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  1. Actually caring about american politics (Even as an american) is retarded. No matter who wins the election, you're gonna suffer
  2. You really don't need that. Also, is the nointerface mode actually worth using yet? @Patrick
  3. Ah. A thousand apologies then
  4. I don't think hash grows on plants. Pretty sure it's made after harvesting the buds on the plant.
  5. Sounds like you're accusing osbot of hacking your account. Only staff member I think would want to do that is Mald, and even for him thats not worth it. They don't earn anything from hacking your account
  6. Your account details were probably in some leaked database (or phishing site db) and someone ran it in a checker. That's why
  7. Soooooooooo why not just use the new osbot hwmouse EDIT: just realized that this might've been for an rsps
  8. What is good? There literally isn't anything to learn on this thread. All images are gone
  9. just fyi; This post is from 2016 Okay bye
  10. Medusa


    ok wrote git push -u origin master now we wait for token to pull ok thank you i always aprecitate bug report guy
  11. Thanks. Just give me the onlyfans access on Discord
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