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  1. https://imgur.com/a/cu7RvOi I feel you
  2. Do whatever works for you. Bot the same amount of hours you would play legit. If you're at school/work and only play 2/3 hours a night then do the same botting. It's not rocket science.
  3. It actually triggers me to death when people use “bot” to define a script.
  4. Welcome/Welcome back Look forward to seeing your contributions
  5. Like I said I’ve never experienced any bans on my main and I’ve transferred mass amounts from accounts even bought mass amounts of gp
  6. If you use proxifier you can set it to a separate RuneScape world by doing that and logging in on the worlds you’ve set you can bot on separate IPs though it doesn’t work if you’re going to be world hopping. I’ve botted many accounts on my home IP and received numerous Bans. They’ve never banned my main only the account I was botting on at the time
  7. Good luck is the only thing I can bless you with
  8. Seems as though screen recorders are the way forward. Very nice progress, I might give it a try
  9. I’m going to guess ~76 agility and you’ll be banned
  10. Lmk if you're interested. Account is just sitting there and has been since I got it unbanned. Have no reason nor motivation to play the account any more regardless of the stats
  11. Why are you looking to buy a VPN? Are you going to be running a farm or is it just for accounts that aren't linked to your mains ISP? If you're doing it primarily for a different machine with a different MAC address/IP/Hardware, it's pointless. If it's primarily for different IP's whilst botting on your home PC I would just use proxies. If you're doing it for irl money, don't. You'll most likely loose more than you'll make due to you being, by the sounds of it, a novice botter.
  12. Just use proxifier if you want to use a proxy.
  13. That moment when you don’t realise Token is the owner of the Stealth scripts
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