus cost for proxies/VPS and also costs of botting. Only one importing operating cost is air orbers since getting 9k air orbs would have a 5m cost for cosmic runes and uncharged orbs. Which is also not showed in video, only end result of worth from charged air orbs.

In the end @EdTheGreat shows income (not profit) of 32m. If we assume that his fishers and barrows accounts didn't cost him anything yet since atm we don't know how long they will last, and flipping profits are also not considered since he does it by hand, this episode alone his profit comes to negative 130-210m worth lost in mils or dollars. When in his picture he just made 30m and that adds to 180m he had before.

Now first of all, it is funny how this guy tries to keep everyone delusional about his botting success. Personally I would be a big fan of series if it showed everything, how much he paid, lost etc. for everything. It would show realistic side of botting since you will invest/lose a lot until you figure out how to be consistently gold farming profitable.

But there is one last thing which creates the most hate for this guy. Selling his botting courses:


The point of this post is to show inexperienced botter that this guy's goal with these series is not to show/teach you how to successfully bot and make money but to create imagine that he can do it so you would buy his gold farming guide. Pay 25 USD to guy who lost ~170m? Of course he didn't lose money if 10 people buys this guide since it will be around 360m for him in sales. Just don't be delusional as he wants you to be. In any case I am pretty sure you wouldn't find anything in that guide that could not be found here in forums for free :) 

EDIT: Some additional info regarding the guide itself from one member @k0rd

"I totally agree with you about Eduartino, i even asked him to put the accounts prices etc on the video and not to calculate the gross (and lots of other comments asking the same thing) but i was ignored like every1 else who asked this spesific question. But, you are missing something, this guide and the website (not the eduartino one) isnt his, he just got paid to advertise it. The guide belongs to @Token and NotABot (idk his osbot profile, but both of them know what their doing), and ive seen lots of ppl having great results with it , me included. So imo i think u should edit the part about the guide, since ur info wasnt accurate and its falsly accusing a good product :)

@ExtraBotz i thought the same at first, but thats not the case. They are the most honest proxy sellers ive ever seen in rs botting community. Every time i see a recomendation for proxies etc via an affiliate link or by their own shop, they all state that the proxy is flagged after 1 ban, and that should buy another1 (just so they get more sales/comissions). They are the only sellers that they dont state shit like that to maximize profits"

UPDATE 2020/05/06

Really glad @EdTheGreat replied to this and didnt ignore as couple people stated he did in other topics with his video uploads. Eduardino, I dont have anything personally againts you and my goal is not to show you as bad as possible. Now you and other people confirmed that you dont made the guide yourself, so atleast that. Cant be for sure whats financially behind this.

Still dont get whats the point of current video format narative since it is very misleading. As other people and stated for any new botter it shows false approach to botting and might lose them a lot of money. And in no part you stated that this experimental or this not done for profit.

Regarding cracked accounts in my opinion it just wrong. You steal persons account and ruin it by getting it banned. As @Gunman stated its not easy to get them back. In big picture it ruins things for a lot of people. These guys who accounts you ruin are high level honest players. They take a break for a week, come back, see account banned and quit. If you lost 11 accounts in one day that potentially 11 people you made quit the game. In the end this comes to less people playing, less paying for gold, gold prices crashes, gold farming start to die.

And for account prices as I said my point is not to show you as bad as possible so the prices are what your provider stated to me:

"99 thievers run around 30 a pop rn"

And as seen in video you used quite a few 99 thievers.

I am not sure what to think of this whole situation. @Naked said he talked with you and you seemed a nice guy. But still what the facts show its hard to believe. Since videos are delusional from botting perspective, full of ads and sponsorships. So the felling is that you only do this to make money from it and not from botting. Naked said that you told him that you care about your viewers more than getting some money from sponsorships. If thats the case I assume this topic showed you the way the thing could be done :)

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His videos show the true risk of botting without planning. A lot of it seems like spur of the moment ideas. "Now I will bot sharks." - 3 minutes later "Now I will bot barrows". And the accounts end up getting banned.

I do agree that it is very misleading showing "today I made X amount of GP" and not taking into consideration, like you've said, the total cost of accounts, VPNs, proxies, etc.

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