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  1. hi could I have a trial?
  2. fossil island unlocked, ability to build birdhouses unlocked(5 hunter?) seeds and compost, rings of dueling/teleports/digsite pendants (theres enchant tablets) birdhouse/farm supplies and that's about it
  3. originally a few parts of this script came from a previous user who abandoned script and token took it over and rewrote it completely
  4. Can agree with the above statement, I was around since probably week 1 of this originally, running 7-10 accounts pretty regularly, up until last few weeks (busy irl), and ive loved it, all accounts are 90+ farming/hunter (most 95+now) and have 0 maintanence involved, ill run till java memory causes client to crash (no fault of your own), and just restart. Ive ran them for probably 90+ days, almost completely straight on 7 of them (3 are regularly played accounts). This script has definitely been in my Top 5 Favorite Scripts on Osbot.
  5. does account come with the original email?
  6. Awesome! Been waiting to see this! Would love to give it a try/purchase whenever possible! (didn't see it forsale yet on SDN). Thanks for everything you do Token!
  7. will this work inside woodcutting guild?
  8. im dead, so sorry l0l Awesome, was wondering if you possible still had access to be able to track, or would start tracking xp alottments/time ran etc? (just curious as Ive been terrible keep track of it for myself lol)
  9. ? Im saying that's not what I do, and never have done, I run 3 separate clients, 1 account per client.
  10. Shoot me a message on here or discord if interested :). (dabswax#7316)
  11. I am having this same issue, I run 3mirror moded clients, 1 acct per client, on an 8gb VPN and have had 0 issues up until this recent update, if it tries to login/use a second account it lags so hard that both become unusable.
  12. does the account come with the original email as well?
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