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  1. Gave ya a week. Babysit if using mirror
  2. Gave ya a week. Babysit if using mirror
  3. Sorry for the delay. Gave both of you a week babysit it if using mirror mode
  4. So this will hunt down zulrah and kill it for me yes?
  5. Gave ya a week. Enjoy (babysit it if using mirror mode)
  6. Hey - @Maldesto is the only person who can help ya out here. If you already submitted a refund request (https://osbot.org/forum/forum/210-refunds-appeals/), you'll just have to wait a bit. It could take a week or two depending on how busy he is.
  7. This looks like such a great script! Nice job @ProjectPact!
  8. Gave ya a week
  9. Hey my bad dude i missed this. Gave ya a week trial while it's still off the SDN. Make sure to babysit if you're using Mirror Mode
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