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  1. What does the candidates son have to do with Trump or Biden. I'm sorry, but Trump is utter garbage, lets not go through another 4 years with that "man"
  2. F4L's Halo Accounts All Accounts are Level 3 All Accounts have No Registered Email All Accounts are Created by Myself All Account are Rested and Checked for Bans - You will NOT get a Banned Account All Accounts come with 75+ Castle Wars Tickets Payment Methods Crypto and OSRS $2 or 5m each I will not go first Discord: Failed4life#3370 T.O.S. After purchase, you MUST immediately register an email and change the password. I am not responsible for bans related to your use of the account(s). I will not issue a refund for any reason.
  3. PayPal - you mean GetChargedBackPal
  4. I strongly dislike that he was advertising cracked accounts as well. Very shameful
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