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  1. Authorized for 24 hours
  2. Authorized for 24 hours
  3. If they are runecrafting bots they likely use the Graceful outfit for the restoration boost.
  4. Thank you for your purchase of the script and I will look into it. Do you have any screenshots of the logs/game when this occurred? It's okay if not as I will be testing it tomorrow.
  5. Thank you! Authorized for 24 hours
  6. You should still do a null check for the muler object. if(muler != null) { // then we can access the muler object } Also when you use an Interactable the method returns a boolean so you should check if your .interact() interaction returns true. Player muler = getPlayers().closest(player -> player != null && player.getName().equals(mule)); if(muler != null) { if(!trade.isCurrentlyTrading()) { if(muler.interact("Trade with")) { state = "Trading with mule."; // sleep condition } } }
  7. I created a script that completes the Arceuus library if you’re looking for an easy way to get started with Rune Crafting.
  8. I seen one of these today at the G.E I can’t believe they make that much profit
  9. You can release any script you want in the unofficial section. Then you can just obfuscate the source so nobody can see it unless this is an open source project. I released a quester when I was first learning for free and it still receives downloads to this day. If you want to release it on the SDN there are rules against duplicate scripts to help avoid saturation and I believe one of the lead developers of OSBot has a clue solver on there. With that being said, you can still put in a request to have it released on the SDN and it will be reviewed by the script officer. If he decides it would be a good addition to the store for free then he'll put it alongside the other clue solver otherwise he'll let you know why not.
  10. The issues with Arceuus should be resolved in the next update, sorry about that! Glad to hear about the other houses. It appears that Arceuus makes the list, but it just doesn't search through it. If you had interacted with a bookshelf instead of restarted the script it should've continued as normal and could've saved you same time, but this definitely needs to be fixed.
  11. Thank you! I appreciate the support
  12. Authed for 24 hours!
  13. ExtraBotz


    Very informative, you should be staff!
  14. Thank you for the feedback! Could you be more specific on what you think could be improved for future versions of the Arceuus library?
  15. I am not sure if this would appeal to you as you're looking for manual training, but there is a script that I've written that can help you get 100% house favor.
  16. I get what you mean. I think they're more commonly referred to as spam bots. I don't think OSBot has any publicly released, but there's always Gary's Hood Auto Typer. This would be the easiest way to do what you're looking for without any coding knowledge. Otherwise you're going to need to make one yourself or pay somebody to help you. Any account you use a bot/spam on risks being banned so it's suggested to do it with disposable accounts.
  17. Authed for 24 hours!
  18. I have authorized a 12 hour trial, please like the thread for it to be extended to 24 hours!
  19. Authorized for 24 hours
  20. I made a video talking about OSBot sleeps and I cover this class. I start talking about it at 12:11
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