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  1. he plays/bots a game where 92 is half of 99, cant expect much.
  2. probably faster/easier to contact them thru discord?
  3. Do the accounts come with the original email, an email swap, or never been registered?
  4. Of course, its like making sure the pot youre cooking in doesnt overboil on the stove.
  5. Hi I just stopped in to say between this and the old script from DylanSRT, ive been running 10 or so accounts at a time since October 2019, ive gotten 5 tangleroots, 4 99hunters and 6 99 farmings. Definitely has become my most used script on osbot.
  6. lololol what this is the 2nd ive seen of the farmaton, im assuming it was for testing purposes now but ive seen a few hundred frmton bots spamming ge.
  7. Yes, after reporting him elsewhere he finally replied and after arguing for 29/30 days that the service would've been provided for i was able to recieve a refund of 26.89m (29m paid) due to gp price fluctuation.
  8. definitely impossible and against the game rules man shame on you.
  9. Delivery still was not completed 1 week after telling me 30 minutes for the 3rd or 4th time. Tried to deliver 1 this AM (29 DAYS AFTER ordering a 30 day server??? Lol) and quite honestly i dont want anything to do with him or his business practices, i dont trust him AT ALL. Hes lied and wasted my time, money, gp and accounts (8 bonded accounts i had ready and couldnt use because he never delivered in a timely manner. So i blocked him on discord.
  10. came to say proxifier and muffins teaches me a lesson ty bb
  11. No NOT AT ALL. last response was that id recieve one within 30 minutes which was said over 4 days ago, after waiting from the 30th-4th for a message in the first place. [HIDDEN] And to just be honest, this has more than wasted more money in time than the service purchase its not even worth my time to be bothered with it anymore, its been almost an entire month since i purchased this service and this is beyond the worst "customer service" ive EVER dealt with. It is a joke.
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