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  1. Hello there stranger. This looks really cool. What are all the scripts included in it?
  2. Hey beautiful - gave ya a day
  3. Naked Scripts Best Scripts. That is all.
  4. Hey - That's unfortunate. I've run it on fresh accounts and end game accounts and I haven't caught any bans personally, but it's always on my home IP with lots of breaks on mirror mode. They've unfortunately gotten better at flagging bots in the recent months, but I have a small overhaul coming shortly that may help.
  5. Mirror mode has been having some issues lately, specifically in regards to changing regions (off the boat -> on the boat, on the boat -> off the boat for example). I'll let MGI know it's still an issue, but that's not something I can fix on my end unfortunately
  6. Is this on mirror or injection?
  7. idk man i get banned after 5mins
  8. Damn, Mirror Mode was looking really solid for a bit. I'll test a bit and talk with MGI about any bugs I find.
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