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  1. The login email is just a random email, but the attatched email will be transfered to yours.
  2. Both accounts have membership until 17th October. More accounts with similar stats will be posted soon if the demand is high. Starting bid account 1: - SOLD 80M / $40 A/W: 150M / $75 Starting bid account 2: 80M / $40 A/W: 150M / $75 ACCOUNT 1: 1. Pictures of the account stats 13.5m Firemaking xp All covered skills are lvl 1 or 5. 2. Pictures of the total wealth (if there is any) All crates from 13.5m Firemaking xp @ wintertodt banked. Full graceful & all marks from 1-70 agility.
  3. Thanks, I thought so too. Getting that ez post count
  4. has full recoloured graceful & fire cape. 70 qp, chivarly unlocked but need 70 pray for piety. Most notable quest done is Lunar Diplomacy.
  5. Botted zulrah on wrong account (my main) and got ban lolllllllllll only like 1800 total with 100m or so
  6. I'd say you would be pretty safe, did this a few years back on my main for like 1-77 rc no problems at all. Hardly any of the runners got banned, just do it on a weekend and you're more than fine.
  7. Where ya been mate

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