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  1. To write scripts using the OSBot API you must use Java Version 1.8, there is no way around this. With that being said you can write launchers, servers, database framework, etc in other languages and communicate to these programs through your java program. I would recommend learning Java if you want to write scripts.
  2. I will look into these suggestions for the next update
  3. Thank you for the support! I appreciate it
  4. I currently have a request to increase the price to $7.99. It will be on sale until staff approve my request.
  5. Thank you for the support! I am glad you like it I don’t mind doing trials to give people a chance to try the script. Then they can truly decide if they want to purchase it.
  6. Authed for 24 hours Authed for 24 hours
  7. I would recommend creating a static instance of MethodProvider in your main class and then passing the class as "this" to it in the onStart() method. Due to the fact your script extends "Script" and Script is a child of the MethodProvider class, you can use the parent class (thanks polymorphism) to reference your main class. This will give you all the same methods without the script methods such as onLoop, onStart, onExit, etc. We don't pass a script object because we only need to call those methods once. public class Main extends Script { public static MethodProvider instance; public void onStart() { instance = this; } public int onLoop() { /do stuff } } Then you can access your single method provider from your other classes like so: public class Banking { public void bankingFunction(){ Bank bank = Main.instance.getBank(); } } and in your on loop if you want to call your banking function all you would do is instantiate an object an call the method in your onLoop(). private Banking banking; public void onStart() { banking = new Banking(); } public int onLoop() { banking.bankingFunction(); } Even better would be to encapsulate our instance variable and add a getInstance() method in our main class. private static MethodProvider instance; public void onStart() { instance = this; } public static MethodProvider getInstance() { return instance; }
  8. I just pushed version 0.8 which contains major changes for the Arceuus Library. The changes are as follows: 1. The script will no longer check every single bookcase. Previously around 200 bookcases that couldn't even hold books were being search which was a useless interaction. Now only bookcases with potential books will be clicked. 2. Fixed the broken staircase. Unfortunately the OSBot web walking API won't support the middle north western staircase so I had to make a custom staircase handler that will fix the script getting stuck. Now the script can be ran completely unsupervised. 3. The script now memorizes the location of books and will return to that location if the same book is requested twice. Known Issues 1. The API isn't perfect and can sometimes click the wrong bookshelf. There are some fallback conditions that help check this, but if the next book case clicked is within a 1 tile radius of the last clicked bookcase an issue can sometimes occur. 2. If the above does happen it's doesn't break the script, but the library will be falsely reset due to the way the script works. This can be costly when it comes to time as the script will return to biblia and search the entire area again. Future Goals Although this update does improve the Arceuus library, there are still a few things I came across that could further improve this script. Predictive measures: From observation, and online reading, the Arceuus library is not random. It consists of pre-generated sequences and I hope in future updates to create more of a predictive library. Rather than searching each and every bookcase, the script would only require a few book cases to be searched and then can create a list of possible combinations. Then the script would use less of a brute force method and be more time efficient. Please report any issues in the discord or on this thread and thank you to everyone who has purchased the script for their support!
  9. I will auth you for 24 hours. Feel free to report any bugs or suggestions in the discord.
  10. Thank you! I appreciate the support
  11. Were they locked or disabled? It could just be that your IP is different than the registration IPs. Jagex will lock an account if there is an extremely noticeable change in IP locations as it suspects the account is stolen.
  12. Authed for 24 hours. The only house I don't need reports for is Arceuus as the new version changes how the tasks are handled, but feel free to join the discord and let me know if you find any issues with the other houses.
  13. Good luck with your service!
  14. ExtraBotz


    This snippet won't work unless you can find the widgets. I'd suggest what lol_marcus said... This is probably a better way of world hopping and an added benefit is that it won't break in the future because it's managed by the OSBot developers. If you use this snippet you risk the widget IDs changing which will require you to update your code in the future. I'd suggest just creating a world hopper class where you store information about when you last hopped, the next world, etc and using that with the api methods.
  15. Please restart your client and this should be fixed. Keep an eye out for version 0.7, I have rewritten this task so that this will never happen again in the future. I will also see if I can try and replicate this and fix it for version 0.7 as well. On another note: I have made some progress implementing a new Arceuus library and have reduced the amount of bookshelves required to search. I also changed the way that the books are stored so the next version may be capable of fully storing all book locations. Previously the storing of the NPC and player book was also quite inefficient so it is now handled using widgets. I hope to have a working version within the next week or so!
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