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  1. $12 discord: ash#2176 or join my server using this link: https://discord.gg/t6WtMXH2
  2. a VPS is a virtual computer where you can run your bots/programs in without using resources from your actual computer a proxy allows you to use another ip address to mask your home ip address
  3. Let me know your rates. I can pay via PP, Crypto, Venmo, Cashapp discord: ash#2176
  4. Hey, yeah I am. I don't think I've received your message. I have your discord that we spoke together 2 years ago. Just messaged you there.
  5. Check out my thread here. I sell windows VPS for rs botting discord: ash#2176
  6. D Bolter

    Buying VIP

    add my discord: ash#2176 i can't add contacts but i can accept
  7. D Bolter

    Proxy Required

    discord: ash#2176
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