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  1. Why did you think as a botter with no experience it would be a great idea to start botting your main right away? It's never good idea to bot your main anyway
  2. Tip #1: Don't listen to what a Notabot says, he's just trying to get you to buy his botting manager On serious note, to be able to buy prime memberships there needs to be a prime event happening. I dont think that one is happening rn
  3. Try contabo, they got servers in Germany
  4. Mirror mode doesn't make you unbannable. And going straight to bot agility for 24 hours after tutorial island is asking for a ban tbh
  5. Yeah I get that, thats why those sellers got around 0.10$/M spreads for all that effort. I am just thinking of doing it lowkey. If most gold selling website sell gold atm for ~0.41$/M and buy ~0.305$/M it could be reasonable to sell my own gold for e.g. 0.33$/M with minimum of 500m or 1b to lower the effort so if someone want to take bigger amount of gold for good price it could do from me and not gold selling sites. Just don't know how to start doing it that someone would trust me in doing trades for such amounts
  6. I am thinking of being the one that people message not other way around I often sell on my country local bot forum, but rates usually are even lower than probemas. E.g. probemas atm buy for 0.32$/M, those buying for 0.31$/M and I messaged couple people from sythe so they offering 0.30-0.31 rate. Maybe not lucky, but they offer lower rate than Probemas itself. I am thinking if Probemas buy at 0.32 and sell at 0.44 I could just sell for 0.34$/M and it could be beneficial if end user would want to buy skipping higher prices from bigger site sellers.
  7. Hi, just wanted to ask any tips on the topic. Usually I sell my gold to big sites, but yesterday I got very bad service from Probemas so I thought maybe I should just start selling my gold myself on forums. Could deal with my own terms, get better prices etc. Question is how you get rep without having much rep? If I start selling on sythe.org do I have to donate in order to be more realiable? What are other good places to use to sell your gold?
  8. What if I used bonds? There is option "Bonds" but it seems not the one when you trade gp and buy membership, but the one where you buy bond with irl money and then apply to account
  9. Hello, First of all, anyone got hit by lock wave yesterday? Seems strange one, since been running ton of accounts for month without bans or locks and now a lot of them just randomly got locked. Thing is since I mostly used residential proxies I wasn't worring about locks so I haven't used real email or linked them etc. My question here is how I could unlock them via application to jagex? Seems my appeals are getting denied because even thought I registered accounts myself I am not sure If I made them in december or january and stuff like that. Not sure what is the most important aspect in going through this since by how fast it gets denied it's definately automated. Anyone has experience dealing with it?
  10. Good job man Good luck with you further scripting progression
  11. Proxies don't get flagged very easy to be honest. I had proxies that had ton of bans and still performed well in general. But sometimes they do get flagged, maybe yours did, maybe be not. But if you run two groups of accounts on 2 different proxies and one group got banned and other didn't first thing that comes to mind is that the proxy is flagged thus bans come quicker
  12. Well duh, thats called "Flagged proxies". Some proxies will get you banned faster than others
  13. Few bils a month with 1-2 is not just unrealistic, its absolutely impossible You would have to run Vorkath at 2.5m/hr 24/7 so you will be banned very quickly.
  14. Switch IP if possible. I had this issue like a week ago on some of my proxies, other worked fine but those for some reason was getting blocked. When I switched them everything become fine.
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