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  1. Well you dont need a monitor. You can just create remote connection with the server and use your main pc to connect to it
  2. If on different proxy and you don't interact with main, like trading gold etc. The chance of ban for main is pretty much none.
  3. Gov website is wrong, random dude with website is not? That's where conspiracy theorist are cringe worthy, you don't trust official statistical department sites which daily work is to track various stats, but trust random numbers published on random website. Guys at least be consistent, don't trust anyone then!
  4. Haha, your done mate. You said: "The survival rate without vax is over 99%, use a bit of common sense before replying" Website called chriswaldburger.substack.com? Seriously? And just read the text you sent. It's completely bias. Don't ever use data which is bias. You need to make conclusions not some one writing an article. I will show you why your researching complete bullshit. (Best part is at bottom) And the best part! You didnt even check the data for South Africa Do the math, survival rate is 96.96%. Data source directly from South Africa statistical departement: https://sacoronavirus.co.za/2021/10/16/update-on-covid-19-saturday-16-october-2021/ There have been 2,916,179 infections and 88,587 coronavirus-related deaths reported in the country since the pandemic began.
  5. You wrote a false claim about what I said and when I ask you to prove what you said you are just simply bailing out? Awesome
  6. Lol telegram... You know that Russians use telegram to push propoganda? Telegram is just an awesome platform to push the propaganda Where did I say that no one is dying from vaccine?
  7. Nice logic. "I'm not reading what you say because you have nothing valid to say". No wonder you got yourself at the situation you currently are. If you don't like something you don't read it. That won't get you far tbh
  8. Well you didnt even read what I wrote so this discussion was pointless... I guess you do your "research" the same way, pick what you like and ignore the rest. I mean how you can even call that research if your main research source that you provided is facebook. Have got any real based data to back up your arguments? You couldnt even provide data for 99% survival rate as it is simple does not exist on any viable source.
  9. I don't preach anything, I dont say you need to take vaccine etc. if you are young, healthy, live your life properly sure don't take it as you might survive. The worst thing here as the irwtonrs1 states that vaccines will kill people etc. which is clearly a stupid and false statement which can kill someone who need to take precoutions against virus and who is not very smart to have a judgement on things in life. In my country there is rallies in my country helb by people who are againts the vaccines and oh boy these are those are the characters! Poor, unemployed, stupid etc. believing that if they get vaccinated George Soros can use computer to control them and bla, bla. Those people believe anything say see on Facebook. There is few examples how comedians those trolls people. Showing how gullible they are. One of my favorite is when he dressed as a serious doctor said some things how is a important scientist and got fired because he saw that vaccines make people become gay (homosexuality is currently hot topic as goverment ones to legalize partnership and all homophobic-antivaxers make rallies to stop them). And guess what, week later the post had 15k shares by those people. I have not doubt you became a victim of somesort of these kind of post on youtube or facebook either by troll, or oportunist. The videos on youtube posted here as millions of views, 1m+ subs on channel and starts with promotion for book. Well those people are pretty smart to make such nice scheme to make some money of this kind opportunity. Heck maybe when 6G comes around I should use that too. Like making an conspiracy theory how Elon Musk will try to control people and sell an app which make 6G safe to use
  10. Well this is you then I mean I can't wrap my head around how you can possible be like that. How do you even compare 16.766 deaths versus 4.550.000 deaths. Dude the 4.5m is more than 16k. The m means millions, k means thousands. Hope that helps.
  11. Where the fuck you get 99% survival rate It is 97-98% by various different sources. Even if its 99% is huge deal anyway. Imagine one person of 100 dying to the disease. When flu survival rate is 99.991275% so how covid is not a big deal?
  12. I just don't see how crying about something without any logical plan to change it will get you anywhere. And why you would assume you will be fine if you get covid? Some young people died from it, sure the rate is very small but if we have technology to help yourself out why not use it. I agree that your own made anti-bodies is better, but you only get them from fighting the disease which could go both ways. Before I got vax I got myself tested and I didn't have any antibodies so it would have been pretty dumb not to get vaccinated and get a least a partial protection.
  13. If you have zulrah script then just run it if not maybe think twice about it premium Zulrah script could cost 30$ gold is now as low as 0.35 per mil so you would roughly need to make 100m just to get money back with 1-1.5m/hr thats a lot of hours.
  14. I mean you just writing random stuff without any logical plan of action. Whats the point then? Just don't take vaccine and everything will magically be okay even if you get covid?
  15. @Dbuffed @irwtonrs1 the funny thing here is that in the end the truth will come out. Since you won't change anything by ranting on forums that means the world is doomed. Paedophiles will depopulate world and etc. or nothing will happen. Covid will fade away, maybe become just a common flu and will only be one a part of history as is Spanish flu and other pandemics. And if in few years world is just as it was I hope you take a look at yourself, what do you believe in and not just find another conspiracy theory on the internet to believe in.
  16. 1. Virus is called Sars-Cov-2 , see that 2? First covid started in 2003 thats why most of anti-vaxers are wrong when they say oh this vaccine was made to fast. Yeah imagine all the world working on one thing to achieve. 2. Claims that is to make money is stupid. Why would you even say that? Pfizer profit in 2017 was 21 billion, 2018 - 11b, 2019 - 10b, in 2020 - 9.6b, in 2021 forecast is 21b, later on it will go down to 15b yearly. And this is the company who sell vaccines.
  17. At this point I could state that I know thousands of people that got vacinated. Either being colleagues, friends or friends of friends etc. None of them had of had any issues with vaccine and oh boy I know a lot of people who lost parents, grandparents due to virus. @irwtonrs1 really summed up this good, only 16k died from vaccine compared to milions due to covid, so judging simply by that it would be dumb not to take it. He stated that "Taking a Covid-19 vaccine and not suffering from death/adverse reaction IMMEDIATELY =/= Safety" shows how extremely idiotic his conspiracy theory is. There is 3.7 billion people vaccinated now. 3.7 BILLION! And he is crying about 16k dead and world depopulation? People starting to need their booster doses (And please don't make this to another conspiracy theory as booster doses are normal for vaccines e.g. tick-borne encephalitis). Even if we need to get vax every year for rest of hours lives its so idiotic to say that vaccines are made to depopulate people. Once again, just look at those idiotic assumptions. 16.000 dead out of 3.760.000.000 , thats 0.00000426%. Thats probably the worst depopulation attempt ever. Why no conspiracy theorist are crying about Mcdonalds, coca cola, kellogs etc. who kill lost of people every year due to unhealthy products. More than 3.76 billion people worldwide have received a dose of a Covid-19 vaccine, equal to about 48.9 percent of the world population. This map shows the stark gap between vaccination programs in different countries.
  18. This sounds extremely stupid. Satanic pedophilia goverment wants to kill people with vaccines but people who like you who don't approve it doesn't get vaccinated, now where is the logic in that. All the people who approve goverment will die and only people who hate goverment will be left? and why they should kill them by vaccines in the first place, covid is perfect "depopulator" for goverments, it kills old people and leaves young working power be.
  19. 16310 died in what 8 months and you call that depopulation? This much people born every single hour so what depopulation are you talking about. Almost 5 million people died from covid, but you call vaccine the depopulation?
  20. You get sick but it's different if you are vacinated. You can compare this to driving a car. If you put a seatbell you have greater chance of not dying or getting injured. It won't save you 100% of time or prevent you of getting in car crash, but it definetaly helps
  21. Yeah, but some people die or get very sick even if they're young. Personally know some cases where person in his 20s got covid and had flu like symptoms with high fever for 2-3 weeks non-stop plus around 3 months of ruined smell and taste sensors. If you get vaccinated your sickness will be less severe since your body atleast have some antibodies and doesn't have to fight completely new to it disease
  22. Oh boy, they sure willl make hella money from all these antivaxers selling that book
  23. "Some are lured, old 70 def pkers etc " This is the exact phrase that you wrote before editing that so thats why I asked
  24. Vax is bad! It plugs out your ears sometimes if you dont clean them On serious note, yeah I all so think that natural antibodies is better than ones you get from vaccine but what you gonna do, search for a sick bum to spit in your mouth so you get covid and then maybe survive it maybe don't, but definately be sick for a week or so. Or 1-2 shots of vaccine, most likely dont have any side effects or very mild ones and that's it.
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