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  1. @ProjectPact has a very nice script which supports black chins and ofc much more And if you want private script for this you will need to add at least a zero to the budget to begin with
  2. not anymore, it's just I started getting banned frequently and had to change things a lot to get the grip on bans digging into profits
  3. You can take contabo ones, they dedi servers are pretty solid since you are the only one using them and not sharing with others
  4. Still using stealth injection a lot, easier to setup and less buggy But yeah injection ban rates skyrocketed, needed to make some changes to continue running in on same accounts
  5. Hmm, strange how can run so few though. WIth ryzen 1600x 16 GB I can run 8 without a problem, what scripts are you using? With contabo it's a lottery pretty much, they extremely overstate what you actually get, had issues with them that I barely was able to run 1 mirror mode when I should have been able to like 4. And when writing to support they just stated that's how it is, can't help
  6. I think 4 cores with 8 GB RAM should handle 4 mirror mode clients
  7. Yeah this is little bit irritating I use Runelite to use for mules mainly, but if I open mirror mode I have to restart runelite
  8. Just a casual dose of conspiracy theories from @irwtonrs1
  9. Hi @Khaleesiit would be nice to have progressive mode for this script as in aio fletcher. Personally it don't have to be like capable of doing progressive training with all the different activities it would just be nice if it could e.g. switch from cutting sapphires to emeralds at certain level
  10. Just trade gp and bond account. Paying membership is too expensive, better buy gold and buy a bond and it's not very viable to farm 4-5M of gold in F2P you most likely get banned before you do that
  11. They could actually since you put an email when you register so that's personal data If the person send an official letter with request to delete and company doesn't do that they can get few hundreds or thousands as a fine for that
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