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  1. Welcome and best of luck with your goals!
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  6. ExtraBotz

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    If muffins is mod who will mod mod muffins
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  8. The walking patterns are always generated randomly using the OSBot API. It's just that the sites are checked in the same order (i.e site #5, then #4, then #3). The reason it does it this way is because it's the fastest way to find Konoo. I think the only alternative would be starting at the southern site and then going all the way up to the northern site. (I.e site #1 closest to the bridge all the way up to site #5 in consecutive order). Perhaps I could look into some sort of break condition that if the player knows konoo isn't at a site to ignore it and move on without ever walking in the direction of that site.
  9. I am sure there is more quality hidden somewhere deep in the forum.
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  11. Would you be able to send the logs or take a gif of this happening? The method works by checking the sites for Konoo one-by-one in a cycle. Konoo is representative of where the saltpetre deposit is. Wherever he is, the player will shovel even if to a human there would be a more ideal situation. This is the only effective method to find him as the OSBot API has no way of checking his position unless he is in distance of the player. Alternatively the player could hop worlds with intent of a specific spot being available, but worst case scenario entails the bot hops through the entire list of worlds. As for walking to the positions of the deposits, the script will generate a new and random path each time using the API. Checking all the different positions might not sound productive to a human, but it is an effective and randomly generated way to find konoo. From the OSRS wiki: If you have any alternative ideas of what could make this method more "human-like" feel free to let me know!
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  13. Runechat.com has no deposit fees and you could just theoretically deposit 07 and withdraw as RS3. If you're concerned ask their mods before hand if they have enough to pay you out immediately.
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