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  1. @TOMK1N The feedback section on a users profile is for trades. I.E; Account sales, gold sales. Not for script related issues. If you would like to leave a review you're more than welcome to do so on the store for the script however that being said the feedback will be removed due to it being script related as opposed to it being market related. Feedback removed.
  2. You can run more than 1 mirror client without the manager (don't know if this is what you mean)
  3. Gonna assume you didn’t do like “2 hours” of stun-alching without a break
  4. Completely depends on the activity you plan on doing, if it's F2P expect bans a lot more frequent. Anything thats high ban risk, gold farming. It's all about luck and botting in lesser known places to avoid potential reports
  5. We moved over to discord, you can join here: https://discord.com/invite/dumFZaM and you'll need to verify yourself here: https://osbot.org/forum/topic/162999-discord-verification-thread/
  6. This happened to me back in 2016 for sharing an account, it’s pathetic that they allow you tubers to share accounts for content but the average player gets a RWT ban. The moderator comments on my ban was “Account permanently banned for repeated account sharing/selling” though the account was never sold
  7. I used @Get Taxedfor an hour got 81k xp/hour doing lavas
  8. Post a screenshot of what you mean so we can help
  9. I had a tenant shout, swear and threaten me today because I pulled her carpet and floorboards up to put cables in for new smoke alarms, was fun. I don’t get paid enough for this shit :kekw:
  10. You’re banned for the duration of the offence. If you’re banned at 7:33pm you’ll be unbanned usually 48 hours later. I don’t believe 24 hour offences are a thing
  11. False feedback has been removed. @TomnooksgflelThe feedback section is for trading and market sales only. See here for more information concerning the feedback system: "Positive: Positive feedback is meant for trades that have been completed without a problem. Also you are completely satisfied with what you have received and how the deal took place (The seller/buyer's behavior in the situation etc)." If you wish to leave a marketplace review you're more than welcome however I find that your argument is built on lies to begin with considering you haven't purchased nor used VIP befo
  12. You could use @ProjectPact's script factory, you don't need any scripting knowledge to write your scripts within it and have multiple scripts ready to use as well as a lot of tutorials on how to use the script.
  13. Thats the risks you take when you decide to bot. I wouldn't personally risk it on any account I care about
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