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  1. Token

    Stealth Quester

    The sales go to OSBot, I can't handle any refunds nor anything sales related, but a ban within 30 minutes certainly has multiple causes
  2. You need to unlock house on the hill teleport + all mushtrees
  3. Yes @ccigam that should be possible, I asked you earlier which part is too fast so I can make the speed configurable for that; Not all aspects of the script are proportional in terms of speed, many of them have internal API delays, such as walking, others like dialogue completion may be considerably faster than the average player but that's not the case for this script
  4. Token

    Stealth Quester

    What's printed in the logger? What's printed in the logger? Ghost's Ahoy should have no effect, at least theoretically
  5. I think I forgot to make it check if there is compost available and if it is the right type of compost in the leprechaun; I'll change it in the next update to use the compost in the leprechaun, right now it will always take compost unless using the bottomless bucket (where it only withdraws the bucket itself)
  6. Token

    Stealth Quester

    There is a problem with webwalking after the recent game update which moved the quest tab; The developers are going to push an update shortly, it will require a client restart Thanks, it should be fixed now
  7. Token

    Stealth Quester

    The script requires 25 HP + 43 Prayer to do Monkey Madness I, but a slightly higher HP would improve the outcomes I believe ranged/magic with a dwarf cannon works the best In most cases it should be ok, but I still recommend getting 4 magic for water strike first, that greatly improves your chances there It will safespot most bosses that can be safespotted including the first 2 phases of the Witch's House boss
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