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  1. Hey mate! using your stealth quester! 
    just a little bug maybe, On "CLOCK TOWER QUEST"
    The bot is trying to enter the clock tower thru the "boarded up door" gets stuck for xxx Times!


  2. Should be fixed now, also included pool of refreshment support There's too much variability in that, there may be some info online but it's not very accurate, it's best to try it yourself
  3. Token

    Stealth NMZ

    I've always recommended AFK settings, more interactions would generally increase chances to get banned, even if they are very low for most people; I can make it spam faster, but I still strongly advise against the maximum efficiency settings which legit no player would go for hours at a time Authed Make sure those 2 clients are 2 mirror clients, not 2 tabs in 1 client; The machine you are running must have a sound device installed (install a mock sound device if it's a server); Start a fresh mirror client before every script start; Leave any memory settings on their default v
  4. Where exactly in the GE screen did it stop? What's printed in the logger? It will fetch planks from bank, not unnote noted planks, this provides extra inventory space; if you want to start it in house make sure you leave the planks in bank I cannot handle anything sales related, but if you have any specific issues drop me a message on discord and I can help by teamviewer, you can find me in OSBot's official discord most of the day here https://discord.com/invite/dumFZaM
  5. It would be too much ultracompost if you plan to do 6 herb patches, if you also do flowers and allotments that won't fit in the inventory; You should get the bottomless compost bucket if you use ultracompost Possible, I haven't made it work much with the leprechaun storage other than using it to unnote compost, but I was thinking about storing compost in there in the future instead of taking every trip Yes, but that will only work with the hard diary completed, the easy and medium provide limited teleports there Authed
  6. Token

    Stealth Quester

    Should be fixed now
  7. Sorry for the delay, been having some PC issues lately Authed Authed Authed Yes I inserted some code to detect empty bottomless bucket, I believe it should walk to bank and fill the bottomless bucket when it becomes empty; it shouldn't have started a farming run without enough charges but if that happens it will interrupt as soon as the bucket is empty and restock
  8. Token

    Stealth NMZ

    The client ran out of memory, if that's on a VPS/virtual machine you will need more memory; make sure there is only one bot tab running inside each client and have a mock sound device installed if you are using it on a server without a physical sound device to prevent memory leaks from audio
  9. Authed I completely forgot about the bottomless bucket, I'll try to get it updated tomorrow The leprechaun interaction should be fixed now, it should attempt to walk closer if leprechaun is not nearby after a world hop
  10. Token

    Stealth Quester

    I'm afraid I'm not currently doing trials
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