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  1. If you have teamviewer (Idk if teamviewer works on mac) I am able to help. Just lmk
  2. Because I've been testing a bunch of different theories. Proxies could have an effect on locks yea (So basically I lied when I said they had nothing to do with them), but there are so many other reasons a lock can happen
  3. Doesn't even have anything to do with proxy tbh. Also, I dmed you @boldcoffeecup
  4. Feel free to slide in my DMs - Might have what you need
  5. Done. Can't rly show proof, but I gave you at least 3 votes kekw
  6. Medusa


    This is incorrect. F2P is basically just a trial version of the game. Use it to get like 50 base stats in all F2P skills. P2P is the full version of the game. You pay to access the game, not just to get better gear and "faster exp".
  7. You could've done some googling yourself tho...
  8. Have your class extend methodprovider
  9. You don't care about $250? Wat
  10. If you disable the built-in login handler, then you have to write your own login handler in order to get automatically logged in again. You disable it by launching the client through CMD/Terminal like this java -jar OSBot.jar -allow norandoms
  11. They misspelled "Mahogany", so my planking script broke
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