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  1. https://gyazo.com/6ff963b595ddce6ed368d7200e047238 So bot for (Minutes) The first colum is for hours, second is for minutes. How long do you want to bot for before you're going to have a break. Usually, personally I do intervals of between 2&4 hours of botting before breaking for typically 4-6 hours. next up is the break itself, again hours first minutes second. So for example you want to bot for 3 hours and 26 minutes you would input 3 on the left collum on bot for and 26 on the second collum. Then if you want to break for 16 hours and 39 minutes you would enter 16 in the first one, 39 in the second. Click set active and save.
  2. https://discord.com/channels/759041154267217930/759041154267217933/869910171831373845
  3. You can change the reaction times in the settings panel of the client
  4. Uninstall all Java versions, restart your pc. Install Java 8 only and try again
  5. I've gone ahead and banned the user. If the user decides to return he will need to reimburse you the amount of $450.
  6. So looking at the evidence we have the following dates: 7/9/21 - Asked what hours you work on account to which you didn't reply. 7/14/21 No reply, no communication asking and even stating that if you're busy to let Sjors know. I can understand his frustrations because regardless of anything it doesn't take long to send a quick reply saying "Sorry man, Look I'm not in a good way, I'll let you know in.. x days how I'm feeling". 7/15/21 Finally a reply w/ a reason as to why you've been busy fair enough, you stated you "might" get on tomorrow, again fair enough. You aren't commiting to that but at least you're going to try. However, again on 7/18/21 you were asked again when you could work on the account. You could have messaged Sjors on 7/16/21 or 7/17/21 and gave him a further update, you didn't. You replied on the 7/19/21 4 days later that you haven't been able to get on. To me this is blatant breach of rule 7 as stated for the reason that RsServices, @Fratem& @Skillionairedecided to fire you and with breaching the ToS which you agreed to and acknowledged prior to joining, I see no reason at all why they should be giving you your deposit back. I asked as a gesture of goodwill for them to consider a partial refund which they didn't have to comply to. You have since declined that offer believing you should have the full amount reimbursed. I have decided that this dispute is complete. RsServices do not have to reimburse you the amount of 500m due to the fact your communication was poor with them. You acknowledged and agreed to the ToS prior to giving the deposit and haven't completed the workload asked of you. If you can provide proof of the amount of time and xp you have put into the account('s) you will be paid for those services and nothing more. Should you feel that you want a further opinion, you may contact another member of staff. ~Space.
  7. Space

    New java

    uninstall all java versions, restart your pc install Java 8
  8. @CrashIslandyou state in a screenshot provided from the discord log that your brother passed away dated 7/14/21, would you mind explaining why you attempted to sell an account on Wednesday and why you’re account sharing if this isn’t the actual owner of the osbot account, that in itself is against the rules as you’re account sharing. If that is the case, this account will be banned regardless of the dispute. Whilst I cannot comment further in regards to your brother passing, that in itself is saddening if true, the user gave ample time and your brother was unresponsive with the user. Now you yourself have proven you have access to all things related to your brother, that being said you can also access his cash app account to provide screenshots as to whether the transactions have been cleared, pending or cancelled.
  9. Excil you accepted and acknowledged the ToS. As far as I’m concerned the only thing you should be getting out of this is the money or payment for the works you have completed as the evidence clearly shows you haven’t been cooperative or communicative with the owners of this service. I’m awaiting confirmation from @Skillionairein regards to how much you’re actually owed from the service but as I said before, the gesture of goodwill was requested, you’ve declined that offer now as far as I’m concerned, I’ll only be able to make them repay you for the works you’ve done.
  10. @Excilwith the evidence provided, I personally can't do anything in terms of this dispute. You understood and acknowledged the ToS of the service provider being @Fratemand @Skillionaire(Sjors) prior to entering the agreement and with you being unresponsive they have decided that you didn't fullfil your part of the ToS by providing updates with progression as they have requested. However, I can totally understand IRL issues and problems crop up making it hard to deligate between what you have been requested to do and what is going on IRL. If you had been more repsonsive and given Fratem/Skillionaire (Sjors) an understanding of what was happening they could have made the appropriate action necessary to help you and diverse the workload to another member should it have been applicable. I do personally believe that Sjors was fairly lenient with you and requested many times that you would communicate what issues you were facing, even stating that "if you're not available thats fine, no matter what reason just communicate it" to which you did reply a day later which is understandable if you were busy. The only appropriate action I can do is request that you are paid for the works you have completed however I would also like to request that they would consider a partial refund of the deposit as a goodwill gesture, however I can't enforce this. I would also like that you change your ToS for rule 7 to state what is meant by "not doing so in time will void your deposit" as this can easily be open to interpretation
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