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  1. dont mind me , im just wondering how many people make new accounts to ask for trails every 24 hours
  2. Maldesto.exe has stopped working
  3. i'm not sure what it means but somehow if you make an mistake in either your username or password one would think you did something wrong right? hmm so many questions , so little time..
  4. it takes you 50+ hours to find out how to make a ahk ''script'' for this so why bother
  5. sure sign in to my patreon and onlyfans
  6. download java to be able to run tje .jar =]
  7. Improve yourself , get somewhere in life! follow coding guides and take the next step! give yourself a challange , improve , overcome my dude
  8. noooo AHK is the goat don't you understand? it's like , you know , ahk mannn , scripts bad ahk gut okk
  9. theres scripts that make the accouns automaticly and do prequests and then go straight to blast furnace so i dont think it pays that much
  10. Rick


  11. try farmaton for automatic unlocking etc , helps a lot
  12. Rick


    go to your paypal , click active subscriptions under your payments somewhere and there you can cancel your osbot vip payments. ffs it's not that hard
  13. Rick


    3 fiddy
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