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  1. If you error 15 it means the proxy is low quality and jagex have flagged it as being a proxy
  2. Agree with this. Personally I like black background where ever it's possible to switch too
  3. I also think people overthink. Maybe it just something they seen as a need to disclose. It would simply be OP and maybe illegal if they could do that to the fulliest. Like check if you got osbot.jar on your PC etc.
  4. Sorry, TL;DR. But there is no more debate for injection vs mirror mode. Mirror mode is clearly much better these days
  5. I think its somewhat the same. In mining guild you get exposure because its a hotspot and a lot of players come through in odd locations you get exposure since players my start chatting with you more likely if they meet you there
  6. The logic is, if they can see it they would just ban you simply as that. But they don't so that means they can't just detect that easily. Then it comes down to your botting habits, scripts, player reports etc.
  7. 1. People don't usually say where they get their good proxies since it's not worth doing as the more botter use those proxies the higher chance of them getting flagged. If someone recommends you proxy seller most likely they dont even use it themselves 2. Not always, but often it works 3. You will need to change password since it will be locked if it will get quashed 4. Probably not. But somehow they sometimes decide not to unban you. E.g from experience, two exact same accounts, one gets unbanned, other doesnt. Both created/used the same way. 5. If you will use one account remember that at some point the fun will end. Either they randomly decide not to unban you 1st, 2nd or 3rd time or even they will state to you, look you have been hacked few times now if you will get hacked again and banned you are banned permanently
  8. Very funny post few hours isn't instant ban also you tried to bot for few hours and you jump to conclusion thats its not even worth it in 2021
  9. Well if you would use Osbot Api you could just use getMessage()
  10. Well what you provided doesn't say anything If your CPU is slow maybe 53% is normal.
  11. https://osbot.org/forum/topic/53507-khal-aio-runecrafter/ Khal's RC script supports runners and masters :)
  12. As soon as best proxies/scripts/botting locations/breaks etc. is known they will stop being best as people would start using them and they would create an easily detectable patterns
  13. When I was using new mouse few months ago it acted funny sometimes, like dropping item when it shouldn't etc so I moved back to old one, not sure how it is now. Anyway, hardware mouse is definetely best way to do it, just check it out if new or old mouse works better for you. If new mouse doesn't act like it shouldn't maybe just use new mouse + hardware mouse
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