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  1. I could make this for you if you're interested in a private script. Add me on Discord: Brandon#9592 ID: 257025090401599505
  2. Authorized for 24 hours!
  3. You can click here to put in a refund request. Thank you for reporting the bug and I will definitely be fixing it for the next update. I apologize you're not currently satisfied with the script and an administrator is required to make the decision if you're eligible for a refund. I wish you the best luck in the future with your botting journey!
  4. In addition to what @Gunman said you can do .getRandomPosition() so that when walking to the bank it will be random every time. getWalking().webWalk(Banks.HOSIDIUS_HOUSE.getRandomPosition()); You can also use the Bank class to open the bank with a method called .open(). You can read more about that here in the OSBot API Docs.
  5. I am having a hard time duplicating the last two reported bugs. They appear to be one off and could be issues with the API which I have no control over. In that situation the OSBot client may have encountered an error and need to be restarted. The Arceuus library does have a bug handler though and will reset itself if it gets stuck for any possible reason and doesn't move over a certain period of time. I attached a screenshot of the client running for 12+ hours and still collecting books. It should require no human interaction whatsoever. Shayzien doesn't have a bug handler, but I ran the
  6. Was this also on mirror mode? I will be testing it today. I tested it a few days ago on stealth and it was running smoothly. If you do get a log screenshot where you are in-game as well. Thank you for your patience!
  7. Authorized for 24 hours!
  8. It appears the library is resetting itself because the player gets stuck. That's weird considering it had a book task. What exactly was the error? On average the script can collect 20 books per hour without any enhancements. Unfortunately due to limitations with the OSBot API and how the bookcases are organized the current Arceuus library is as fast as I could possibly make it (you can also use stamina pots to increase the # of books). The only additional measure that you can take to increase the speed is by increasing your agility level and using the graceful outfit.
  9. Sorry, only one trial per account. If you're really interested in using the script please consider purchasing it to help support the development!
  10. Authorized for 24 hours!
  11. Thank you for the support! I appreciate it a lot
  12. Thank you! I appreciate the support
  13. Authorized for 24 hours!
  14. That’s weird I don’t have any friend requests. What is your discord ID?
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