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  1. Actually it’s probably less safe and less developed. Mobile bottling could be compared to an auto clicker. Do you really believe these guys anyways? If you had to advertise a new developing bot would you spend the time actually calculating and testing a legitimate statistic, or are you just going to list one less than 10% to make it sound like there are no risks associated? There are even some Runescape private servers with bot detection that could detect such a clicker.
  2. Thank you for the feedback. That should only happen when the script is out of logs or doesn't have a knife to Fletch with. I will try and investigate. Did the GUI or console print anything around at that time? Also which mode did you have OSBot in? Mirror or stealth.
  3. ExtraBotz Private Scripts Shop Packages Small (1 - 5 hours) - Do you have a simple task you want automated? This can include skilling tasks, auto levelers, walkers, profit makers, and more! Medium (5 - 15 hours) - Do you have a task that requires a little bit more than simple automation? This can include item collection, quests, muling, task handling, GUI and more! Large (16+ hours) - Coming Soon Get In Touch Discord: Brandon#9592 Discord ID: 257025090401599505 Pricing 15m - 30m per hour depending on script complexity. T.O.S I can refuse any script request at any time including during the contract A refund will be given if the contract is cancelled or I cannot complete the script You cannot duplicate or redistribute the script in any way You cannot claim ownership of the source code I am not responsible for any ban or loss as a result of using this script Depending on the task you may need to supply an account that meets the task requirements (or there may be an additional fee) Bug fixes are free up to 3 months. After this period a small fee will incur for script maintenance. Any revisions or core functionality changes after script delivery that aren't considered a bug* will incur a small fee. Payment must be up front. No exceptions. *Definition of a bug: A software bug is an error, flaw, failure or fault in a computer program or system that causes it to produce an incorrect or unexpected result, or to behave in unintended ways. Vouches
  4. I bot on my home IP and only accounts that are accused of botting get banned. I even transfer the funds from my main to my bots. An IP is just a money grab unless you plan on running 3 or more accounts on the same IP that hold a lot of risk to be associated to one another. Even then you might not need a proxy. I think what Jagex is most concerned about in regards to IP is account hijacking. But even if you can get a good reliable proxy provider, they have other methods to detect bots. You may as well save your money and start small until you find a fool proof method with a low ban percentage then scale out your network and incorporate the proxies at that stage. Until then the cost is probably higher than the risk.
  5. Extra Fletcher Version 1.0 Supports: Headless arrows Arrow Shafts (Logs, Oak, Willow, Maple, Yew, Magic) Short Bows (Logs, Oak, Willow, Maple, Yew, Magic) Long Bows (Logs, Oak, Willow, Maple, Yew, Magic) How to use: Make sure you're in a Members world Set breaks in the OSBot manager as the bot will not take breaks by itself. Open the GUI and select the task you'd like to run Start with the required items in your bank including; A knife The type of wood you're using Feathers for arrow shafts Watch the bot for a few minutes to ensure it's doing your task and happy botting! Notes: The bot will close Level dialogues Unneeded items in the inventory will be banked to create more space for logs The bot uses an animation timer in some cases to help ensure efficient fletching Set the mouse withdraw to “X” in the bottom right of the bank interface for one click withdrawals This script requires a RuneScape membership Please report any bugs on this post!
  6. Disputed Member: Ariba Why it should be removed: I left honest criticism on their gold selling post and they decided to get back at me by leaving bad feedback. Details: I ordered gold and the delivery took over 50 minutes and I was told if I left feedback on their profile I would receive an additional 1m. After complaining about the long wait times they finally got around to delivering my gold, but refused to give me the additional 1 million because my feedback "wasn't good enough" when I literally wrote what they told me to. I figured the gold delivery guy was scamming me, but instead of immediately leaving bad feedback, I decided to leave a comment on their forum post about the long wait times and my extra one million that wasn't delivered. I was hoping that the owner would reply to me and acknowledge the issue, but instead they left bad buyer feedback and called me a liar claiming my gold was delivered within 12 minutes not even acknowledging their delivery man scam. I took a screenshot at the time ( attached ) Link to topic: https://osbot.org/forum/profile/314529-extrabotz/?tab=node_feedback_Feedback
  7. Bad customer experience. I was told I'd receive 1m for writing a review that mentions Melina with no other instructions. Then upon delivery I was told that it was "bad feedback". Sorry I didn't write you a literature masterpiece for less than $1. I'm not too bothered though. I had over a 50 minute wait for the gold delivery so it's not like I was doing anything.
  8. Now Featuring Prince Ali Rescue (Extra Quester 0.2) The quest requires 100gp and will collect all the items and mine the necessary ores. To avoid unwanted leveling start the quest with the items already in your inventory. The script will avoid the guards in the jail area and run to a safe zone when the players health reaches 5 or below. The player will also lock themselves in the jail to avoid the guards. If Lady Keli cannot be found in the jail the player will hop worlds. Please report any issues with this quest in this thread or on the bitbucket. The future of this project: I am hoping to go through the entire project and refactor any coding mistakes I may have made. I've learned more about the OS Bot API and some of the things I did in the first few quests could have been done better. I also want to add a death handler that will pick up all items and continue the quest upon death.
  9. I did something similar in my open source quest bot here: The first thing you should know is that when exiting the main loop you aren't updating the game variables until the loop cycles again. That means you can't execute all your game logic in another loop. You will need to continue this original loop at the end of your method execution. As for creating different classes are you trying to execute different logic in these classes? If so you might be better off just using methods rather than passing state back and fourth between classes. When you instantiate a class you're creating an object which has its own identity, state, and behavior. What I do in my script: Each quest is a class and they all have a template (an abstract class called QuestObject) with a method called "run()". In the main loop I use polymorphism to pass whatever quest is running to a QuestObject. Using this object (that can be any quest) I execute the "run()" method which is mandatory for all quests. Inside the "run()" method I execute any logic for that specific quest. The "run()" method returns a number to the main loop (0 - 3 usually). In the main loop I use an integer variable called "status" that holds the returned value from the quest "run()" method. I run a switch method based on the "status" variable. 1 -> continue running the "run()" method 2 -> the quest is finished so execute the next quest 3 -> there was an error, stop the script. Then the loop continues.
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