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  1. In my opinion it will not change anything pretty much
  2. Currently "playing" on 53 https://ibb.co/q5dw0qR
  3. Nice. So regarding the mouse, you mainly write a script using Robot() instead of Mouse() writing where to move, where to click etc. like e.g. Ghostmouse does? And it will use my mouse cursor as ghostmouse does?
  4. Its mostly one of the safest bots out there because of high AFK'ing
  5. Yes, they do, but keep in mind not everyone will view your rsn the same as you do. It might be cool to you, but no one will value it and also it would take a long time to get a buyer who prefers. Mostly what I see is short and iconic RS nicknames being sold. E.g. rsn Whip goes for 5b
  6. Gz on release I see that you implement grabbing some goblin armor from other player kills, there is 3 goblin mails in their village in boxes, might want to look into it since it might be more reliable method
  7. Free (post count )
  8. Was just giving you advise that if you want to get more than 35 views per episode you might consider doing something original and botting might be it
  9. Kramnik


    Was going good before some ignorant guy left a neutral feedback for being sarcastic even though we not made any transactions and I tried to give him advise Receiver Date Comment Sender Kramnik 09/15/20 sarcastic and very rude kushman1226
  10. I heard Naked recruited him to work for Farmaton
  11. Well good news everybody. Tomorrow is the last working day of biggest enemy of whole botting community - Mod Weath This will definitely have huge impact on how jagex deals with botting in future since he was a main guy regarding anti-cheating Mod Weath @JagexWeath After 10 years, I've decided that now is a good time t
  12. probably would be more interesting if you would bot since this is botting site
  13. Dude its 2020, no one cares about this content. If you want to get any attention, I mean any. Buy a mic start talking, increase quality of videos, show something interesting and if you have personality and charisma you will start getting attention. No one want to see someone reloading their cannon for 30 minutes in silence
  14. This pretty much doesn't work anymore. Mod Acord is the one banning everyone on weekends. Sadly you are not unbannable on weekends as it was before
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