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  1. Resurrect crop as in the lunar spell? I don't think watering allotments makes much difference, but it would greatly slow down the farming trips, which might not be worth it if doing birdhouses at the same time Authed How do you start the sandboxes? Do you configure any file system settings for them?
  2. Sorry for the delay, it seemed to work when I tested; Could you drop me a message with a copy paste of the logger if this still occurs? (copy logger button is at bottom right corner of the client) I think that might be possible only if buying some planks in advance and at the same time missing another required item when starting the script, since it cannot obtain information about previous purchases from before the script is ran it will attempt to buy 13k planks and upon failure to fulfil the offer it will wait for the limit to disappear; You can start directly in the house if you prefer to avoid the GE part when starting the script Authed Authed Yes Is that useful for iron men, or is there another purpose in building teak objects? Authed No, it does not support the coin pouch Did you start that sandbox manually?
  3. Token

    Stealth Quester

    Added a threshold for Femi, it should stop after a few attempts It will now free space before picking up monk robes Sorry for the delay, I think it should be fixed now Yes will be slowly adding quests Should be fixed now Sorry for the delay, forgot to mention I added the NPC name change to Chancellor Hassan a few days ago Sorry for the delay, forgot to mention I added the NPC name change to Chancellor Hassan a few days ago Sorry for the delay, forgot to mention I added the NPC name change to Chancellor Hassan a few days ago Sorry for the delay, forgot to mention I updated the dialogues a few days ago to comply with the most recent update If it wields the staff and attempts to set autocast without withdrawing runes, the inventory hook likely isn't working properly and a mirror client restart is needed The Morytania quest line isn't on my to do list yet, there are other simpler quests with great rewards though like A Porcine of Interest Restarting the mirror client should fix that Which quests? What went wrong? Token#9525, or in OSBot's official discord: https://discord.com/invite/dumFZaM Theoretically yes, but practically I wouldn't recommend doing that - it has very strict requirements, including teleport tabs and enchanted jewellery which are too difficult to obtain on iron men Was that logger after restarting the script? Has it died? I've messaged you on discord regarding the other bugs you mentioned, it would be easier to discuss there live Will check it out tomorrow and push an update, gotta prepare an account to test; I know that quest has been having random issues lately
  4. Token

    Stealth NMZ

    Sorry for the delay, it should be working normally, sometimes if the inventory hook breaks, the mirror client needs a restart but this is uncommon I'm not aware of any camera issues, are you using default zoom? I don't generally recommend using special attack/power-ups at all since I prefer simulating AFKing by minimising game interactions, method through which I've maxed a few accounts without any bans, but I can add a range for that on GUI if you think it would be useful Authed
  5. Authed I'm always in OSBot's official discord here: https://discord.com/invite/dumFZaM Or you can message me directly @ Token#9525 Authed Is that account running on a server/virtual machine? I'm not sure why I haven't added hops if they are indeed that large volume, I might have forgotten about those, or only looked at the highest level ones which don't make much profit; If they are truly that profitable then I guess they are worth adding in the next version Are you running inside a virtual machine/sandbox/isolation environment or on a server? Could you send me a screenshot of the settings as they appear on the GUI?
  6. Theoretically yes, but it's best to do some quests first to unlock Morytania/Hosidius patches and/or Fossil Island for birdhouses OSBot client was not functional after the game update, but it should be working now if you restart the OSBot client
  7. Token

    Stealth Quester

    Yes The OSBot client was affected by the recent game update, but it is updated and working again Sure, will include melee support in the next version Yes The client has been updated so everything should be back to normal now
  8. Token

    Stealth NMZ

    If it's working for you then I guess that's fine, it's just that I maxed several accounts with obby setup and I like that one OSBot client was updated so everything should be back to normal
  9. Does it get stuck on the same 3 items after a mirror + official client restart? (not script restart) Authed
  10. Token

    Stealth Quester

    I've added the "Use" option when placing the ball on the table now, I hope that makes it more stable; The camera.toTop was already there Sorry for the delay The jail evasion takes some time, it will exit the cell and sit outside the walking range of the guards until the right moment which takes some time as it happens only once every 2 rotations (in some rare cases it might miss the moment and wait for next one), but this is close to 100% success once it happens The script doesn't support previously started quests; If they have to be interrupted at some point, restarting the script in debug mode (press F4 while the GUI is open, title will change to Stealth Quester (debug mode)) will work in most cases to continue the quest, but this requires that the bot is at the same location with same gear and inventory as when it was interrupted Should be fixed now Yes Sure, I can change the already existing option to make it not complete the quest at all; Is there any point in doing the boss fight in this case though? It seems to have failed to detect the object there, does it happen with every cog? Was the spell set on autocast and it had runes in inventory? The RFD part should be fixed now Deathwalking is implemented only for Waterfall Quest since people often do that with 10 HP when it's impossible to survive 100%, but it isn't implemented as a general solution because most quest areas are accessed by means other than OSBot's webwalker and it is difficult to replicate at any stage of the quest Restarting the client should fix that
  11. Authed Authed What’s printed in the logger when it fails to remove the table? Is it just sitting at the entrance portal? The client has a button in the bottom right corner that copies the logger contents to clipboard
  12. Token

    Stealth NMZ

    I wouldn’t recommend dharok’s as it is too click intensive, I prefer to minimize game interactions by using something like obby setup instead Authed
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