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  1. It can continue after 100% by leaving the “Lock in house favour” option disabled.
  2. Which task specifically would you like to see CLI for? I’ve been planning to write them all at once, but I haven’t scheduled the time. I’ll probably have to schedule each task individually and slowly add them one by one.
  3. Authorized for 24 hours! :)
  4. Authorized for 24 hours!
  5. Thank you for the heads up. I will look into this. Authorized for 24 hours!
  6. Authorized for 24 hours!
  7. Authorized for 24 hours!
  8. Authorized for 24 hours!
  9. Authorized for 24 hours!
  10. Authorized for 24 hours! Authorized for 24 hours! :)
  11. Authorized for 24 hours!
  12. It appears that Jagex made a minor change to the Biblia dialogues. This should now be fixed. Keep an eye out for version 1.8.
  13. Extra House Favour 1.7 has been released! This version features a Lovakengj rewrite! Mine Sulphur Deposit sulphur to the bank or save time and space by dropping it on the spot Select any type of pickaxe you'd like to use Use the confuse spell to attract the spider to the safe position. If the player does not have a magic level of 3 or runes then they will not be able to use the confuse spell. Players that cannot use the spell will attempt melee instead. If you do not want to use either of these methods then you can attract the spider to the safe position and start the script once the spider is in the correct position. Select any type of mask you would like to use. Masks are required as there is still a chance of the player sustaining damage even in the safe location New Death Handler! The script will no longer attempt to pick-up items and will instead stop at a safe position before the clouds for the player to safely loot their grave. Manually enter any type of food for the script to bring. The script will withdraw x10 food items per run. If food is enabled the player will heal at 60% health or below. This script has been improved tremendously for low level players, but there is still a substantial risk of death for accounts with low HP levels. It is recommended to monitor the entire task if you are running this script on a low level account.
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